I’ve been a part of CHIREC from Nursery up till Grade 12. Throughout my time at CHIREC, one thing was constant: growth. Be it through leading the school newspaper’s editorial, participating in MUNs, or being a member of the student council- every experience at CHIREC has helped me grow in a unique manner. While the school has physically changed during my time there, what didn’t change was the unrelenting support and guidance of my teachers- they would celebrate my achievements with me, and keep me motivated when things didn’t go my way. I’d specifically like to thank my subject teachers, as well as Ms. Sony, Ms. Sai Lakshmi and Ms. Sanchita, for their help in making IB much more navigable for me.

My time at CHIREC has helped shape the person I am today, and I’ll always be grateful for the community that has helped nurture me.