A Ground for Innovation & Excellence

At CHIREC’s 5-acre Kondapur campus, our students spend their days in a secure and protected environment with separate facilities for Daycare, Primary, Secondary, and Senior Secondary classes, all designed purposefully to meet the needs and suit the requirements of the students.

Located near the Botanical Gardens, the campus is in the heart of the IT hub of Hyderabad. Equipped with all the modern facilities and infrastructure, we facilitate a sustainable learning environment to create future-ready citizens.

Our Green Initiatives

As the first landscaped school in the city, CHIREC has been a forerunner in preserving the environment of Hyderabad. Today, our eco-friendly campuses integrate the natural environment throughout the school to instill healthy and eco-friendly practices into the routines of our students and staff.


Our campuses include facilities like elevators, wheelchairs, and accessibility ramps to allow students and teachers who are differently abled to take better advantage of the education, facilities, and services we provide.

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