Mahua Sen
November 15, 2023

Ms. Mahua Sen

CHIREC is undoubtedly the best of places for a child to learn and unfold and unfurl one’s true potential. The way it caters to each child and helps in exploring and building their talents is unmatched. What makes CHIREC stand out from other schools is the cozy and at-home feel it fosters which enables the children to learn in a nonpareil setting. The teachers and other staff members are highly dedicated and even go out of their way to make sure the children’s needs are met as and when called for.
I have witnessed my child blossom into a radiant. I distinctly remember one of the teachers of my son in PP2 had identified that he is good with rhythm and can be introduced to Drums. It’s no wonder he took to it like fish to water and it’s amazing to see how passionate he is about it to this day and has only kept excelling in his craft.