At CHIREC, the journey we embark upon with each child is meticulously crafted towards a horizon of success. For over three decades, we’ve ardently worked to sculpt young minds, ensuring they bloom into the best versions of themselves. Guiding this transformative journey is our Character Compass, an embodiment of the ideals and virtues that we instill in our learners, ensuring that they not only excel academically but also evolve as compassionate and responsible citizens of India and the world.

At CHIREC, Your Child will be a:

Responsible Citizen

Our students are educated on their pivotal role in the community, emphasising empathy, ethical values, and the importance of contributing positively to society.

Compassionate & Caring Individual

By exposing our students to various social and environmental issues in our own community, they cultivate deep respect and passion to address these issues through creative solutions.

Lifelong Learner

CHIREC students exhibit insatiable curiosity and drive, ensuring their journey of discovery and growth is enriched by the academic curriculum and engaging co-curricular activities, extending into their adult lives.

Tech-Savvy Innovator

Leveraging technology for effective learning, CHIREC students are always at the forefront of the digital age, ready to harness its potential.

Confident Leader

Through exposure to global perspectives and active engagement with India’s and international challenges, our students grow into self-assured leaders, ready to make a positive mark on their own country and the world.


Each student’s potential is nurtured and fostered, empowering them to set ambitious goals and relentlessly chase them.

Collaborative Team Player

Whether in academics, sports, or community service, our students have internalised the immense power and benefits of teamwork and collaboration.

What sets CHIREC apart is our unwavering commitment to ensuring our students make the most of their formative years. Through a rare blend of curriculum, co-curricular activities, and a strong value system, we enable students to make a positive difference in the world.

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