New Gachibowli Preschool

The CHIREC Advantage for Lifelong Learning

Did you know the early years are the most crucial period of growth and development in a child?

Since 1989, CHIREC has been a pioneer in preschool education and has been consistently recognised as one of the best preschools in Hyderabad. We are commitment to nurturing children during their first steps into formal schooling, ensuring a solid foundation for future success.

CHIREC’s Preschool programme is designed to equip children with the social and emotional competencies needed to transition seamlessly from Nursery to University. Our experienced teachers focus on fostering curiosity, inquiry skills, and exploration, laying the groundwork for essential academic skills like reading, writing, and mathematical computation. Our goal is to instill a love for learning and a lasting sense of wonder, motivating them throughout their academic journey.

Playing for Learning

We recognise that children are natural learners and provide the right environment for exploration, learning, and growth. Emphasising the belief that learning should be fun, we engage our students in stimulating activities like Show & Tell, Table-Top Cooking, Free Play, screen-free Robotics, Puppet Shows, Field Trips, Pet Day, and more. These experiences promote creativity, imagination, and the development of physical, social, and emotional skills.

A Safe & Caring Environment for your child

At CHIREC, we consider ourselves a family. Our Gachibowli preschool provides a welcoming and secure space for children to embark on their journey of discovery. Each classroom, with 26 to 30 students, is supported by 2 teachers and 1 support staff. Our child-friendly facilities boast age-appropriate classrooms, play areas, library corners, gardens, and puppet theatres that stimulate young minds, and characterise us as one of the best preschools in India.

Our cutting-edge campus and buses are equipped with 24/7 CCTV monitoring, ensuring a secure environment for your child. Accompanied by our dedicated Lady Conductors, children are carefully handed over to authorized personnel, while RFID cards keep us connected to their movements for added peace of mind.

Building Strong Literacy & Numeracy Skills

Our preschool seamlessly integrates a custom-designed Literacy Programme that introduces students to phonics followed by alphabets to empower young learners to read faster and with more confidence. Our child-friendly characters guide our students through a captivating journey of discovery, building not only literacy skills but also nurturing social and emotional development, and instilling a genuine love for reading.

Sensory play, Montessori activities, and real-world scenarios form the backbone of our numeracy curriculum. These activities lay the groundwork for a solid mathematical foundation that helps students count, measure, sort, identify patterns, solve number problems, and develop their logical thinking.

Achieving early developmental milestones

We identify each child’s individual needs and in partnership with parents, gently guide them towards achieving their developmental milestones across the key areas:

  • Language and Social Skills
  • Physical Dexterity
  • Inquiry – based Learning
  • Creative Thinking

Cultivating Independence

Through the creative use of props and role plays, we guide children to discover the world around us. By participating in real-time scenarios such as gardening, visiting a fruit market, boarding a plane, we inculcate a strong sense of student agency and independence that carries them through later years of life.

Celebrating your child’s learning

As your child grows into a confident, curious and expressive individual, we celebrate them and their milestones. This goes a long way in developing their self-esteem and inspiring a love for lifelong learning. We keep students engaged and motivated by celebrating Colour Days, 25, 50 and 100 Days of School, Teachers’ Day, Children’s Day and more.

Active Engagement with Parents

Our parent community is a significant place for us. Parents are welcomed into our school and become involved in classroom activities through our Reading Programme, Know My Parent sessions, Coffee with Class Teachers, and attending various school events such as Curriculum Day, Children’s Day, the Annual Concerts.

We also believe in seamless, timely and continual communication with parents through the Student Diary, Today@CHIREC updates, Weekly Transaction Reports, Monthly Newsletters, and informal and formal Parent-Teacher Meets throughout the year. To continuously improve our services, we also invite parents to audit the school’s safety, transport and lunch systems and share their feedback.

This has been our first year with CHIREC and we are nothing but impressed with the school as well as the overall Cambridge curriculum.

CHIREC has been instrumental in overall development of our child with key focus on instilling confidence, critical thinking, problem solving and collaboration skills from young age itself. Emphasis is more on understanding concepts and building logic through worksheets, presentations, storytelling and discussions rather than traditional rote learning.

It would be amiss if we didn’t talk about the depth of talent within the school wherein teachers go above and beyond by acting as an anchor to our child and are committed to doing better every day.

Even though our journey with CHIREC has only begun, we are excited to see how it unfolds, particularly in shaping our child’s overall personality and future.

Ms. Lakshika & Mr. Siddharth

We are proud parents of twins, Nishika and Neel, who are studying in CHIREC, Grade 2.

From the day we enrolled our kids to CHIREC, we have seen great progress in their overall growth. We were constantly amazed by the changes our kids went through after going to CHIREC. We can’t imagine a more nurturing and challenging environment than CHIREC.

Small class size, differentiated instruction, caring teachers who are committed to advancing their own knowledge as well as that of our children, are just a small part of the whole picture.

Ms. Sirisha & Mr. Suresh Vadlamani

It’s not easy to summarize what CHIREC means to us as parents. The vision and experience this institution brings makes CHIREC a special and sought-after school. We feel we have given our daughter a platform for her to prepare for the future. We chose CHIREC based on the good reviews from friends and acquaintances. We are now convinced that we made the right choice.

CHIREC is more than just an academic institution for our daughter. It is a safe and happy place for her. She loves going to school and will not miss it for anything. She loves her teachers and we have seen her confidence grow every day. The Cambridge curriculum and teaching methodology have improved her critical thinking, problem solving and application skills. The real-world examples, while teaching, have further enhanced them.

She has been provided opportunities beyond academics and co-curriculars. The exposure my daughter got in the recent SFA tournament is proof of how the school sports teacher identified her potential. The exposure she got was immense and she also earned her first medal in Athletics.

CHIREC has exceeded our expectations not only because of the curriculum and philosophy of the school but also because of the dedicated teaching staff. The teachers truly get to know the children, and genuinely care for them.

Children in CHIREC are respected as individuals and given opportunities to express themselves in multiple ways. As parents we value this very highly as these nurture confident and creative children.

Ms. Anuradha & Mr. Vijay Kidambi

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