Your Child's Journey

Your Child’s Journey to Success

We take great pride in our holistic and globally conscious approach to education, focusing on the Cambridge Curriculum, International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme and CBSE Curriculum, to provide an immersive learning experience for your child. Each step of your child’s educational journey towards lifelong success is thoughtfully curated to ensure they enjoy the wonderful experiences of childhood, while building a strong academic foundation to excel at the next stage.

Our Learning Design Principles

Each Child is an Individual

At CHIREC, we believe – and know – that every child is unique. Through our culture of care, we help children to discover their passions and focus on their individual needs to ensure they develop the right skills and knowledge to flourish in life.

The World is our Classroom

Our learning goes beyond the boundaries of any set curriculum. Through real-life examples, outdoor lessons, project-based learning, field trips, guest lectures, international school collaborations and engagement with local and global issues, our students learn by actively exploring the real world.

Experiential Interdisciplinary Learning

In an increasingly volatile and uncertain world, children need to master complexity and to be agile enough to navigate a rapidly evolving social and economic landscape. A CHIREC education, which goes beyond the classroom walls, teaches children ‘joined-up thinking’ underpinned by mastery of multiple academic disciplines not just to survive in the future, but to thrive in it.

Technology-Based Teaching

Our strong technological infrastructure enables us to provide diverse and rich learning experiences to students. With a digital board in every classroom, we use online resources, 3D models, guest lectures, and virtual trips around the world to make learning exciting and engaging for your child.

Wellbeing at the Heart of Successful Learning

We believe that children are able to learn only when they feel physically, socially, mentally and emotionally well. Cognita’s globally established Wellbeing Programme and CHIREC’s Social & Emotional Learning curriculum cultivate a positive and child-centric learning environment, where students become optimistic, energetic, motivated, encouraged and empowered to grow to their full potential.

Learning Journeys to Success

CHIREC’s Preschool adopts a specially designed Integrated Curriculum, bringing together the best Preschool practices. It engages your child to explore the world around them and facilitate their physical, intellectual, social, and emotional development. Entering the Primary section in Grade 1, they choose between the nationally recognised CBSE Curriculum and the internationally recognised Cambridge Curriculum that will carry them through Preschool and Secondary until Grade 10. At Senior Secondary (Grades 11 and 12), the school offers two pathways to success: CBSE Curriculum and the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme.

The numbers speak for themselves

35 Year


2.5-17 Years

Pre-Primary to Higher Secondary

3 Curricula

CBSE, Cambridge & IBDP


Average Class Size


Subjects Offered


Co-curricular Activities

13 Years

Average Teaching Experience


Successful Alumni

While all three curricula, including the CBSE Curriculum, Cambridge Curriculum and the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme provide solid foundations for academic success, CHIREC also places high importance on co-curriculars, life skills, and personality building activities. We go beyond our commitment to academic rigor and excellence to offer our students manifold other opportunities for transformative growth in fields such as visual and performing arts, sports, community service, and participation in international events. With a firm foundation and stellar academic results, CHIREC’s graduates have gone on to achieve commendation and recognition in fields of expertise, enterprise, and endeavour.

My experience with CHIREC has been nothing short of exceptional. As a parent, I’ve witnessed firsthand the remarkable impact of the school’s approach to education, and it truly stands out from other schools. The Cambridge programmer implemented at CHIREC has played a pivotal role in shaping my child’s academic journey. The curriculum is not only rigorous but also thoughtfully designed to foster critical thinking and a love for learning. I can evidently see my child’s growth in academics and overall personality over the years. My child genuinely looks forward to coming to school each day. The positive and vibrant atmosphere, coupled with the engaging teaching methods, has made the educational journey exciting and memorable. The teachers at CHIREC needs a special mention. Their dedication, expertise, and passion for nurturing young minds are evident in every interaction.

Ms. Priyanka Gottipati

CHIREC played a pivotal role in shaping Srikar’s personality and skills. We’ve witnessed a significant growth in his confidence, communication skills, and a genuine enthusiasm for learning, all of which can be attributed to the nurturing environment provided by CHIREC. Witnessing my son’s ability to collaborate with peers, think critically, and present his ideas with confidence showcased that he is not only growing academically but also developing life skills at CHIREC.

Ms. Sushma Tumburu

Hi, I am Raksha Sharma, mother of Aryahi Sinha and we have been associated with CHIREC since 2019 when my daughter joined PP2.

From being a shy little girl to a confident 4th grader I have seen significant improvement in my daughter’s communication skills and her urge to explore various topics.

CHIREC has been there for almost 32+ years now and that is evident in how the curriculum is structured, the day-to-day activities for students are planned, and how effectively the online classes were conducted even during Covid. My daughter’s eagerness to go to school each day is the biggest testament of how wonderful the school is doing.

Ms. Raksha Sharma

CHIREC has been a second home for us. What I love the most is the integrity of the teachers. They are the heroes and will make sure every child is looked after.

In this digital world, not just academics and discipline but the emotional wellbeing of the child is given utmost importance, and this quality makes CHIREC different from other schools. The social emotional learning (SEL) sessions really helped us, and I thoroughly imbibed the knowledge that they shared. I really appreciate their efforts in bringing parents to learn and continue the same approach at home too. I am a happy parent and I’m glad that I made the right choice for my kids!

Ms. Moukthika Reddy

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