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CHIREC is renowned globally for its pioneering approaches and innovative practices


EducationWorld India School Rankings 2023-24

Ranked among India’s Top 10 Schools for 8 consecutive years

The school has consistently been recognised as one of India’s Top 10 Co-ed and International Day Schools by EducationWorld for the past 8 consecutive years. The school has also been ranked the #1 Co-Ed and International Day School in Hyderabad and Telangana by EducationWorld since 2016, reflecting its unwavering commitment to excellence. CHIREC is also recognised nationally as one of India’s best schools for its academic reputation, curriculum and pedagogy, co-curricular education, sports education, wellbeing services, community service and more.

Ranked amongst Telangana’s Best Pre-Schools since 2015

In the realm of early education, CHIREC’s Jubilee Hills and Gachibowli branches have been consistently ranked among the best proprietary preschools in Telangana since 2015. Jubilee Hills secured the top position, while Gachibowli is consistently placed in the top 6.

Awards to School Leaders for their impact in the Education sector

Education Icon of the Year

Dr Peter McLaughlin, CEO

CHIREC’s CEO, Dr. Peter McLaughlin was awarded the Education Icon of the Year 2021 and recognised as an Education Stalwart by Education Today. He also created and implemented a transformative 10-year Strategic Development Plan for The Doon School – which Fortune magazine credited him with ‘reinventing’.

Most Influential Principal

Ms. Iffat Ibrahim, Principal-Emeritus

Principal, Ms. Iffat Ibrahim was bestowed the Impact Leaders Award 2022, Most Influential Principal of an Indian School by the World Education Congress and the “Acharya Devo Bhava” by Brainfeed Magazine 2016 in commendation of her teaching practices and pedagogical innovation, motivation to learners and outstanding services in education.

Icon of the Year

Ms. Ratna Reddy, Founder

CHIREC’s Founder Ms. Ratna Reddy has been conferred numerous awards such as the Lifetime Achievement Award, Icon of the Year, Most Inspirational Leader Award by EducationWorld, Education Today, White Page India and AsiaOne for her extraordinary contribution to the growth and development of school education in Hyderabad and Telangana, and particularly for her commitment to adopting and integrating the best international pedagogies and practices within Indian K-12 education.

CHIREC recognised for setting new benchmarks in Education

CHIREC’s exceptional performance and leadership in the education sector have set new benchmarks and earned recognition from prestigious publications and organisations, including Education World, Brainfeed Magazine, and Education Today. These accolades highlight CHIREC’s status as one of the top schools in India, reaffirming its dedication to providing outstanding education. Some of the awards received over the years are listed below:

  • 2023-24

    • #1 Best International School in Hyderabad & Telangana by EducationWorld

    • #1 Best Co-ed Day School in Hyderabad & Telangana by EducationWorld

    • #1 Best Proprietary Preschool (Jubilee Hills Branch) in Hyderabad by EducationWorld

    • #3 Best Proprietary Preschool (Gachibowli) in Hyderabad by EducationWorld

    • #7 Best International School in India by EducationWorld

    • #9 Best Co-ed Schools in India by EducationWorld

    • Awarded ‘School of Eminence’ with A+ Rating by EducationWorld

    • Honored with 'Brainfeed Trailblazer School 2023 Award' and ranked among India's 'Top 500 Schools' for our commitment to excellence, innovation, and nurturing future leaders

    • Nominated as 'India's Best School', a prestigious Jury's Choice Award by Education Today

  • 2022-23

    • Exemplary Digital Learning Efficiency award among deserving schools in India under the Jury’s Choice Award from Education Today

    • Trailblazing Schools of India Award for the Kondapur & the Jubilee Hills campuses from Brainfeed Magazine

    • Brainfeed School Excellence Awards for transforming education and young minds through a noteworthy spectrum of initiatives and efforts

  • 2021-22

    • #2 in India for Effectiveness of Online Education by EducationWorld

    • Entry into EducationWorld`s prestigious Hall of Fame with their EducationWorld India Schools of Eminence Awards 2021-22.

  • 2020-21

    • Most Innovative School Award among deserving schools in India under Education Today’s Jury’s Choice Award

  • 2018-19

    • Top 50 Schools by Future 50 Schools Shaping Success
 Excellence in Innovative Practices and Excellence in Inspirational Leadership by Brainfeed Magazine

    • World 100 21st Century Education Award by Future of Learning Unconference

  • 2017-18

    • The Global Innovative Schools Award (GISA) for Exemplary Performance in Academics

  • 2016-17

    • The Globe Platinum Award for ''Excellence as the Academic Influencer'' and ''Pioneer in Education (Pedagogy Award)''

    • Excellence in Sports (South) Award from NDTV

  • 2015-16

    • The White Swan Award for the Most Influential Brand 2015-16

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