When a trusted brand meets an exciting city, exciting things happen.

There is an old saying that it takes a village to raise a child, but history shows that it takes a city to grow a genius.

Hyderabad is one of the most dynamic cities in India and the world, with Google, Amazon and Microsoft building their largest campuses outside the United States in our city, and Uber, Deloitte and Apple have their largest leased office spaces globally in the city as well. Other stellar global brands are flooding into Hyderabad/’Cyberabad’, as are other major ‘Big Pharma’, aerospace, financial, consumer and tech companies too numerous to mention.  It is no mistake that they have chosen Hyderabad, and no mistake that T-Hub, one of India’s top and hottest start-up and innovation ecosystems has been built in Hyderabad. 

It is no mistake that Cognita, one of the world’s largest and most admired international school groups, with schools stretching across the globe from Chile to Hong Kong, chose CHIREC to enter India’s education sector.  

CHIREC is the school that nurtures not stifles.  When it was established back in 1989, it set the trend in Hyderabad for a modern, progressive education fit for the 21st century, and we have been an educational innovator ever since. CHIREC’s and Cognita’s mission is to ensure that an inspiring educational success story continues for another thirty-five. 

What is CHIREC 2.0?

CHIREC 2.0 is a post-COVID response to ensure that CHIREC remains reassuringly familiar but refreshingly different. We are ensuring that we remain fit for purpose for the 21st century and meet our children’s and parents’ needs, hopes, and dreams. 

CHIREC 2.0 is an ambitious vision to ensure that every one of our children has the facilities needed to thrive and flourish in a first-class environment dedicated to academic excellence and a holistic education. 

One School, Four Campuses – with something for everyone.

Enhancing teaching and learning, with more space and more appropriate facilities for your child on their long journey from nursery to university, into the workplace, and out into the world. 

A new campus in Gachibowli for our international curriculum students that will free up space for our CBSE students is opening in June 2024.  But we shall remain a family: one school, four campuses, with our three existing campuses being refreshed and re-purposed once the international students move. 

Jubilee Hills

Jubilee Hills is a lovely, early years learning environment that is ranked the No. 1 Proprietary Pre-school in Hyderabad and is a highly successful ‘early learning village’ for children setting out on their path from nursery to university. Despite restrictions on building, we shall be investing in enhancing its teaching and learning spaces and upgrading its pre-school facilities in the years ahead

Gachibowli (existing)

Gachibowli (existing) will become an ‘Early Learning Village’, a Pre-school for Nursery, Pre-Primary 1 and Pre-Primary 2The freed-up space will be re-deployed and upgraded to give the pre-school children there the best possible start to their holistic development and academic journey from nursery to university.


Our Kondapur site already hosts one of the top-ranked CBSE campuses in India and the No. 1 in Hyderabad and TelanganaThe entire campus will become dedicated to giving our Chirecians the best CBSE education in the countryThe space vacated by the Cambridge and IB students will be immediately available for additional classrooms and other teaching spaces, and then re-deployed and refurbished in a non-disruptive, phased manner once the international section moves out in May 2024Cognita is committed to ensuring that CBSE students have access to all they need to attain the best educational outcomes in and out of their classrooms.

Gachibowli (New Campus)

A new, 9.5-acre campus in Gachibowli that will house our existing Cambridge and IB students moving from Kondapur is nearing completion and will open in June 2024.  Our international section is ranked No.1 in Hyderabad and Telangana and is in the Top 10 in India; its popularity has created a shortage of places for those wanting to join us, and a shortage of space for all the subjects and activities we need and want to do.  

The new campus has been master-planned by international and Indian architects to ensure that it offers one of the best international curriculum educations not just in India, but in the world.  It is not an adaptation of existing national curriculum premises but has been purposefully designed from first principles for the Cambridge and IB examinations and to give our children the holistic education that promotes innovation, entrepreneurship and creativity.

Beyond Buildings

But is not only about our buildings being fit for purpose; it is about making sure our teaching for learning is also fit for purpose. The NEP and National Curriculum envision a new India; the international curricula of Cambridge and IB envision a new worldAs a dual curriculum school, we are fortunate to have collaboration and cross-pollination between the national and international curricula to inform our best teaching practice and make our children’s learning evermore effective 

CHIREC 2.0 is as much, if not more, about promoting great teaching and highly effective learning for high attainment, with equal opportunities for all, as it is for the infrastructure that ensures that can happen.

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