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The CHIREC Story

CHIREC International School was founded in 1989 by Mrs. Ratna Reddy to address a gap in children’s education in Hyderabad. Originally conceived as a vibrant summer camp, CHIREC has evolved over three decades into the leading K-12 educational institution in the city and one of the highest-ranked schools in India.

Our commitment to instilling a passion for lifelong learning and innovation sets CHIREC International School apart. We offer the CBSE, Cambridge and the IB Diploma Programme in one of the most dynamic cities globally. Our students consistently achieve some of the best academic results in the country and are well-prepared for top universities in India and abroad. As a valued member of the Cognita global group, and recognized by respected educational bodies like the Council of International Schools (CIS) and the IB Organization, CHIREC International School is known for its exceptional quality of education.

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From Nursery to University

At CHIREC International School, every step of your child’s learning journey is carefully curated with a holistic, globally-conscious, and immersive approach to education. This ensures that they enjoy the wonderful experiences of childhood, while building a strong academic foundation for lifelong success.


In our Preschool programme, we nurture children’s curiosity and cultivate essential skills for inquiry and exploration. Our innovative, play-based curriculum focuses on developing strong reading, listening, and speaking skills, that foster a love of learning and a sense of wonder, that last a lifetime.


CHIREC International School’s CBSE programme provides a learning environment to develop confident, responsible, and enterprising citizens. Our integrated curriculum is built on The Whole Child concept and rigorous CBSE educational practices, making us one of the best CBSE Schools in India.


CHIREC International School is an award-winning CAIE school that has been affiliated with the University of Cambridge for over 15 years. We champion a hands-on, experiential learning approach, prioritizing an in-depth mastery of subjects, and the development of a global outlook.


The IB Diploma Programme (DP) at CHIREC International School is a rigorous, challenging, and balanced two-year university-preparation programme for students aged 16 to 19. Our students consistently outperform world averages and gain admission to the best universities in India and around the world, making CHIREC one of India’s Top 10 International Schools for close to a decade.

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