Two Curricula, One Vision for Success

Grades 6 to 10

The Secondary School Programme at CHIREC is carefully planned to offer your child a smooth transition from their Primary Years to a more formal setting in Secondary School. We offer both CBSE and Cambridge curricula for students aged 11 to 15 years based on the students’ interests and choices in life. Regardless of the curriculum, the foundations of CHIREC’s Secondary Programme are built on strong principles to help your child succeed at the next step of their journey.

Experiential activities that build a love for learning

Excelling academically in board examinations

Striking the right balance between academics and co-Curriculars

Moulding students into confident and independent leaders

Inculcating responsibility towards social and environmental issues

Building technology skills of the future

Identifying career interests and preparing for the next step

Which Curriculum is Right for my Child?

The CAIE, or Cambridge Assessment International Education, has its roots in the esteemed University of Cambridge. This curriculum is not only designed by this world-renowned institution but has also garnered widespread recognition and affiliation globally. On the other hand, the CBSE, standing for the Central Board of Secondary Education, is an Indian national curriculum. It carries a strong reputation across Indian Educational institutions with growing acceptance abroad.

With over 30 years of affiliation with CBSE secondary education, our robust curriculum offers a holistic experience across English, Mathematics, Sciences, Social Sciences, Computer Science, Robotics and Hindi, Telugu and French. Students learn two languages in addition to English until Grade 8, one of which must be Hindi as per CBSE Guidelines. As per the Telangana Government guidelines, students also study Telugu as a compulsory subject.

Our Cambridge curriculum offers in-depth mastery of English, Mathematics, Science, History & Civics, Geography, Global Perspectives, Computer Science (AI & ML), Robotics and one Language – Hindi, French or Spanish. At the end of Stage 8, students take a Checkpoint examination in English, Mathematics and Science. As per the Telangana Government guidelines, Telugu is taught as a third language.

In Stages 9 and 10, our international high school students focus on preparing for the Cambridge International General Certificate of Secondary Examination (IGCSE) where they gain a deep understanding of core subjects from five curriculum areas.

Group I Group II Group III Group IV Group V
Languages Humanities & Social Sciences Sciences Mathematics Creative, Technical & Vocational
English Economics Physics Extended Mathematics Accounting
Hindi Environmental Management Chemistry Additional Mathematics Business Studies
French Global Perspectives Biology Computer Science
Spanish English Literature Art and Design

** Extended Mathematics is offered as an accelerated course (studied and examined in one year) and as a normal two-year course. Students who score a grade no lower than an A are offered Additional Maths as a one-year accelerated course.

At CHIREC, we believe that both boards have been meticulously crafted to draw out the best in students, shaping them into future-ready individuals who are equipped to succeed in India and abroad. If you’re grappling with choosing the most suitable board for your child, please reach out to our Admissions team for a more personalised insight.

Academic Excellence

At CHIREC, our key to success is helping your child develop habits of systematic work that guide them to achieve their goals. Every year, our boys and girls perform exceptionally in their examinations, bagging the top ranks in the country and the world.


scored by 55 entries across various subjects in 2023


90% +

aggregate score by 50% of students in their Grade 10 AISSE Examination each year


5 Toppers

with an aggregate score of 98% and above


85% Class Average

each year


67% A*/A

scored by our students' IGCSE Examination Entries


2 World Toppers

from CHIREC scored 100 in Economics in 2023



awarded to 67% of students who appeared for International Certification in Education in 2023


All A*/A’s

received by a quarter of our students in 2023


Striking the Right Balance

We know that high-quality education doesn’t just focus on academics. Through numerous co-curricular activities and programmes that are integrated into the curriculum, we foster the holistic development of our students.

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