With a legacy of 34 years, CHIREC stands as a leading K-12 school in India, where change is constant. We continuously strive to improve our work culture, providing staff members with the facilities and opportunities to grow and making them feel safe and cared for at their workplace.

What Makes us a Great Place to work

Staff Welfare

Fostering a culture of care by going beyond staff’s professional needs to ensure they feel safe, secure and well.

Growth Opportunities

Providing numerous national and international professional development opportunities to grow.

Culture of Innovation

Creating an inspiring environment to work by adopting latest technologies, infrastructure and innovative programmes

Strong Leadership

Bringing rich and diverse experiences along with an ability to take CHIREC to greater heights.

In a campus where 100% of staff members are vaccinated, health & safety is a top priority; we always ensure to nurture a culture of care within our community. We are committed to providing our staff with benefits and support by way of:

CHIREC also recognises that our staff must lead by example and provide numerous professional development opportunities to grow. Some of the current opportunities are:

Training Centre for Cambridge International Certificate and Diploma in Teaching and Learning

Fellowship programme with University College of London

International Collaboration with Cognita Schools around the world

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CogCon Regional Professional Development Conference

As a well-established school, we know the key to success is continuously innovating to strive to stay ahead of the curve. Through the latest technological practices, continuous professional development and an eager attitude, we nurture a community of future-ready students.

CHIREC’s diverse leadership team comes with international expertise and a deep understanding of the local educational context to provide students and teachers with the support they need to grow. To know more, please visit our School Leadership section.

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