Kondapur Senior Secondary

At our Kondapur campus, students study the nationally reputed CBSE curriculum that takes them on a voyage of discovery and growth all the way from Primary to the Senior Secondary classes.

Grades 11 & 12

Pathways to the Future

As students prepare for their university and college entrance after Grade 10, our CBSE Senior Secondary programme in Hyderabad becomes more flexible and offers a range of subjects to select from according to students’ interests and career preferences.

Why Choose CHIREC for CBSE Senior Secondary in Hyderabad?

CHIREC has been a valued member of the CBSE community with an affiliation of over 30 years with a proven track record of preparing students for their crucial next step into the world. At CHIREC, you can:

Choose from a diverse range of 23 CBSE subjects

Gain specialised knowledge in your chosen stream

Learn from experienced teachers

Strengthen your research, social, communication and critical thinking skills

Participate in Exchange Programmes with our global network

Lead prestigious initiatives such as MUN and TedX

Engage in Community Service

Excel in Board Examinations

Gain admission into a college or university of your choice

About the CBSE Curriculum

CHIREC has been valued member of the CBSE community with an affiliation of over 30 years.

CBSE’s All-India Senior School Certificate Examination is a qualifying examination for admission to Indian as well as overseas universities. Building on a foundation of critical thinking, problem solving, communication, and collaboration skills, students are more focused and fully engaged in the learning process and graduate better prepared to thrive in today`s global economy. The streams offered at CHIREC are:

Science Stream 1

Mandatory Optional (One of the following)
English (Core), Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry Home Science, Biotechnology, Economics, Legal Studies, Psychology, Entrepreneurship, Taxation, Informatics, Practices/ Web Application, Fashion Studies, Physical Education

Science Stream 2

Mandatory Optional (One of the following)
English (Core), Biology, Physics, Chemistry Informatics Practices/ Web Application, Biotechnology, Mathematics, , Legal Studies, Psychology, Entrepreneurship, Fashion Studies, Physical Education

Commerce Stream

Mandatory Optional (One of the following)
English (Core), Business Studies/Business Administration, Accountancy/Cost Accounting, Economics Informatics Practices/ Web Application, Home Science, Mathematics, Legal Studies, Psychology, Entrepreneurship, Taxation, Fashion Studies, Physical Education

Humanities stream

Mandatory Optional (One of the following)
English (Core), Political Science/ Sociology, History/ Geography/Business Administration, Home Science/ Psychology/ Economics/ Informatics Practices, Web Application Legal Studies, Entrepreneurship, Taxation, Fashion Studies, Physical Education

Academic Excellence

At CHIREC, we nurture the strengths and weaknesses of each student to help them reach their full potential. Every year, our CBSE and IBDP students ace their examinations, attaining top ranks across diverse streams and gaining admission into the most prestigious universities in India and the world.

90% +

aggregate score by 40% of students in their Grade 12 AISSCE Examinations each year



scored by 8 entries and 99% scored by 11 entries across various subjects in 2023


86% Class Average

in 2023


Striking the Right Balance

We know that high-quality education doesn’t just focus on academics. Through numerous co-curricular activities and programmes that are integrated into the curriculum, we foster holistic development of our students.

What’s next?

The journey doesn’t end with higher secondary education. For close to two decades, CHIREC’s College and Career Guidance Department has facilitated college placements for students in many prestigious and prominent universities in India and worldwide. We have an impressive track record of college placements, as a result of these services and our students’ hard work and focus.

Some other Universities our students graduate to

Our extensive network of over 10,000 CHIREC alumni can be found working in top tier Indian and global organisations and leading in their diverse industries as successful professionals, entrepreneurs and positive changemakers.

I’ve time and again said this to many people that my years at CHIREC have shaped me into the human being I am today. I’ve had the best teachers, the most fun set of classmates to grow up with and the best of facilities. There wouldn’t be a single thing that I would want to change. 

The school and my teachers played a massive role in laying the foundation for my future. Today, I am a Miss India, a TEDX speaker and a businesswoman and these are all things I started out with at CHIREC through fashion studies classes, competitions, business studies and my house captain post. These experiences helped me gain confidence and the right skill set, making me the person I am today. 

Praachi Nagpal, Alumnus, Miss India 2022 & Tedx Speaker, Batch of 2014

As a proud parent of CHIREC since 2006, I am grateful to have sent both my children, Akarsh and Sameeksha to CHIREC throughout their schooling, since nursery.  

The reason we chose CHIREC over other schools is because of the school’s belief in the comprehensive development of a child, supporting their passions and interests along with academics. It also places a lot of importance on value education and keeping students grounded. 

CHIREC helped my children find their passion in Engineering and Law, while also pursuing their sports interests. My son has been able to play for Telangana State Cricket Team and my daughter, with her determination to give back to the school, has been elected as the Head Girl of the CBSE section. She also achieved an All India Rank 125 and 5th rank in Telangana in CLAT, getting admission into the best law university in the country, with the support of CHIREC and its staff.  

CHIREC is more than just a school, it’s a supportive community that we will always be grateful to for giving our children the best childhood. 

Mr. Arvind Reddy

Hi everyone! I’m Sameeksha Reddy, the Head Girl of the CBSE section at CHIREC. I’ve been in CHIREC for 15 years and I’ve always considered it to be my second home. School has been my safe space where apart from learning immensely, I’ve grown into the person I am today. Recently, I’ve secured an All India Rank 125 and 5th rank in Telangana in CLAT, helping me pursue my interest in law from the best law university in the country. My teachers and peers at CHIREC have been extremely supportive, helping me do well in school while preparing for the entrance. Outside the classroom, I am the captain of the school volleyball team and have been learning Kuchipudi for 7 years, while performing in different government programs. I’ve also held the position of USG Marketing in the CHIREC MUN 2023. I am grateful for the entire CHIREC family for bringing out the best in me always, whether it is academics or extracurriculars. 

Sameeksha Reddy

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