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University & Career Guidance

For close to 2 decades, CHIREC students from the CBSE and IBDP curricula have been placed in many prestigious and prominent universities in India and worldwide. We have an impressive track record of college placements, thanks to the College and Career Guidance Department and our students’ hard work and focus.

We offer a spectrum of resources to support students with their college search and application process, including valuable career guidance, college visits, prospective campus tours, and other events. The school also shares resources and support for Indian entrance exams such as NEET and CLAT, and standardised tests such as SAT, ACT, and PSAT, which are required for admission into most foreign universities.

Our Students Excel in Their Diverse Fields in India and Around the World

15% of our students are placed in the Top 100 colleges across the globe

$1 million received in scholarships in 2022

Over 30% of our students receive admission into their top-choice University through Early Decision or Early Action

40% of our CBSE students attend foreign universities, while 60% of them accept admission into Indian universities.

Our IBDP students attend universities worldwide, predominantly in the USA, UK, Europe, Singapore and India.

Some Other Universities our Students Graduate to

We Place our Students in Top Universities of Their Choice

Career guidance begins with our Class 8 children. We facilitate different tests to help reveal students’ potential strengths and individual interests. The school hosts University Fairs, wherein groups of universities from India, US, Canada, UK and other global destinations visit the campus each year to provide information about the courses on offer. The students are provided exposure to the career options available depending on their interests and abilities by our team of Career and College Counsellors at school.

University Fairs

CHIREC organises University Fairs and invites experts from over 100 universities from India, USA, UK, Canada, Europe, Australia and Singapore to conduct career talks to provide professional guidance to students about the career opportunities available to them.

Essay Writing Workshops

While grades and test scores are vitally important, an exceptional college application essay or personal statement is also a crucial factor in determining who is accepted into a great university, and who isn’t. To help students learn much of what is needed to write that standout personal statement or application essay, CHIREC organises Essay Writing Workshops that help students get started and work their way through the essay writing and personal statement processes.

Guest Lectures and Professional Career Advice

Choosing a career or programme of study is a daunting task. CHIREC provides our students with opportunities to meet experts from different fields who can offer a wealth of experience to allow them to make educated decisions for their futures.

Exchange Programmes

Our students travel to different countries for immersive cultural experiences as well as host foreign students in Hyderabad to share and build cultural understanding. Ever since the first exchange programme in 2011 to USA, our students have participated in exchanges to Mauritius and UK, as well as virtual exchange programmes with schools in Singapore, Brazil and Chile.

As part of the Cognita family with over 100+ schools across Asia, UK, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East and North America, we plan to build a more diverse and extensive exchange programme for students to build connections with their peers around the world.

Preparatory courses and testing for SAT, PSAT, AP and NEET

We support students with SAT, PSAT and AP subject tests and conduct the Pre-Oxford and Cambridge Examinations each year. CHIREC is also the first AP, SAT and PSAT testing centre in Telangana and an authorised centre for NEET.

Access to CIALFO

CHIREC students have access to CIALFO – a comprehensive college and career platform that helps students in making informed choices related to their career. 

We place our students in Top Universities of their choice.

I would like to express my sincere thanks and gratitude to CHIREC School and its excellent counselling department for shaping my son’s career and helping us out in various dimensions. The student counsellor is extremely knowledgeable in all the aspects of college admissions, and he is generally our go to person for any clarifications. The counselling department organized various brown bag sessions and invited various top universities/schools to the campus to enrich the student community and helped them make right career choices. I also, would like to call out Rahul Sir for his passion and dedication in helping the students. His in-depth knowledge about extra curriculars, various examinations, and how each country is different in terms of their process is so helpful in giving the right direction and support to the students. With current counselling department in school, parents can save lots of money as they do not have to seek any external professional help.

Mr. Girichandu Palakodeti

IBDP has provided me with a unique framework to pursue biology, economics and psychology, which eventually led to majoring in public health! CHIREC’s faculty has provided endless support as well as challenged me to think beyond the pages of my books. Super grateful for their encouragement in my personal growth journey! 

Neha Peri

Hello everyone, I’m Kasvi Agarwal, a student from CBSE Grade 12, and I’m thrilled to share a moment of immense gratitude and excitement with you. During the lockdown, I delved into stitching, sparking a passion for fashion that has now led me to an incredible journey. I am delighted to announce that I’ve been accepted into Parsons School of Design, where I’ll be majoring in Fashion Design. 

I owe a heartfelt thank you to my school, especially my fashion teacher, Namitha ma’am, and my counselor, Saritha ma’am, for their unwavering support throughout this transformative period. I’m also grateful for the opportunity to study Fashion as my fourth elective, which has allowed me to explore and cultivate my passion. 

A special thanks to CHIREC, for providing an environment where dreams take flight. I’d also like to extend my gratitude to our school principal and vice-principal, Iffat Ma’am and Katyayani ma’am, for their continuous encouragement and guidance. I can’t wait to embark on this new chapter in my life! 

Kasvi Agarwal

The college application process can be as stressful as it is exciting, writing what feels like hundreds of essays and filling out multiple academic records. The career guidance services that I have received from CHIREC have provided me with the support and guidance that I required to successfully complete my college applications. My counsellors and coordinator have both helped me choose colleges that are fit for me and my major and have stood beside me throughout this process. I am extremely grateful for the encouraging messages and insightful guidance I have received. 

Ananya Polsani

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