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CHIREC International is ranked among #1 International School In Hyderabad, Telangana and India. CHIREC’s vision was conceived by Mrs. Ratna Reddy, to provide academic excellence and a well-rounded learning experience to students in Hyderabad. CHIREC endeavors to provide an environment that encourages growth, fosters creativity, exploration and discovery and broadens student’s intellectual, physical and emotional horizons to build a strong spirit of integrity, compassion and generosity, Listed #1 International School In Hyderabad.

#1 International School In Hyderabad

At CHIREC, school life goes far beyond the limitations of conventional curricula, text books and standardized examinations – so that when our students leave us, they are secure in their abilities, strong in their principles and confident to face challenges.

CHIREC provides academic excellence and an all rounded development of the child. CHIREC started as Pre-School in 1989 and has flourished to become one of the top International schools in Hyderabad.

CHIREC International has affiliation with three curricula: International Baccalaureate (IB), Cambridge International Education (CIE) and Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). The school has three campuses in Hyderabad located in Jubilee Hills, Kondapur and Gachibowli. CHIREC is the first CBSE School accredited by CBSE in South India.

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), prescribes a robust, vibrant and holistic school education that kindles academic excellence in all fields and helps to make students prepared for their future. The Board is committed to providing quality education to promote intellectual, social and cultural vivacity among its learners and advocates Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation with an emphasis on holistic development of learners.

CHIREC CBSE provides a learning environment to develop confident and enterprising citizens. Our integrated curriculum is built on the ‘Whole Child’ concept along with rigorous CBSE educational practices to be categorized as one of the top international schools in Hyderabad. The Integrated curriculum fosters the learning of best of CBSE concepts along with the all-round development of our students. CHIREC takes pride in its state of the art infrastructure campus that accommodates spacious classrooms that are digitally equipped for interactive learning. The campus grounds and resource rooms facilitate a joyful and stress free learning atmosphere. Listed #1 International School In Hyderabad

International School In Hyderabad

I am M. Shanti Rao, and I teach Social Science to Grades IX and X. I graduated from Osmania University and I hold Masters in English Literature and History. I completed my B.Ed. from IGNOU. I am passionate about teaching, and this has been my source of inspiration for the past 18 years. My association with CHIREC dates back to June 2008 and it has been an enriching and a fulfilling journey for me. Being a teacher at CHIREC has made me more knowledgeable, compassionate, tolerant, empathetic, approachable and an emotionally balanced person, ready to take challenges head on, confidently and competently. This has also helped me to connect myself with the students and develop a better bonding with them. The student, who are the most dynamic forces of the institution are the best motivators at CHIREC. They have the drive, the skills and the quest to excel in all the fields. Keeping these qualities in mind, I have always planned and organized different teaching - learning strategies, and ensured the students’ interest in the subject. I also feel rewarded when my ex-students call me to share their achievements as well as their fond memories of the school. At this juncture, I recall the support I have received from our respected Director, Ratna Reddy Ma’am, Venkat Raman Sir, Sameena Hasan Ma’am and all my colleagues. I faced my worst time of my life in 2013, when I met with an accident. I got immense support for which I will always be grateful to them. I am very proud to be a part of this prestigious institution and shall always strive to take CHIREC to greater heights of glory and achievement. I look forward to a long and a fruitful association with my wonderful school.

International School In Hyderabad

My name is Sridevi Ratnamala, I’m a Physics graduate and I teach physics to the middle school. Being associated with the Airforce has instilled in me the qualities of determination, dedication and discipline, which help me in contributing my bit to meet the vision & the values of the organization. Ever since I joined CHIREC in 2010, it has been an amazing journey. I have been part of various activities like CHIREC fests, Children’s Day celebrations, organizing as well as conducting workshops for students and teachers, preparing students for various competitions in the field of science and technology, quizzes, etc. I particularly feel proud of being a part of the school’s contribution to the community. I have worked with the students for various NGO’s and orphanages. I have conducted yoga sessions for the senior citizens of various old age homes. I have facilitated donation of shoes and clothing to the needy. I have undertaken various green projects like, ‘Haritha-Haram’, ‘Permaculture’, and ‘Swachch Bharat’ to foster the concepts of sustainable development and eco-friendliness in my students. Campaigns like ‘Save-Energy’, ‘Organ donation’, and developing an app for the visually challenged will always be a highlight in my career as I learnt a lot in planning and executing them. I find my students splendid, delightful and insightful at the same time. I glow with pride at their every big and small achievements and I make it a point to appreciate their efforts immediately. I am a self-motivated person and enjoy reading books, written especially by Ms. Sudha Murthy. I am a people’s person and I care for the needy. My quest for knowledge does not let me rest. I thank my seniors, in-charges and the principals for having the faith in me. I look forward to achieving more milestones of helping the community, learning with my students and sharing the excitement of learning with them.

International School In Hyderabad

My name is Aanya Khandelwal, and I am a student of CHIREC studying in Class XI. I have come a long way in the past 16 years and CHIREC– my school, my comfort and my second home has given me the best opportunities, my best friends and the best years of my life.
Being the President of the Interact Club at CHIREC, this year has been the most rewarding experience for me. I started as a member of the Club in Grade VIII and went on to be a part of the Club in various capacities in the past few years. Under constant mentorship of Venkat Raman Sir and Nagulmeera Sir, along with the 100 members of our club, we have exceeded our expectations in undertaking several activities and fundraisers such as the CHIREC Energy Conservation Drive, Inter-Government School Sports Day, Spectacle Distribution in slums, and celebrating all the important days of the year with the children at government schools and the MNJ Cancer Hospital.
There are more than 20,000 Interact Clubs and 4,50,000 Interactors all over the world, but we are here to make a small but significant difference by undertaking activities that can help enrich the lives of others.Apart from ensuring that I reach my academic goals and making me realize the importance of giving back to society, CHIREC has also developed and nurtured my passion for basketball and has ensured that our team gets all the support we need to excel in this field.
The school has always opened doors for me in all our initiatives, in terms of guidance and infrastructure. Their support year after year, has given us the boost we require and has helped us grow at each step.

International School In Hyderabad

Hello, my name is Usha Koduri. I teach the fairly energetic students of Grade 2 in CHIREC. I graduated holding a Master’s Degree in English Literature, as well as a PG Diploma in Business Management from Panjab University, Chandigarh. I also played Basketball in my college days, and worked up to a spot on the AP state team. I thoroughly enjoy listening to music, painting as well as gardening. I am also a strong animal-lover.
My association with CHIREC dates way back to June 1999. I started my career as a Pre-Primary teacher and pursued for about 14 years. The school has given me an opportunity to prepare the curriculum books for the children, which they are following till date. Pre-Primary has always been my heart and soul. I learnt a lot of skills, and enjoyed the experience of building young minds who shower their unconditional love and respect. I then transitioned into Primary teaching, which is equally enjoyable. I actively participate in organizing in-school events.
The never-ending support and encouragement I’ve received from the director, Mrs. Ratna Reddy, my in-charges, students, and teachers, have meant the most to me. The long 19-year journey at CHIREC has given me a mountain of experiences, invaluable growth as a person and teacher, and above all, a deep satisfaction that I would cherish all my life.

International School In Hyderabad

My name is Shirisha Kondury and I joined CHIREC International School as a Mathematics teacher and assistant IBDP coordinator. I am an engineer by qualification with a Masters in Electrical Engineering from University of Cincinnati but by profession and by passion I have always been a teacher. High school teaching has particularly interested me because teaching at this stage becomes more of discussion, investigation and research where I am both a teacher and a learner. I am always in the company of bright, enthusiastic and energetic minds who inspire me to challenge myself and learn more everyday.
At CHIREC, students show great responsibility in their learning, they do not assume that the teacher needs to tell them everything and needs to give them an answer for every question they have. They rather feel they should partner with the teacher in their quest for knowledge. When I teach in class, I feel encouraged to teach more because my students show the curiosity to learn more. My colleagues are very warm and welcoming, who believe in supporting each other and in collaborating effectively.
I look forward to spending more meaningful years at CHIREC and add value to their existing system with new ideas, improved program delivery and make it a place where teachers love to teach and students love to learn.
I am also a parent of the Cambridge school where my son studies in middle school. I am as happy with the school as a parent as I am as a teacher. My son says he likes the school because students are very open minded and accepting and teachers are supportive. I feel like I cannot ask for more.

International School In Hyderabad

My name is V.K.L.T Katyayini , I teach Fashion Studies. I joined CHIREC in 2004, I graduated from Masters in Apparel and Textiles. I enjoy reading books, listening to music, doing embroidery and designing dresses. Before joining CHIREC, for 12 years I worked in Acharya N.G. Ranga Agricultural University as faculty in Indian Council of Agricultural Research – All India Cooperated Research Project. I organise fashion shows for the students of Fashion Studies to showcase their designs. Also, I coordinate for workshops and internships CHIREC students of Fashion Studies have been placed in world ’s top universities such as London college of Fashion, Parsons College of Design, New York and National Institute of Fashion Technology.
My best moments at CHIREC are when I was recognized for my contributions. I am proud of my contributions toward placing CHIREC as a top CBSE school for Fashion Studies students achieved 100 percentage pass rate in Grade XII AISSCE Examination consecutively from 2012 to 2016. All my class X graders, batch of 2012, attended the Alumni meet and surprised me by recalling their memories. Proud moments for me are when my students keep in touch with me and inform about their achievements and take my suggestions for their projects and start-ups.
CHIREC is a place for continuous learning, both for students and teachers. It seems as if only yesterday I started my journey at CHIREC but it is already 13 years. I feel proud to be a part of CHIREC community which supports and provides opportunities to teachers to grow professionally as well as an individual. Also CHIREC’s contributions towards community service and responsibility towards eco-friendliness is appreciable.

International School In Hyderabad

Dhanya Prasad, "I study in Grade IIC and CHIREC is my favourite place to be! I presented a Kuchipudi dance performance in our assembly today. Initially, when I landed on the stage, I was anxious and nervous, thought I forgot all the steps, but then I looked into my sister eyes and everything came back to me! I have been very excited all week long to perform and practiced my dance all day yesterday. I have been learning dance for last 2 years. I do not know why I felt nervous today, maybe because this was my first performance in the school. The best feeling was when everyone applauded my performance with a loud CHIREC Clap , something I had been doing for others in the assembly every day! I know I did my best and made everyone proud."

International School In Hyderabad

My name is P. Krishna Murthy and I am the DTP operator at CHIREC. I graduated with a B Com degree from Adoni Arts and Science College in Adoni in 2002 and worked as a computer teacher in a private school. While there, I saw an advertisement in the Deccan Chronicle about vacancies at CHIREC School. I applied for the job, attended the interview and became a part of the CHIREC family from March, 2008.


The education field has always allured me. I believe it is one of the most noble professions as it emphasis on the betterment of the society. The most rewarding thing about my current position is that I get to contribute to the noble cause of education. CHIREC works towards inspiring the future generation and it feels great to be a part of it in my own unique way.

One might wonder what the job description of a DTP operator is. Well it is my job to edit, sort and print all teaching materials required by the staff in the CIE block. Printouts for class use or events, typing letters, scanning, photocopying, printing worksheets and question papers, notices, you name it!

I like my job and I am pretty efficient at it. But I also realise it is a very serious job too. I have to be very careful about the spellings on each print out, the efficient use of paper and trying to use as little paper as possible to save our environment. We also reuse paper a lot so I can proudly say we never waste much. I really appreciate the help of the printing room in-charge- Mrs. Sunitha, my colleague- Mr. Chandrashekar and the printing room assistant- Ms. Kumari.

I am quite a silent worker, and I do not believe in interfering in others work. But I do try and help my colleagues in whatever way I can help, whenever I can. I do not complain about others unless, I am being put in a fix where the other blames me for no fault of mine.

I am a very jolly person. I maintain good rapport with everyone. I am humorous and enjoy cracking jokes and making light conversations. I am good with languages, and I try bettering them every day and learning new ones whenever I have the chance to.

It is almost 9 years at CHIREC already, my time here has been a very pleasant one that it feels like it was just yesterday that I joined. I think if you put in sincere and dedicated efforts in your work you will make it past all obstacles with a smile.

In my leisure time, I watch TV or catch up on movies. I enjoy listening to old songs, especially R.D Burman’s. I am not a sports enthusiast but I love cricket and can safely say that I am good at it as well. I also make it a point to dedicate some of my free time to help out the society as well. I am always on the lookout for opportunities to help out those less fortunate.

International School In Hyderabad

I am Tulikaa Mahajan. I teach Social Science CBSE at CHIREC. I hail from Batala,Punjab.I have been teaching at CHIREC since September 2009 and have been in the teaching profession for past 17 years. I have grown along with CHIREC with the influence of good qualities like tolerance, forgiveness, team spirit, coordination, moral and emotional support and all this has helped me in forming a strong bond with the colleagues, in charges, children and non-teaching staff.

Initially I was apprehensive whether I will be able to cope up with challenges of being a CHIREC teacher. New timetable every week, documenting each incident, incorporating a variety of teaching strategies in lesson plans, planning and then executing them - it is a mammoth task. I like cooking, traveling, reading books and making new friends.

Affection displayed by students here is contagious and you are remain untouched by their warmth. An unforgettable incident is “Waves of Change” Campaign, when I was given task to set up “Akbar’s Darbar” with Aman Jain Tholia, Purvi, Bhavana, Ishika Rati, Sahitya Ramkumar, Darshana Mangalani, Rounak were among that team of 18 motivated students who had put in their heart and soul in the event and made it The grand success of the Waves of Change campaign. The support of my Social Science Department was heart whelming, I met with an accident in 2014 and the moral support which I got from my colleagues all is unforgettable and overwhelming.

I am always grateful to the management for giving me the opportunities to become a 21st century facilitator and be a part of this wonderful environment. The Management has always been very supportive to its staff whenever needed and keeps encouraging and appreciating good work.

International School In Hyderabad

My name is Vrishank Singhania. I am currently in Class XII. I have been studying in CHIREC since 2008 and it is been an amazing journey. CHIREC has given me a plethora of opportunities in diverse fields right from debating to music and numerous inter-school competitions. I am a passionate debater and MUNner. I was involved in organizing both CHIREC MUN 2015 and 2016. My interest in Model UN started back in Class 7 with a Model UN club that had started in school. Those sessions really helped me hone my skills and my active participation in Model UN over the last five years has transformed the way I think. I have also been very active in the field of music. I am a violinist and have played with several ensembles and orchestras. I recently gave a TEDx Talk and I am sure I would not have been able to give that talk without all the exposure and support that I have gotten at CHIREC over the last eight years. I have had amazing teachers who have been my role models and taught me so much- both in academics and outside.

I cannot believe that in a few months this amazing journey will be over. It will be a new phase in my life. But no matter where I go I will always cherish each memory I have of my time in CHIREC. I am always going to be a part of CHIREC just as CHIREC will always be a part of me

International School In Hyderabad

Iam Mrs. Madhukanta. I am the Hindustani Music teacher at CHIREC since the year 1999. I remember fondly, back in the day, no other school in the twin cities provided so many extra-curricular subjects under one roof. It felt great to be able to inspire young minds to pursue their musical ambition even in school. I would start my school day with a freshly squeezed glass of lemonade and a hot breakfast back then. The school campus was small but lovely, set in a pleasant scenic atmosphere, away from the hustle of this bustling city.

Right from the year Hindustani music was started at CHIREC, our students have competed at inter-school, state and National level competitions. While I beam with pride at the achievements of my students in these multiple competitions, I too have quite a few achievements to feather my cap. Of the many competitions, one of my fondest memories is the participation in the National level competition, sponsored by Bharat Vikas Parishad, in the semi classical Raagas; where I was awarded a medal and honors. I also had the privilege to attend a National level camp at the Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Ashram at Bangalore.

As a Music teacher , I have gathered a lot of fond memories in my journey with CHIREC. These 17 beautiful years here have been enriched by the able guidance and encouragement of our director, Mrs. Ratna Reddy. She has always been supportive and has never ever denied us permission to participate in any competition, big or small. For this I would be eternally grateful to her as she has fueled the learning experience for me and my students. I am indeed proud to be associated with this institution.

International School In Hyderabad

I am Shaza Akhtar, the English language and Communicative English teacher in the International section at CHIREC. I joined the team in the November of 2015. I hold a masters degree in English literature from Madras University, a bachelors degree in education from Osmania University and a certificate in English language teaching (CELTA) from Cambridge University, UK. I did my schooling in Saudi Arabia.

Before joining CHIREC, I worked as a freelance English language trainer in UAE and India. I’ve tried my hand at teacher training and teaching business English as well, before finally agreeing that there is no place like a school! I occupy myself with reading, writing poetry (occasionally), playing word games, baking, socializing with the e-fraternity or sometimes just simply playing with my cat. I am working on a short-stories series and a novel, and hope to finish and publish them soon.

Ever since I joined CHIREC, there has never been a dull moment in life. While I keep myself busy helping out with various activities and events happening around the school, I am entrusted with many projects too to prove myself. And for that I have my seniors, in-charges and principals to thank, for having faith in me. Although I thoroughly enjoy every single one of my multiple duties in school, the best time I have is with my students. I teach all stages from 6 to 8 and in each stage it is impossible to even slightly favour one over the other as every class has its own unique set of traits that are awe-inspiring and adorable at the same time. I am the class teacher for C8B and I glow with pride at every big and small achievement of theirs. It might sound a little too cliché but my students have touched my life in different ways. Every single moment I’ve spent with each one of them has been delightful, insightful and beautiful, only to get better with each passing day. I look forward to many more educative and enlightening moments with them in the days to come.

International School In Hyderabad

I am Vinay Chakravarthy, the Archery Coach at CHIREC. I did my graduation in commerce and completed my Masters in Business Management. I have been as an archery coach for 15 years associated with CHIREC since 2004. Sports have always been a part of my life since my school days. My love towards sports encouraged me to complete my NIS in Archery and B.P.Ed. I’ve always been passionate about Archery and have a zeal about working with students and sharing my knowledge of archery with them. I believe true sportsmanship is when one acquires confidence; discipline and sense of accomplishment.

Archery is a great sport for boosting mental and physical health and fitness. However, it also has a number of other benefits, like improving patience and concentration. CHIREC was the first school to offer Archery as an activity 15 years ago. Every year our students participate in different competitions at State and National Levels and bringing laurels to the schools.

CHIREC has always provided me with immense opportunities for professional growth. I thoroughly enjoy every responsibility given to me by the school which includes my classes, maintaining discipline in school, organizing and participating in different events. I wish to sincerely express my gratitude to Ratna Ma’am for all the professional development I received while working here. I believe whatever success I achieved in this organization is because of her guidance and support. I received valuable lessons, some of which I learnt by merely observing her leadership quality and self-discipline. I have grown from a novice to a thorough professional, boosted my confidence and has prepared me to take on new challenges in my life.

International School In Hyderabad

My name is Harriet Krupa and I am the Primary teacher at CHIREC. I studied in Stanley and Wesley Degree College. My journey at CHIREC so far has been a memorable one. Working here provides me with work satisfaction, opportunities for professional growth and lots of encouragement and guidance from mentors, in charges and the Principal. As a teacher, I ensure to teach lessons to children using specific teaching methods to suit my students’ needs. I enthusiastically support my new colleagues and strive to build healthy relationships with all. I like watching inspirational movies and videos and love to read books. I browse the net and read articles which interest children and youth. I love singing and I am the worship leader for the choir. I can never forget my Dad - the most loving and inspiring person in my life and also my role model. He taught me many things to be a good example, to teach to make a difference in a student’s life and to live full of hope and curiosity. I’ve always believe not to judge people by their looks but to try to look inside their heart. That’s where you’ll find the real person.

International School In Hyderabad

Hello! My name is Madhusudan Challa. I am the Accountancy teacher at CHIREC since 2011. I hold a PGT certification in Accountancy along with a M.Com. and LL.B. When I joined CHIREC back then, I was pretty apprehension about it as I had joined in the middle of an academic year. I was anxious about how the students would respond to me as they were by then already used to the teaching technique of their previous teacher. However, that very year my fears disappeared because of the support of the management, and the students, who adjusted to my method of teaching very well. To talk about results, my students achieved a very good percentage right from the first year of my teaching, which definitely boosted my morale. The highest mark so far has been 99% but I am aiming for 100% this year and in the near future.

The atmosphere in CHIREC is like that of a family. My colleagues and I often discuss the topics and current affairs and deciding on the best practices for the benefit of the students. As I am also a graduate of Law, CHIREC has given me the opportunity to be a facilitator in Legal Studies and I can proudly state that my first batch, incidentally the first batch of the CBSE board in Legal Studies, did extremely well with the highest being 97%. There were no text books and we relied entirely on technology to get our material. I also taught accountancy in the International section in 2011-13 same way, and I am proud to say that my students and I did pretty well.

The school had once provided us with the wonderful opportunity to take our students to visit the Stock Exchange at Mumbai. Such opportunities widen the sphere of knowledge both for the student and the teacher. It was a great learning experience to listen to professionals of Bombay Stock Exchange share their experiences. I thank the management for giving me this opportunity and I hope to meet up to the expectation of our Director Madam, Mrs. Ratna Reddy.

International School In Hyderabad

Hello! My name is Sandhya and I am the HOD of the Computer Science department in the International Section at CHIREC. I graduated from Loyola Academy, Hyderabad and completed my MCA from IGNOU University after my marriage. I have been teaching for nearly 15 years. This profession is truly satisfying. It taught and continues to teach me patience and the skill of understanding people. When not teaching, I love reading books, cooking, listening to music, and singing.
I joined CHIREC in the year 2011 as the PGT teacher in the CBSE section and was responsible for teaching the subject “Informatics Practices” for classes 11 and 12. I am grateful to the Principal Mrs. Iffat Ibrahim for her guidance at all levels. Her professionalism and eye for detail is something that I admire and hope to imbibe it in myself. I transferred to the International branch in 2016 and I am now the IGCSE and IB facilitator. Here I teach computer science to the students of Stage 9, 10, As & A Level and IB. This transition was the biggest challenge for me as I entered a totally different arena of academics and methods. It was quite overwhelming in the beginning but with the support and guidance of the Principal Mr. Joshi and Vice-principal Mrs. Ragini, I am now finding it comfortable. Mr. Sharma, the IT manager has been a good guide and mentor. I am ever grateful to all my colleagues and in charges for their support and patient guidance through the understanding process.
Working in CHIREC has changed me in many ways. Two most important ones that I would like to mention are that it made me more confident and multi task. I was always hesitant to move out of my comfort zone but CHIREC made me a risk-taker and accept challenges. It is here that I learnt how to prioritize work and face any situation. My mantra has always been “SINCERITY, HARD WORK AND HONESTY”. I believe that it never goes unnoticed.

International School In Hyderabad

Benjamin Franklin once said “An Investment in knowledge pays the best interest”. I have always agreed with this quotation 100% and that is one of the reasons why I chose to work in the education field. I am Santoshi Medisetty with a MBA and MA (PPM) post-graduation. I have close to 12 years of experience in HR and Recruitments. I work as the Assistant Manager of Human Resource and facilitate the Recruitments at CHIREC. It’s been 3 years of association with the CHIREC family. There has been a lot of learning with every organization I worked with but with CHIREC, it is something different.

I have transformed myself as an individual and have learnt to be more patient. I see smiling faces of children everyday while they come to school and few of them are my friends too. CHIREC is a great platform for children to develop their personality and formulate themselves as Individuals. As a HR I have been meeting hundreds of people during interviews for both Academic & Administrative staff, and I feel proud to take good feedback about the organization and students of CHIREC. I have always adored our Director Ratna Ma’am and take her as my role model. My heartfelt thanks to her for considering me to be a part of her family.

International School In Hyderabad

My name is Deepa K. and I am the Publc Relation Manager at CHIREC and have been here since 2012. Everyone was very warm even at the first day so it has always felt familiar and after all these years here I am emotionally attached to the school.
I am a highly experienced and energetic person who always tries to take an initiative for any task. As part of the PR team, I work with a variety of experts from different departments coordinating admissions, workshops and events, internships and field trips.
My most cherished moments here include building relationships with the CHIREC parents who I happen to meet throughout the year. They always have words of praise for me and CHIREC and believe in out work.
I have met the most inspirational women at CHIREC who have helped me incorporate positive attitudes. Mrs. Ratna’s leadership is awe-inspiring and her words of encouragement are energy boosters. Mrs. Manaswitha’s helpfulness and advice cannot be expressed in words. Mrs. Iffat’s optimism has taught me to see the bright-side of everything. And lastly Mrs. Ramani has taught me to move forward with unending motivation. Thank you all!

International School In Hyderabad

Hello! My name is Karl Pestonji. I am the Facilitator for IB and CIE Psychology and a Facilitator for IB TOK (Theory of Knowledge). I joined CHIREC on 1st June 2015. I completed my post-graduation in Clinical Psychology from the University of Pune. I enjoy Travelling, hiking, reading and spending time with loved ones. Before joining CHIREC I used to work as a counsellor and a teacher.

At CHIREC, as the facilitator for IB and CIE Psychology. I also conduct workshops for teachers, parents and students. I’ve also had the chance to accompany the students for the Ice –breaker camp; conducted workshops on parenting for parents of the CBSE and International section; conducted workshops on Mindfulness for teachers and students and headed, planned and executed a ‘Cyclothon for Child Rights’ with grade 12 students of the International section to raise awareness about Emotional Intelligence and the rights of children.

­­­­­ My best moments at CHIREC are when I am in class teaching as well as chatting with them and listening to their stories. This gives me a deeper understanding of my students which goes a long way for both of us. I also felt a great sense of accomplishment after successfully organising the ‘Cyclothon for Child Rights’ with grade 12 students of the International section. The time I spent planning this program with them was thoroughly enjoyable. In theses 2 years I have spent at CHIREC I have discovered different aspects of myself. The students here are wonderful individuals and so are the teachers. There has definitely been a lot of learning and unlearning.

International School In Hyderabad

Hello! I am Ravi Chatrathi , the IBDP & A level – Facilitator of Business Management, HOD of Humanities and the College Counsellor- International section. I joined CHIREC in the year 2012. I’ve pursued, MBA & B.Ed. I enjoy watching movies, playing sports: mostly Cricket, Badminton, TT & caroms, and I have a passion towards acting & directing. Before joining CHIREC I worked in DRS international School as the Facilitator of IBDP Business Management.

As a facilitator, I am always making a conscious effort to ensure that my students love the subject. I supervise student research in Business Management and help them with their internal assessments and extended essay submissions, and I can proudly say that my students have performed brilliantly in their board exam. Also as the College Counsellor for Students of stage 9-12, it is my duty to counsel the students in their best interest in selecting the course and universities that best fit their personality.

My best moments at CHIREC include the Ice Breaker camp I went to with the first batch of IBDP. Also, the school provided me a golden opportunity to visit Universities in USA which helped me learn the application process to guide students accordingly. But most of all I cherish the Children’s day performances we put up for our students. The one important thing I’ve learned from my years at CHIREC is that, in a school like ours, that is always buzzing with action and radiating unending energy, it is important for the staff to maintain the same level of enthusiasm and vigour in order to do our best!

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