A high-quality primary education is foundational to your child’s success.

We understand that parents seeking the perfect primary school in India often look for a blend of academic prowess, a strong value system, and a nurturing environment, where their child can bond with educators and peers alike. At CHIREC, we have crafted an environment where children are not just confined to books; they enjoy coming to school, discovering the world, and fostering a genuine love for learning.

Two Curricula, One Vision for Success

At CHIREC, we understand that educational preferences vary. Whether your child's goals align with the CBSE or Cambridge curriculum, rest assured that all paths here lead to success. The foundations of primary education at CHIREC are steadfastly built on a blend of robust curricular content and holistic personal development.
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An Experiential Learning Journey

At CHIREC, every day in our primary school is an adventure in learning, an experience that shapes, nurtures, and empowers. We firmly believe that education should not be confined to textbooks alone, but should be an immersive experience that allows children to learn, while experiencing the many joys of childhood. Our activity-based approach ignites a range of interests, ensuring that every day is an exciting voyage of discovery.

Via a range of indoor and outdoor activities that provide a diverse platform for expression, such as painting, music, arts & crafts, and a choice of 12 sports, we ensure your child enjoys a holistic and balanced educational journey.

Our curriculum is further enriched with project-based learning, where students delve deep into subjects, foster collaborative skills, and participate in field trips so that they can experience real-world settings.

Building Strong Foundations for Future Success

At CHIREC, we know the pivotal role of primary education in setting the stage for future academic achievements and life successes. Our curriculum is meticulously designed to lay a robust foundation, ensuring that our students are well-prepared to excel in their senior school years. Key subjects like English, Mathematics, EVS (both Social and Science), along with languages, including Telugu, are taught with depth and precision to establish a solid academic grounding.

Going beyond traditional subjects, we instill essential skills such as numeracy, comprehensive reading, effective communication, presentation, and the art of sequencing ideas logically. Our students are also trained to be curious, always encouraged to ask questions, conduct research, listen actively, and gather information discerningly.

One of the cornerstones of our foundational curriculum is the emphasis on reading. The DEAR (Drop Everything And Read) period is a testament to our commitment to foster a lifelong love for reading, ensuring students immerse themselves in the world of books, nurturing imagination and enhancing comprehension.

At CHIREC, we are not just educating; we are crafting the future leaders and thinkers of tomorrow by building strong foundations today.

A Value-Driven Education

Our curriculum is thoughtfully interwoven to inculcate important values such as honesty, empathy, respect, sharing and gratitude to mould our students into responsible, compassionate, and impactful citizens.

Shaping Confident & Independent Leaders

Leadership is not just encouraged; it’s nurtured.

Our unique approach to instilling leadership ensures that every student, regardless of their disposition, is given the opportunity to step up and take charge. Whether it’s the role of a green monitor advocating sustainability, a homework monitor ensuring tasks are timely submitted, a line monitor fostering discipline during school assemblies, or a lunch monitor promoting organised and courteous mealtimes – every student is entrusted with a duty.

Starting from classroom discussions to larger public events, we boost your child’s confidence and build their public speaking skills, by encouraging them to articulate their thoughts in class, participate in morning assemblies, present their work, and showcase their talents.

Future-Ready Technology Skills

At CHIREC, we understand the pivotal role that technology plays in the modern world. Our students are not only familiar with today’s technology, but they are also prepared for tomorrow’s innovations. Through specialised modules in Robotics, 3D Design, and advanced computer classes that are reflective of the technological landscape we see in the world today, our students become tech-savvy individuals who are ready for the challenges and opportunities of the future.

Developing Healthy Habits, Etiquette & Social Skills

In the rapidly evolving landscape of the 21st century, CHIREC recognises that building healthy habits and fostering robust social skills and etiquette is just as crucial as academic proficiency. We are dedicated to shaping not just learned individuals, but well-rounded citizens of the world.

Effective communication forms the backbone of our personal development modules, ensuring our students hone their listening and speaking skills. We help our children build essential collaboration skills by helping them experience the power of teamwork and collective effort.

By placing a great importance on good social etiquette, table manners and personal conduct, we ensure that our students approach every situation with grace and propriety.

Active Engagement With Parents

At CHIREC, we believe that education is a shared commitment between dedicated teachers, motivated students, and enthusiastic parents. Only a wholehearted collaboration between teachers and parents can make learning qualitative for our students. This is our golden triangle.

Parents are welcomed into our school and become involved in classroom activities through our Reading Programme, Know My Parent sessions, Coffee with Class Teachers, and attending various school events such as Curriculum Day, Children’s Day, and our Annual Concerts. We also believe in seamless, timely and continual communication with parents through the Student Diary, Today@CHIREC updates, Weekly Transaction Reports, Monthly Newsletters, and informal and formal Parent-Teacher Meets throughout the year. To continuously improve our services, we also invite parents to audit the school’s safety, transport and lunch systems and share their feedback.

Which Curriculum is Right for my Child?

At CHIREC, we understand that educational preferences vary. Whether your child’s goals align with the CBSE or Cambridge Curriculum, rest assured that all paths here lead to success. The foundations of primary education at CHIREC are steadfastly built on a blend of robust curricular content and holistic personal development. To help you choose the right path for your child, here are some significant features of the prestigious national CBSE Curriculum and internationally renowned Cambridge Curriculum.

CBSE Cambridge
Prestigious Indian national curriculum leading to top universities in India and abroad. Globally recognised curriculum affiliated to University of Cambridge and a passport to top universities in India and abroad.
Focus on building a strong foundation of intellectual discipline, especially in Mathematics and Sciences. Focus on understanding and experiential approaches to knowledge formation and building creativity, critical thinking and problem-solving skills.
Continuous formative assessment with formal examinations in Grade 10. Students are assessed on various elements such as scientific temper, environmental sensitivity, punctuality, in-class participation, working memory, activities, homework, group work. Diagnostic Checkpoint examinations in Stage 5 and 8 to assess learning to date. Formal IGCSE examination in Stage 10.

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