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The CHIREC programme focuses on the overall development of the student in diverse spheres, so as to enable the child to develop a well-rounded, multi-faceted personality, enriched by exposure to sports and the arts; in addition to academic development. It facilitates the all round development of the personality by fostering qualities of leadership, developing creative and aesthetic sense, nurturing the spirit of enquiry as well as prompting love and respect for people and the planet. Education here, is viewed as a holistic process.

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CHIREC school is known for Best Schools in Kondapur, Hyderabad. At CHIREC, a choice of curriculum is offered: CBSE till Class XII, and Cambridge International Programme up to Grade XII (A/AS Levels). While our students are thriving at coveted institutions such as MIT, Stanford, the London School of Economics, the IITs, the IIMs, NALSAR, among others; they carry with them, the CHIREC experience that teaches them to work hard, meet challenges, take ownership, be great leaders; and ever so often, to stop and smell the roses. In other words; enjoy the finer things in life.

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CHIREC International has taken steps towards ensuring that we support and meet the needs of individuals with physical disabilities. All of CHIRECs campuses have been improved to include elevators, wheelchairs, and accessibility ramps to allow students and teachers with physical disabilities to take better advantage of the education, facilities and services we provide.

International School In Hyderabad

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Mrs. Ratna D. Reddy
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