How do I apply to CHIREC?

You can begin the admissions process by filling out the Online Enquiry Form. For more details on the admissions process, please click here.

How can I contact the Admissions department at CHIREC?

You can email us at and we will be happy to assist you.

You can also call us at 9866461204, 8121004827 or 7702203382. Our working hours are from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm from Monday to Saturday.

When does the school year begin and end?

The academic year begins in June and ends in March or April in accordance with government guidelines for both CBSE and International section students. For students in Grade 6 and above, the academic year begins in mid-March for a few weeks before the summer break to prepare our students for a head start in June.

What is the age criterion for my child’s class?

Grade Level Minimum age as on 30th June, 2024 Date of Birth
Nursery 2 years 6 months 1st Jan and 31st Dec 2021
Pre-Primary 1 (PP1) 3 years 6 months 1st Jan and 31st Dec 2020
Pre-Primary 2 (PP2) 4 years 6 months 1st Jan and 31st Dec 2019
Grade 1 5 years 6 months 1st Jan and 31st Dec 2018

How does the NEP affect my child’s grade level?

As you are aware, there is a national debate on age criteria occasioned by the launch of the National Education Policy by the central government. However, this is a policy document that makes recommendations to states, to which states will decide how to respond. Telangana has not yet passed the National Education Policy into law.

While the NEP is predicated on entry into school at age 3 years and above, CHIREC in the past has served children of 2 years and 6 months and above.

We welcome your applications, but please be aware that the situation is subject to state regulations. If you have any individual worries, please let us know – we are here to help you and set your mind at ease.

What grades are taught at CHIREC?

CHIREC caters to children from the age of Nursery to 17 years old, from Preschool to Grade 12 in Senior Secondary.

What curricula are taught at CHIREC?

CHIREC’s Preschools offer a specially designed Integrated Curriculum that bring together the best Early Years practices from Montessori, Reggio Emilia and the Froebel Philosophy.

Entering the Primary section in Grade 1, they choose between the national CBSE curriculum and the internationally-recognised Cambridge curriculum that will carry them through Primary and Secondary until Grade 10. At Senior Secondary (Grades 11 and 12), the school offers two pathways to success: CBSE and the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme.

What co-curricular activities and sports are offered by the school?

Students explore a range of art forms through a variety of activities: Painting, Clay Modelling, Keyboard, Guitar, Tabla, Violin, Kuchipudi Dance, Yoga and Chess.

In addition, our comprehensive sports curriculum offers specialization in Athletics, Aerobics, Archery, Basketball, Cricket, Tennis, Skating, Table Tennis, Handball, Volleyball, Gymnastics, Kabaddi and Taekwondo.

Our students also explore their interests through a range of After School Clubs: Elocution and Speech & Drama Club, Entrepreneurship & Financial Literacy Club, Artificial Intelligence Club, Metamorphosis Theatre Club, Music Club, Art Club, Culinary Club and Robotics & 3D Printing Club.

What languages are offered at CHIREC?


Grade Level II Language III Language
1 to 5 Hindi, Telugu, French
6 to 10 Hindi, Telugu, French Hindi, Telugu, French


Stage II Language Additional Language

Hindi, French, Spanish

Stages 1- 10: Telugu

What subjects are offered in CBSE Grades 9 and 10?

Our robust CBSE curriculum offers a holistic experience across English, Mathematics, Sciences, Social Sciences, Computer Science and Robotics. Our students also specialise in:

  • 1 additional second language – Hindi, Telugu or French
  • 1 skill subject – Artificial Intelligence, Introduction to Financial Market
  • Management Services or Banking Insurance

What subjects are offered in Cambridge IGCSE Stages 9 and 10?

Group I Group II Group III Group IV Group V
Languages Humanities & Social Sciences Sciences Mathematics Creative, Technical & Vocational
English Economics Physics Extended Mathematics Accounting
Hindi Environmental Management Chemistry Additional Mathematics Business Studies
French Global Perspectives Biology Computer Science
Spanish English Literature Art and Design

** Extended Mathematics is offered as an accelerated course (studied and examined in one year) and as a normal two-year course. Students who score a grade no lower than an A are offered Additional Maths as a one-year accelerated course.

What are the subject options offered in the IB Diploma Programme (Grades 11 & 12)?

Group 1 Group 2 Group 3 Group 4 Group 5 Group 6
English A Language and Literature HL and SL Hindi B HL and SL Economics HL and SL Physics HL and SL Mathematics: Analysis and Approaches HL and SL Visual Arts HL and SL
French B SL Business and Management HL and SL Chemistry HL and SL Mathematics: Application and Interpretation HL and SL
French AB SL History and SL Biology HL and SL
Spanish B SL Psychology HL and SL Computer Science HL and SL
Spanish AB SL Environmental Systems and Societies (ESS) SL Environmental Systems and Societies (ESS) SL

What subjects are offered in CBSE Senior Secondary (Grades 11 & 12)?

CBSE’s All-India Senior School Certificate Examination is a qualifying examination for admission to Indian as well as overseas universities. The streams offered at CHIREC are:


Science Stream 1

Mandatory Optional (One of the following)
English (Core), Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry Home Science, Biotechnology, Economics, Legal Studies, Psychology, Entrepreneurship, Taxation, Informatics, Practices/ Web Application, Fashion Studies, Physical Education

Science Stream 2

Mandatory Optional (One of the following)
English (Core), Biology, Physics, Chemistry Informatics Practices/ Web Application, Biotechnology, Mathematics, , Legal Studies, Psychology, Entrepreneurship, Fashion Studies, Physical Education

Commerce Stream

Mandatory Optional (One of the following)
English (Core), Business Studies/Business Administration, Accountancy/Cost Accounting, Economics Informatics Practices/ Web Application,, Home Science, Mathematics, Legal Studies, Psychology, Entrepreneurship, Taxation, Fashion Studies, Physical Education

Humanities stream

Mandatory Optional (One of the following)
English (Core), Political Science/ Sociology, History/ Geography/Business Administration, Home Science/ Psychology/ Economics/ Informatics Practices, Web Application Legal Studies, Entrepreneurship, Taxation, Fashion Studies, Physical Education

What special assistance is available to students at CHIREC?

At CHIREC, we are dedicated to providing academic support and learning support to all our students, regardless of their abilities and achievements. We understand that students may require additional assistance at various stages of their educational journey, whether it is early intervention or last-minute examination revision classes. Our goal is to help every student thrive and flourish during their time at CHIREC and beyond.

Our tailored programmes include enrichment classes, additional help, remedial classes, behavioural counselling, and supportive counselling to ensure every student’s success and wellbeing.

You can find out more on our Learning Support page.

Where is CHIREC located?

CHIREC is located in the dynamic city of Hyderabad, India. With 4 campuses across the city, CHIREC has Preschools in Jubilee Hills and Gachibowli, a campus dedicated to CBSE students of Grades 1 to 12 in Kondapur and our newest campus for students pursuing Cambridge and the IB Diploma Programme in Gachibowli.

What is the Student:Teacher ratio at CHIREC?

In CHIREC’s Preschools, we have a student:teacher ratio of 13:1, with 2 teachers assisting a maximum class size of 26 students.

Our class strength is 30 students in CBSE, 26 students in Cambridge and 20 students in the IB Diploma Programme.

What are the school timings?

Class Monday – Friday Saturday

8:10 AM to 12:10 PM (Jubilee Hills)

8:10 AM to 12:10 PM (Gachibowli)

PP1 8:10 AM to 12:10 PM or 2:40 PM
(Jubilee Hills)

8:10 AM to 12:10 PM or 2:40 PM
PP2 8:10 AM to 2:40 PM
(Jubilee Hills & Gachibowli)
Grades 1 to 5 8:10 AM to 2:50 PM
(Gachibowli & Kondapur)
Grades 6 to 12

8:10 AM to 2:50 PM


Ist and 3rd Saturdays: Half days

2nd and 4th Saturdays: Holidays

Does CHIREC provide lunch to students?

CHIREC offers a fresh and nutritious lunch to all students who opt for it in the Jubilee Hills, Gachibowli and Kondapur campuses. We also offer healthy snacks for Pre-primary students.
The food – fresh and seasonal – is thoroughly prepared in the school kitchen by the staff of Compass India that provides Catering and Support Services worldwide. All dishes are made from scratch and no ingredient is frozen. The food is consumed on the same day and no stocked/packaged food and preservatives are used.
The menus are carefully crafted to meet the nutritional guidelines of the school. It aims to provide a variety of appealing food that meets the health and nutritional needs of the students and helps shape lifelong healthy eating behaviours. The menu usually changes on a fortnightly basis and one dessert is provided every day with the meal.

Does CHIREC provide any transport facilities?

CHIREC provides students with transportation to and from school via our safe and reliable fleet of buses staffed by lady conductors. Our buses are air-conditioned and equipped with GPS tracking and CCTV monitoring.

How does the school ensure the safety of the students?

Your child’s safety in the school is of utmost importance to us. CHIREC operates under a comprehensive framework and internationally audited set of Health, Safety and Safeguarding guidelines. We take preventive measures to create a safe environment for children, starting from their homes to their schools and back. This includes but is not limited to safety 24×7 security, CCTV surveillance, limited entry and exit into our campuses, background checks of all staff, disaster management protocols in case of violence, fire, online threats or natural disasters.
Our policies and practices are in compliance with Cognita’s best worldwide school protocols, CBSE, Cambridge, IBDP Boards and Indian Government regulations, including the The Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act and The Prevention of Sexual Harassment (PoSH) at Workplace Act of India.
You can find out more on our Culture of Care page.

What kind of medical facilities are available?

Each campus has a well-equipped First Aid room manned by a paramedic. In case of any injuries, first aid is administered, and the parent is immediately informed. In case of severe injuries, the student is taken to the hospital that we have tied up with for further action.

How does the school communicate with parents?

We stay in touch with parents throughout their child’s journey at CHIREC through numerous channels. This is done through SMS, Mobile App notifications, written notes in the diary, Weekly Transaction Reports and Monthly Newsletters. Teachers also regularly invite parents to school to provide them with information about their child’s progress. Formal PTMs are scheduled twice a year, and parents can also schedule appointments to meet with teachers.

How do I contact the school?

You can email us at
Alternatively, you can also contact:
Admissions Counsellor – 9866461204
Admissions In-charge – 7702203382
Parent Relations – 9121174324, 9704508855,7032900570
Landline: (040) 4476 0999 – Extn. 215, 220
Our working hours are from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm from Monday to Saturday.

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