Contextualised PD to Share & Learn Best Practices

CHIREC recognises that our teachers must lead by example and provides numerous professional development opportunities to sharpen their existing skills and cultivate new ones. We train our faculty to be passionate about teaching and work together towards a collaborative, cohesive and wholesome education.

CHIREC has its own in-house professional development programme for teachers.

We provide the latest training every month, focusing on the following five areas:

Curriculum & Pedagogy

Educational Leadership

Special Education

Counselling & Human Development

Human & Organisational Learning

All year round, CHIREC conducts in-school and online professional development workshops, providing teachers opportunities to attend reputed conferences such as the IB World Conference and Connected Learning. We invite in-house and industry experts to guide our teachers in the latest teaching practices and global education standards.

We are an Authorised Centre for Cambridge Certification!

CHIREC is the first school in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana to be authorised as a Centre for Cambridge Certification Programme in two categories – Teaching & Learning and Educational Leadership.

Since 2020, we have been empowering teachers in the classroom while allowing them to customise practices suitable for their social, cultural, and educational context.

The Cambridge PDQs help practicing teachers and educational leaders to:

Engage critically with relevant educational thinking and international best practices Apply new ideas and approaches in their practice Reflect on and share experiences and outcomes to plan further development Improve the quality of their students’ learning

These helps schools to:

Access quality accredited professional development programmes locally that are cost-effective and meet individual and school needs Establish and nurture school-based professional learning communities Promote continuing and collaborative professional learning in school life and culture Ensure that professional development is planned, experienced, and evaluated as an integral part of school development

Latest Trainings at CHIREC

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