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International School In Hyderabad

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CHIREC International is ranked among CBSE Schools in Hyderabad, Telangana and India. CHIREC’s vision was conceived by Mrs. Ratna Reddy, to provide academic excellence and a well-rounded learning experience to students in Hyderabad. CHIREC endeavors to provide an environment that encourages growth, fosters creativity, exploration and discovery and broadens student’s intellectual, physical and emotional horizons to build a strong spirit of integrity, compassion and generosity, CBSE School.

CBSE School In Hyderabad

At CHIREC, school life goes far beyond the limitations of conventional curricula, text books and standardized examinations – so that when our students leave us, they are secure in their abilities, strong in their principles and confident to face challenges.

CHIREC provides academic excellence and an all rounded development of the child. CHIREC started as Pre-School in 1989 and has flourished to become one of the top International schools in Hyderabad.

CHIREC International has affiliation with three curricula: International Baccalaureate (IB), Cambridge International Education (CIE) and Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). The school has three campuses in Hyderabad located in Jubilee Hills, Kondapur and Gachibowli. CHIREC is the first CBSE School accredited by CBSE in South India.

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), prescribes a robust, vibrant and holistic school education that kindles academic excellence in all fields and helps to make students prepared for their future. The Board is committed to providing quality education to promote intellectual, social and cultural vivacity among its learners and advocates Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation with an emphasis on holistic development of learners.

CHIREC CBSE provides a learning environment to develop confident and enterprising citizens. Our integrated curriculum is built on the ‘Whole Child’ concept along with rigorous CBSE educational practices to be categorized as one of the top international schools in Hyderabad. The Integrated curriculum fosters the learning of best of CBSE concepts along with the all-round development of our students. CHIREC takes pride in its state of the art infrastructure campus that accommodates spacious classrooms that are digitally equipped for interactive learning. The campus grounds and resource rooms facilitate a joyful and stress free learning atmosphere.


1. When does the admission process start ?

Enquiry Form is available on the website

2. How do I begin the admission process?

Please refer to Admissions Process

3. What is the age criteria?

CLASS Minimum Age as on 30th June, 2018 Date of Birth Between
Nursery (Early Years Beginners) 2 years 6 months 1st Jan and 31st Dec 2015
PPI (Early Years 1) 3 years 6 months 1st Jan and 31st Dec 2014
PPII (Early Years 2) 4 years 6 months 1st Jan and 31st Dec 2013
I 5 years 6 months 1st Jan and 31st Dec 2012

4. What is the teacher student ratio in a class?

Integrated Curriculum Cambridge
Pre-primary 1:15 Pre-primary 1:13
Primary 1:30 Primary 1:26

5. What is the average class strength?

CBSE 30 students per section
Cambridge 26 students per section

6. What are the sports offered at the school

The school offers Athletics, Cricket, Lawn Tennis, Skating, Basketball, Handball, Archery, Volley Ball, Gymnastics,  Table Tennis and Taekwondo.

7. What are the other activities offered by the school?

The school offers Classical Dance, Keyboard, Carnatic Music, Hindustani Music, Painting, Chess, Gymnastics, Clay Modeling & Pottery and Needle Craft.

8. What are the languages offered in CBSE curriculum ?

Class II Language III Language
I-V Hindi, Telugu, French
VI-X Hindi, Telugu, French Hindi, Telugu, French

9. What are the languages offered in Cambridge curriculum ?

Stage II Language
1-4 Hindi, French
5-12 Hindi, French, Spanish

10. What are the school timings?

Class Monday – Friday Saturday
Nursery 8:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. Holiday
PPI-V [GB] 8:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Holiday
I-V [KP] 8:30 a.m. to 3:15 p.m. Holiday
VI-XII 8:30 a.m. to 3:15 p.m. 2nd Saturday: Holiday
Other Saturdays: 8.30 a.m to 12.30 p.m.

11. If I have any unanswered questions, or am in need of some assistance, who can I contact ?

You can email us at
Alternatively, you may also contact:
Ms. Paridhi Mehrotra at 9866461204,
Ms. Deepa at 8008660707.
Landline: (040) 4476 0999 – Extn-215, 220

12. What are the subject options offered in CBSE Grade XI ?

International School In Hyderabad


English (Core), Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry


Optional (One of the following):

Informatics Practices, Fashion Studies, Biotechnology, Economics, Legal Studies, Psychology, Entrepreneurship
International School In Hyderabad


English (Core), Biology, Physics, Chemistry


Optional (One of the following):

Informatics Practices, Fashion Studies, Biotechnology, Mathematics, Legal Studies, Psychology, Entrepreneurship
International School In Hyderabad


English (Core), Business Studies, Accountancy, Economics


Optional (One of the following):

Informatics Practices, Fashion Studies, Mathematics, Legal Studies, Psychology, Entrepreneurship

13. What are the subject options offered in (Cambridge) offered in A Levels, Stage 11 ?

International School In Hyderabad

International School In Hyderabad

14. What are the subject options offered in IBDP Grade 11 ?

Group 1 Group 2 Group 3 Group 4 Group 5 Group 6
Languages & Literature Language Aquisition Individuals and Societies Sciences Mathematics The Arts
English Language & Literature [HL / SL] Hindi B [HL / SL] History [HL / SL] Biology [HL / SL] Mathematics [HL / SL] Visual Arts [HL / SL]

French Ab Initio [Beginers Level] Economics [HL / SL] Chemistry [HL / SL] Mathematical Studies [SL]

French B - SL Business and Management Physics [HL / SL]

Spanish AB initio [Beginners Level] Psychology [HL/SL] Environmental Systems & Societies [SL]

Computer Science [ HL/SL ]

15. What are the subject options offered in IGCSE Stages 9 and 10 ?

Group I Group II Group III Group IV Group V
Languages Humanities & Social Sciences Sciences Mathematics Creative, Technical & Vocational
English * Economics Physics Extended Math** Accounting
Hindi Environmental Management Chemistry
Business Studies
French History Biology
Computer Science

Art and Design

** In addition to first language English, English Literature is also offered.

** Extended Math is offered as an accelerated course (studied and examined in one year) and as a normal two-year course. Students who have an aptitude for Math are offered the accelerated course. After scoring a grade no lower than an A, they are offered Additional Math as a one-year accelerated course.

16. How does the school ensure the safety of the students?

All students are constantly monitored by teachers at all times – in the classroom or on the grounds. All campuses are under CCTV surveillance. There is 24X7 security at the campus gates. School buses only drop off and pick up students from inside the campus. Each student is provided with an identity card. No worker is permitted on the premises during school hours. All our buses have lady conductors. There is a lady support staff posted near each washroom. We conduct a thorough background check of the drivers, conductors and all support staff at the time of hiring.

17. What steps does the school take to ensure proper hygiene?

Each washroom is equipped with liquid soap, health faucets and a continuous supply of running water. Parents may send along sanitizers if they so desire. Students are taught proper hygiene culture from the lower classes.

18. What kind of medical facilities are available?

The school has a well-equipped First Aid room manned by a paramedic. In case of any injuries, first aid is administered, and the parent is immediately informed. In case of severe injuries, the student will be taken to the hospital that we have tied up with for further action.

19. How does the school communicate with parents?

The school sends out information through the website, Newsletters, SMS, Emails, Mobile App notifications and written notes. Teachers invite the parents to school on a regular basis to provide them with information about students` progress. Formal PTMs are scheduled twice a year, and parents may also seek appointments to meet with teachers.

International School In Hyderabad

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