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  • Highlights of IGCSE, AS & A LEVEL Results 2019



    Number of students who scored above 90%=12
    Number of students who scored between 80 to 89%=25
    Number of students who scored between 70 to 79%=19
    Number of students who scored less than 70%=09
    Total number of students appeared=65.

    AS & A Level

    Navani scored A* in all the subjects.
    Darshana Muralidhar scored A in all the subjects.

  • Highlights of AISSE Board Results 2019


    Congratulations to the Grade X AISSE graduates on their momentous achievement in the board exam held from February to March 2019.,

    We would like to extend our heartfelt congratulations to the batch topper Shreenidhi Ramaswamy who scored an aggregate of 98.5%. She bagged the highest in Foundation of Information Technology with 100%.

    Out of 173 students, who appeared for the examinations,
    61% students secured aggregate of 90% and above
    21% students secured aggregate of 80% and above
    10% students secured aggregate of 70% and above
    7% students secured aggregate of 60% and above
    0.5% students secured aggregate of 50% and above


  • Highlights of AISSCE Board Results 2019


    Congratulations to the Grade XII AISSCE graduates who performed exemplarily well in the board exam held from February to April 2019. We would like to extend our heartfelt congratulations to the stream toppers who secured the highest marks and made the school proud!

    Topper of the Commerce Stream

    Kanak Agarwal topped the Commerce stream with 96.8%. She scored the highest in Fashion Studies (100%) and Business Studies (99%).

    Toppers of the Science stream

    Aanya Khandelwal and Rita Abani topped the Science stream with 95.6%. Rita scored the highest in English (97%) whereas Ananya scored the highest in Physics and Chemistry (97%).

    Out of 134 students, who appeared for the examinations,
    32% students secured aggregate of 90% and above
    41% students secured aggregate of 80% and above
    19% students secured aggregate of 70% and above
    8% students secured aggregate of 60% and above


  • CHIREC hosted ISBF & LSE Annual Teachers` symposium


    CHIREC hosted ISBF & LSE Annual Teachers` symposium on April 18, 2019. The symposium was focused on empowering post-millennials by future proofing learning & counseling and was divided into 4 different workshops for teachers and career counselors coming from other schools as well as from CHIREC.

    The first workshop was on embedding employability skills in classroom pedagogy which was conducted by James Abdey, Associate Academic Director, University of London (UoL) International Program, London School of Economics (LSE). The session started with teachers participating in the personality test which was followed by a group discussion on introducing new strategies to avoid monotony in the classrooms.

    The second workshop was conducted by Tiffany Goulet, University Counselor, Oberoi International School on empowering students and parents through university counseling. The session started with a discussion on different issues that are faced by the students and parents, such as, lack of awareness about various careers, societal and family pressure, generation gap, etc., and how to find appropriate solutions.

    The third Workshop built an intensive conversation on empowering students by curating participatory teaching-learning-assessment environments. It was conducted by Professor Aryapriya Ganguly, Associate Professor of Social Psychology, Sociology and HRM, ISBF. The agenda was to talk about `Communities of Practices` as a group who shares a concern for something they do & learn to do it better as they interact regularly. It was led by a group discussion on the problems teachers usually face while designing the teaching-learning or assessment session.

    The last workshop discussed the future proofing careers in Economics, Management, Finance & Data Sciences and was conducted by James Abdey and Professor Chiraag Mehta, Associate Director, ISBF. The session helped teachers figure out various career opportunities for students by conducting an activity to pick out professions from different courses including Data Science, Economics, Finance, etc.

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  • CHIREC, ABEA host an educational conclave ‘Lead the Way’


    CHIREC in collaboration with Aditya Birla Education Academy and Mpower, with New Millennium Education Partners as the strategic partner, conducted an educational conclave called ‘Lead the way’ on April 16, 2019, at its Kondapur campus.

    The conclave witnessed prominent keynote speakers Dr. Shantanu Paul, CEO & MD – TalentSprint, and Dr. Savita Date Menon, Clinical Psychologist and Wellness Specialist, who eloquently shared their experiences in the field of technology and mental health management..

    This was followed by an interesting panel discussion on – In the race towards e-learning, is teaching profession losing its human touch? The esteemed panelists included Anjum Babukhan (Director-Education, Glendale Academy International), Chaitanya MRSK (Co-founder & CEO, Teach For Change Trust), Deepthi Ravula (CEO, WE HUB Government of Telangana), and Soumeet Lanka (Co-founder, Better By Design & an Alumnus of CHIREC). Iffat Ibrahim, Principal of CHIREC, moderated the panel. The panel saw various opinions and ideologies which compelled the audience to think, discuss, and react..

    It was followed by a group discussion on Child & Adolescent Mental Health: A Didactic Approach conducted by Mansi Gokhale, Psychologist. The session explored the importance of giving equal attention to mental and physical health for both the student and teachers’ healthy development..

    Venkat Raman, Vice Principal, International section, delivered the Vote of Thanks and the conclave culminated on a high note.

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  • Early Childhood Association


    CHIREC in collaboration with Early Childhood Association conducted a full-day conference on Progressive Pedagogies on April 13, 2019. Many eminent speakers from different educational background shared their notions on Early Childhood learning. Teachers were deeply involved in gaining insights into inclusive education on a whole new level. From introducing fun ways of learning mathematics to sharing their understanding of how to raise readers at a very young age, the workshop saw an exchange of many thoughts, ideas, and opinions.

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  • IB11 - Induction


    The students of IB 11 had an enriching experience in the induction sessions. They were oriented about the various components of the IB programme through a series of activities. While the ATL skills were introduced through a game, CAS was explained with the help of an activity.

    What could have been a better way than this for beginning the year? Our students got ample opportunities to collaborate, think critically and communicate their ideas. Today, divided in groups, they chose one sustainable development goal and expressed their understanding in textual and pictorial format. In the process, they developed a basic understanding and got the essence of the IBDP programme.

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  • Registration form for Advanced Placement exam

  • Graduation ceremony of Pre-Primary students


    Students of PPII and CPP2 from the Jubilee Hills and Gachibowli Campuses attended their graduation ceremony on March 30, 2019 at the Kondapur campus.

    Ms. Leena Rao, Vice principal of International Section, welcomed the parents with her heart-warming speech. With bouncing energy and great enthusiasm, the students confidently moved ahead to receive their scrolls from respective teachers. Parents took pride in watching their kids walking down the aisle with bright smiles as they wave their hands in the air. It was quite a sight to see them getting graduated from Pre-Primary to Primary. Ms. Leena Rao delivered the Vote of Thanks and the event was culminated with the tradition of handing over the graduands to Primary.

    More pictures: JH  and   GB

  • Staff Day Out | Team Bonding


    Every year, CHIREC organizes a rejuvenating trip for its staff to revive them as well as allow them to bond with their colleagues. This year on March 23, 2019, the staff went on an exhilarating trip to Wild Waters. The excursion started with Antakshari in the buses followed by a welcome drink at the venue. While some enthusiastically indulged themselves in various water rides, others found it comforting to just sit beside the pool and have one on one conversation. After a delicious lunch, everyone got together to play Tambola, which was followed by a group dance competition and prize distribution. The trip was concluded with high tea and snacks, and a heartfelt farewell to the place.

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  • Graduation Day for Stage 5


    Students of Stage 5 from the Kondapur campus crossed a milestone as they graduated from primary to secondary school on March 14, 2019.

    Everyone, including the class teachers, subject teachers, etc., were gathered to witness this glorious day. Ms. Leena Rao, Vice Principal, welcomed the parents. The students stood with pride in front of the teachers and their parents and shared their last farewell speech before leaving the Primary. They were confident and graceful as they received the appreciation awards and were excited about their new journey. They thanked their teachers for inculcating values and twenty first century skills in them and preparing them to be better global citizens.

    Ms. Kavitha B., Headmistress of Primary Section, delivered the Vote of Thanks, and the Graduands were handed over to Ms. Shalini Singh Hamilton, Headmistress-Middle and Senior Wing and Ms. Swapna K., Middle Wing Coordinator. The evening culminated with tears of joy.

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  • Graduation Day for Stages 10, 12 & IB 12


    CHIREC International Section hosted Graduation Ceremony on Saturday, March 9, 2019. It was attended by the parents, grandparents and families of the graduands. The formal session began with a heartfelt welcome speech by Mr. Venkat Raman, Vice Principal. It was followed by a commencement speech by Mr. Omkar Joshi, Principal International Section. The graduation certificates and scrolls were presented to the outgoing batch by the Principal Mr. Omkar Joshi. Harini Nittala, Nithya Pandari from Stage 9 sang a farewell song for the graduands. Ms. Leena Rao, Vice-Principal (Academics), gave the Vote of Thanks.

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  • Graduation Day for Grade V


    Students of grade V from the Kondapur campus witnessed a glorious day as they graduated from primary to secondary school on March 9, 2019.

    As the students shined bright in their red gowns and black caps, it gave their parents a nostalgia trip down the memory lane. The smile on their faces reflected the pride when they received appreciation awards and the happiness in teachers eyes to see their students stride into the next phase of their lives. The Vice Principal, Ms. Susan Bird delivered the Vote of Thanks and the event culminated with the National Anthem.

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  • Graduation Day for Grade XII


    CHIREC Kondapur organized Graduation Day for Grade XII students at its campus on February 23, 2019. The Heads of the ceremony and the students arrived at the venue in their finest regalia followed as the students occupying the assigned rows. The Vice Principal, Ms. Katyayini welcomed the dignitaries, parents, and students to the event followed by the student comperers who spoke about the events’ significance. The Principal,Ms. Iffat Ibrahim gave a thought-provoking and an encouraging speech as she touched upon the fragments of students’ association with CHIREC; a place where they have spent most of their time to take away experiences of learning, finest relationships, and diverse memories. She emphasized the significance of time, and strongly advised the students to listen to their inner voice and to have the courage to follow their heart and intuition come what may.

    The felicitation ceremony took place with cheer and applause as each student was called upon the stage. Awards were given to the students to appreciate their talents and encourage them in their future endeavors. Students, as well as parents shared a few experiences.

    Students put up a cultural show comprising of acapella, beatboxing, dance, to enthrall the audience. A student band mesmerized the audience with a power-packed performance. The Vice Principal, Ms. Susan Bird delivered the Vote of Thanks and the evening culminated with the National Anthem.

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  • Cambridge Community Meet


    CHIREC International School took pride in hosting the Cambridge Community Meet on February 23, 2019 As many as 22 schools across the twin cities participated in the meet. Mr. Lalith Prasad, CAIE South India Manager, was also present to give his valuable inputs. Mr. Joshi, Principal International Section delivered the welcome address followed by the welcome dance presented by the students of Stage 2 and fusion dance performed by the students of Stage 3. The CHIREC film was also projected to commemorate the 3 glorious decades in education.

    Ms. Shalini presented the summary of the last meeting, followed by Ms. Leena and Ms. Swapna giving an insight into the subject of Global Perspectives. The introduction of Global Perspective and its role in shaping the young minds was the highlight of the meet. It was reiterated that the focus on inculcating 21st century skills in students gives global perspective an edge over other subjects. The next session was about the concerns related to Cambridge Primary and Lower Secondary sections that was taken up by Ms. Kavitha and Ms. Swapna while Ms. Cinymol moderated the session.

    There were important discussions on new initiatives that can be taken to strengthen the Cambridge programme. Concerns were voiced out and there were exchange of ideas to resolve those. Schools joined hands in scheduling and hosting sports, literary and fine arts competitions to keep the momentum going. The career progression after Cambridge AS and A levels and the opportunities for students in IVY leagues worldwide was also discussed by Dr. Arun Alluru from edutechex. The meet concluded successfully. It was a great platform to collaborate and share ideas among the Cambridge community.

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  • Graduation Day for Grade X


    Graduation Day is a day of celebration and joy. It signifies a coda of years of learning and hard work. CHIREC students of Grade X celebrated their Graduation Day on 22nd February 2019 at the Kondapur Campus.

    Students in full regalia proudly took part in the procession consisting of Principals, Teachers, and Parents. Students were awarded certificates and were encouraged to perform well in their upcoming exams. It was indeed a special and momentous day at CHIREC, Kondapur to the parents, school and the teachers.

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  • Excellence in Innovative Practices & Excellence in Inspirational Leadership by Brainfeed Magazine -2018


    CHIREC International was awarded the Best School in “Excellence in Innovative Practices” & “Excellence in Inspirational Leadership” by Brainfeed Magazine.The awards were a part of School Excellence Awards 2018-19 during the 6th National Conference on Teaching, Learning and Leadership hosted by Brainfeed, held on 31 January 2019 at Hotel Avasa in Hyderabad.

  • CAScade 2019


    CAScade is the maiden edition of a unique event initiated and organized by CHIREC IB students conducted on February 8, 2018. The students brought together the community of IB students across Hyderabad to communicate and collaborate on various Creativity, Activity and Service projects. As many as six IB schools across the city: Indus, Sreenidhi, Aga Khan, ISH, Oakridge and DRS, participated in the event that focused on the importance of community service while learning.

    Over the course of two months, the CAS committee of CHIREC International planned CAScade, an event that would be the first of its kind. The result was a day filled with presentations from various schools, each conveying their plan of action for a certain CAS activity. Beyond just integrating activities across schools, NGOs like HelpAge India, Blue Cross, and SAHI were invited to provide collaboration and volunteering opportunities to the participants. .

    Students made the best of this forum as they were given opportunities to communicate efficiently, learn from each other, socialize with students of various schools, involve themselves in the initiatives of others, share ideas and collaborate on projects beneficial to the community at large.

    In the spirit of inter-school collaboration, the CHIREC CAScade team has also set up a forum on their website where IBDP students from schools across Hyderabad can advertise their CAS projects, look for volunteers, and find activities that match their interests.

    Organizing Committee: Surya V Kotapati (Head Organizer), Nina Reddy, Malavika Sundarigari, Akhil Singupuram, Anivarth Kalavala, Nandini Mony, Siddharth Tripurani, Sohan R Guduru, Vaidehi Gupta, Dhruv Chandwani, Anirudh Thimmaraju, Rohan Rao Tangada, Nischay Machiraju


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  • The Certificate of Accreditation Award by Indywood Talent Club -2018


    CHIREC International School has been awarded The Certificate of Accreditation Award by Indywood Talent Club. The award was received by Ms. Kavitha Mehta, CHIREC Gachibowli Campus Incharge and Ms.Sreesti Moharana, Manager - Admin & Communications

  • Activity and Club Presentation


    At Kondapur Campus

    Activity Presentation – Classes 1-7
    Students of classes 1-7 enthusiastically put up their Activity Presentations at CHIREC Kondapur on February 9, 2019. The Athletic Track, Skating Rink, Basketball, Cricket and Tennis Courts were fully occupied to reveal avid participation by various students. Indoor activities included Cultural, Art & Crafts, and Indoor Games. Students demonstrated their abilities across the numerous activities.

    Club Presentation – Classes 5-9
    School clubs are vital for experiential learning and foster students` inherent talents. The Club Presentations by students of classes 5-9 at CHIREC Kondapur on February 9, 2019 was a revelation to all the parents about students’ cocurricular skills and objectives. Students displayed their involvement and learning by organizing activities in the clubs they chose. A total of 11 clubs were showcased during the event; Home Science, Debate, Orators, Film Making, Photography, Theatre, Book Reading, Entrepreneurship, Robotics, Science, and Creative Calligraphy.<

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    At Gachibowli Campus

    Activity Presentation – Pre-Primary
    Pre-Primary students of Gachibowli put up their Activity Presentation on February 9, 2019, at CHIREC Gachibowli. Students demonstrated their talents in various activities such as Taekwondo, Western Dances and the Indian Classical Dance form, Kuchipudi. Kuchipudi dancers presented mudras and actions to express different scenes while the Western Dance students danced to modern pop numbers. Taekwondo students showcased blocks and punches, and other skills they’ve learnt.

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  • Activity Presentation - Preprimary


    At Jubilee Hills Campus

    Pre-Primary students of Jubilee Hills put up their Activity Presentation on February 16, 2019, at CHIREC Kondapur. Students took part in various activities such as Taekwondo, Western Dances and the Indian Classical Dance form, Kuchipudi. Kuchipudi dancers presented mudras and actions to express different scenes while the Western Dance students grooved to modern pop numbers. Taekwondo students showcased blocks and punches, and other skills they’ve learnt.

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    At Gachibowi Campus

    Primary students of Gachibowli enthusiastically put up their Activity Presentation on February 16, 2019. Students demonstrated Indoor and Outdoor activities. The music and dance section included Keyboard Presentation, Kuchipudi Dance and Western dance. Indoor activities included Gymnastics, Table Tennis, Art Gallery, and Taekwondo. Students avidly participated in many outdoor activities displaying true qualities of sportsmanship. They displayed a great deal of enthusiasm in Basketball, Cricket, Tennis, Skating, and Track Events. Additionally, students who brought several laurels to the school in sports such as Skating, Gymnastics, Table Tennis and Taekwondo were appreciated during their presentation.

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  • Most Admired School and Most Inspirational Leader Award by White Page India - 2018


    Most Admired School(Hyderabad) Award to CHIREC International School and Most Inspirational Leader Award to Founder-Director Mrs. Ratna Reddy by White Page India. The award was received by Ms. Leena Rao, Vice Principal (Intl.) at India Brand & Leadership Conclave, Mumbai

  • World 100 21st Century Education School Award - 2018


    CHIREC International School has been awarded the WORLD 100 21st Century Education School for its innovative and impactful 21st century learning programs. The award was received by Ms. Snehalatha Tolasati, CHIREC`s Academic Coordinator, at the Kidovators Unconference in Bangalore.

  • Grand Presentation - Nursery [GB and JH]


    Pre-Primary students of Gachibowli and Jubilee Hills put up their Grand Presentation on 2nd February 2019.

    Students put up a spectacular show of dance and music. The tiny tots grooved to the tunes of 80’s pop music of Bollywood and Hollywood. They dressed up in the 80’s fashion of bellbottoms, shades & glitter, candies & sweets. The stage was decorated in bright lights and discotheque to bring in a sense of yesteryear’s music and fashion. Nostalgia stormed into the event. Students enjoyed dancing to numbers of Boney M, Bappi Lahiri, popstar Michael Jackson and other Bollywood numbers. The highlight of the event was when the tiny tots dressed up as rock stars and danced to popular tracks with great joy and excitement. The presentation ended with the national anthem.

    More pictures: JH Nursery | GB Nursery

  • Grand Presentation Primary [GB]


    Grade 1
    Grand Presentation – Rainbow: Grade 1

    Grade 1 students of Gachibowli campus put up their Grand Presentation on 2nd February 2019 at CHIREC Kondapur. The theme of the presentation was Rainbow. Rainbow symbolizes hope, luck, fortune, and wishes coming true. Students depicted various expressions through the colors of the rainbow. They dressed up in colors of the rainbow and mesmerized the audience with their vibrant performances such as dance, poetry and singing.

    A parent activity was also conducted. They picked up chits on which different expressions were written. They were asked to relate the expression against a color on the color wheel and speak about it. Parents also wrote a message of peace on the hand-crafted pigeon cutouts. The event concluded with a song on “peace” and the national anthem.

    Grade 2
    Grand Presentation - Hues of Life: Grade 2

    “Challenges make life interesting and overcoming them makes life beautiful” Grade 2 students of Gachibowli campus put up their Grand Presentation on 2nd February 2019 at CHIREC Kondapur. The theme of the presentation was Hues of Life. Students presented a story of a caterpillar in a musical drama depicting change in one’s life. They danced gracefully, recited poetry, and sang to their heart’s content. Through the presentation students conveyed a message to the audience that one must embrace change, and patience & struggle go a long way in achieving dreams.

    A parent activity was also conducted on current environmental crisis. Parents spoke about their concerns regarding environmental problems and the steps they’d take to conserve the environment. The event ended with the national anthem.

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  • Republic Day and Grandparents` Day


    Republic Day Celebrations

    CHIREC Kondapur celebrated the 70th Republic Day with great honor. Mr. Alavedu and Mrs. Revathi, grandparents of Chalasani Hemanth Vyomakesh (Grade V F), the first to arrive at the campus hoisted the National flag amidst Principal Ms. Iffat Ibrahim, Vice Principal Ms. Susan Bird, and other faculty members. The Principal of International Section Mr. Omkar Joshi along with the Gachibowli faculty hoisted the National flag at CHIREC Gachibowli.

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    At Adopted Government School

    On the 70th Republic Day, students of CHIREC International school visited the adopted government schools of Masjidbanda, Gopinagar and Anjaiahnagar and Mahima Ministries Orphanage school. Students have attended flag hoisting and participated in various cultural activities. CHIREC students distributed snacks to the students of government schools and orphanage.

    Grandparents` Day

    Grandparents are a family`s greatest treasure and hold a special place in everyone`s heart. At CHIREC, we dedicated this Republic Day to Grandparents.

    Kondapur Campus

    Students of CHIREC Kondapur celebrated Grandparents` Day with zeal and excitement. They had an amazing opportunity to entertain and appreciate their grandparents. The programme had an array of performances such as singing, band performances, skit, classical and western dances, magic shows, ramp walk with grandchildren and more. The grandparents shared their childhood memories and answered some interesting questions during fun games conducted for them. As the event came to a close, grandparents danced to the tune of some old songs along with their grandchildren. It was a memorable event for the students as well as their grandparents.

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    Gachibowli & Jubilee Hills Campuses

    Students of CHIREC Gachibowli celebrated the event at their campus while students of CHIREC Jubilee Hills celebrated at Kondapur campus.Students of primary and pre-primary entertained their grandparents by performing dances and singing songs. Students entertained their grandparents by performing dances and singing songs. Laughter and applause echoed in the halls. At the end of the event, students gifted a Thank You Card depicting their artwork to the Grandparents. Grandparents wrote a message for their grandchildren on a bookmark as a takeaway of the event. The grandparents expressed their happiness for inviting them to the school and spending some precious time with their grandchildren in the school. At Gachibowli, the programme concluded with the plantation of saplings in the school garden.

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  • Grand Finale of 30 Years Celebrations


    The CHIREC Kondapur campus reverberated with cheer and merriment on January 19, 2019 as all the stakeholders united to mark the Grand Finale of the year-long 30 Years Celebrations of the esteemed institution. Leading all the way since last 3 decades with excellence in quality education, CHIREC had been celebrating this special year with events lined up once in a month all year through.

    The Founder Director, Mrs. Ratna Reddy, welcomed the guests and shared the highlights of the glorious journey that she has covered with CHIREC. The guest of the day, Ms. Samantha Akkineni, a well-known name in the Telugu and Tamil film industry, graced the occasion, released the CHIREC Coffee-Table Book amidst loud applause and addressed the gathering. Ms. Samantha is also the brand-ambassador for Telangana Handlooms supporting the weavers. The campus wore a festive look as the management had done its bit to promote Telangana’s weavers and handlooms, by gifting Pochampally silk sarees and ethnic wear to the CHIREC staff.

    The entire programme was staged by CHIREC students - past and present. The grand finale witnessed a pulsating musical evening presented by the school band ‘Melo’, the alumni band ‘No Treble’, the popular multilingual singer Ms. Sunitha Upadrashta, the recipient of the Filmfare Award for the best female playback singer 2010, radio jockey Anuj Gurwara, and Yash Bhatnagar, an ex-CHIRECian.

    Another attraction was the Fashion Show presented by the Fashion Studies students of Grades 11 and 12 sashaying down the ramp wearing the outfits designed by them. Ms. Shreya Kamavarapu, an ex-CHIRECian and the second runner up of Femina Miss India Pageant 2018 was the showstopper.

    The scintillating evening came to a close with The Principal, Ms. Iffat Ibrahim, proposing the vote of thanks followed by the CHIREC Anthem and the National Anthem.

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  • Grand Presentation - Grade 3


    Students of Grades 3A, 3B, 3C & 3D put up their Grand Presentation on January 5, 2019. The theme of the presentation was “Peep Into the Past”. Students performed an act that involved a time machine through which they tried to understand life on Earth. They explored nature and put across vivid dance performances. The students and parents took an oath to preserve nature in every possible way. As an interactive element to the show, parents contributed ideas to preserve Mother Nature by writing on handmade leaves and sticking them on the branches of a model tree. The event concluded with the CHIREC Anthem and the National Anthem.

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  • Grand Presentation - Hamara Hyderabad


    PP1 students put forth their Grand presentation themed “Hamara Hyderabad” on January 5, 2019. Students took part in numerous performances depicting the rich cultural heritage of Hyderabad. The theme encompassed festivals such as Bonalu and Bathukamma. Students clad in ethnic attire surprised the audience with bright dance performances.

    Students mesmerized the audience with their rendition of A.R. Rahman’s acclaimed track, “Khwaja Mere Khwaja” and a Kuchipudi dance by the students of CPP1A, PP1A, and PP1B.

    The final act Pehnava, a cultural fashion show, showcased students draped in a colorful mix of traditional and modern clothes. The presentation concluded with the National Anthem.

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    More pictures

  • Alumni Meet (Batches 2001-2012)


    We live everyday oblivious to the surrounding beauty and it is generally too late before we realize what exactly it is that we have been blessed with. The surrounding nostalgia transformed into a reality when the CHIREC alumni reunion took place on 29th December 2018.

    We are delighted that this year’s reunion had the best turnout ever, with over 250 alumni in attendance. The alumni meet was organized by CHIREC and one of its alumnus, Mr. Keshav Reddy at Taj Krishna, Hyderabad. The event was organized as a part of CHIREC’s 30-year celebrations.

    Mr. Venkat Raman, Vice-Principal, heartily welcomed the alumni. Welcome drinks were served, and students were surprised to see each other after a long time. The Founder Director, Ms. Ratna Reddy took to the stage and spoke about CHIREC’s determined journey in the field of education. She highlighted about forming an Alumni Association soon. The alumni were taken by surprise when a short film depicting CHIREC’s 30-year journey was shown.

    It was fantastic to see alumni from the decade. The meet ended with a sweet hope of meeting again the next year.

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  • Devdaan Art Expo


    The Devdaan art expo was held at CHIREC International, Kondapur on Saturday, December 22, 2018. The event was hosted by the students of Stage 11. Students of Stages 6 to 12 showcased art in various forms, namely, Glass Painting, Charcoal Drawing, Pencil Sketching, Canvas Painting, Photography, Chalk Art, Cake Decoration, Knitting, Pottery, Nail Art, and more. Students also put up their exhibits for sale and the proceedings were donated to the Veni Rao Foundation.

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  • CHIREC Alumni Meet (Batches 2013-2018), 2018


    An alumni meet is an event for cherishing old relationships, celebrations and reviving old memories. It is a time of reflection and looking forward with a sense of purpose and anticipation.

    CHIREC is proud to have organized warm and wonderful alumni meet for batches 2013-2018 on December 22, 2018. Different games were organized as a part of the celebrations, namely, basketball, volleyball, and throwball. The students enthusiastically took part in the events.

    Mr. Venkat Raman, Vice Principal, CAIE, took to the stage to thank all the alumni for their presence and making it successful. He has handed over the Alumni Meet 2018 trophy. The Vice Principal also mentioned about organizing an alumni meet committee in the upcoming future.

  • Grand Presentations by Grades 1, 2 and 3


    Grand Presentations by Students of  Stage 1

    Students of Stage 1 presented their grand presentation themed ‘ Celebrations n Jubilations ‘ on 21st December . The presentation conveyed the message that celebrations add colour to one’s life .The presentation began with a welcome dance followed by a colourful dance that symbolized the festive spirit of Sankranthi. The welcome song conveyed that the students wanted to express their love to their parents by means of the presentation was appreciated by the audience. The happiness of celebrating birthdays was aptly conveyed by the ‘ Happy Birthday ‘ song in Hindi. This was followed by dances by the students on Spanish and French songs . The ‘Waka Waka ‘ dance , ‘Jingle Bells ‘ and the ‘Rio Celebration’ dances had the parents clap and cheer in joy. The fashion show by all the students was thoroughly enjoyed by all present. The event concluded with the thought’ The more you celebrate in life, the more there is in life to celebrate.

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    Grand Presentations by Students of Grades  I, II & III

    Pandora and the mysterious box. It was a scintillating show by the students. They captivated the hearts of the audience and it was a treat to their eyes. They expressed the marked value of “waves of emotions” let them to content life.

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  • Grand Presentation by PP2


    Grand Presentation (Dance-ma-Tazz) - PP2 Gachibowli
    PP2 students of CHIREC, Gachibowli presented their Grand Presentation, Dance-ma-Tazz, on 15th December 2018. Through dance, the students expressed feelings and emotions of happiness and joy. The tiny tots dressed up in colorful costumes, explored the freedom of space and movement and twirled to different rhythms with great enthusiasm. A twist of Classical and Western mix made the students go for a trip on the magic carpet. Students thoroughly enjoyed dancing and swaying through the entire event as the parents clapped and cheered in joy.

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    Grand Presentation (Dance-ma-Tazz) - PP2 Jubilee Hills
    PP2 students of CHIREC, Jubilee Hills, presented their Grand Presentation, Dance-ma-Tazz, on 15th December 2018. Through dance, the students expressed feelings and emotions of happiness and joy. The tiny tots dressed up in colorful costumes, explored the freedom of space and movement and twirled to different rhythms with such great enthusiasm. Students were excited to dance to different themes, namely, chocolate, candies, and Christmas. They thoroughly enjoyed dancing and swaying through the entire event as the parents clapped and cheered in joy.

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  • Grand Presentation by Stage 2


    Students of Stage 2 presented their Grand Presentation themed Friends Forever on 15th December 2018. The presentation conveyed the message that friendship is the greatest gift in life. The presentation began with a touching presentation in Hindi on the camaraderie between Lord Krishna and Sudama followed by energetic dances. The presentations in Telugu, French and Spanish kept the audience engrossed. The grand finale dance got all the parents to their feet along with the students. The event concluded with the thought ‘Friends are like stars, you don’t always see them but you know they are always there.

  • Revised Routes of KP17


    KP 17 A/C MAHA NEWS FILM NAGAR 7:11 AM 3:41 PM
    KP 17 A/C DARGA FILM NAGAR 7:15 AM 3:55 PM

  • Grand Presentation by Stage 3


    The Grand Presentation by students of Stage 3 ‘Dance n Dazzle’ emphasized that dance is an effective means of expressing emotions of love, happiness, and togetherness. The theme focused on different forms of dances as well as celebration songs sung for Christmas in French and Spanish conveying the message that dance and music help us enjoy and live every moment of life. The presentation began with a graceful welcome dance followed by the mesmerizing Jhumur dance that is a part of every celebration in Assam. The energetic Bhangra dance from the state of Punjab, the Oyilattam dance from the state of Tamil Nadu, the Spanish dance during the La Tomatina festival and the Goan dance to celebrate the New year emphasized that dance is a universal language of expression and has no boundaries bringing different communities together. The grand finale dance got all the parents to their feet and moving to the beat along with the students.

    More pictures

  • Viha Reddivari - Great Indian Poetry Contest


    Congratulations to Viha Reddivari from Grade 11 IB for being awarded a Commendable Mention by the esteemed jury of The Great Indian Poetry Contest, an International English Poetry competition. Drawing thousands of entrants from across the world each year, The Great Indian Poetry Contest is an international poetry competition with a distinguished jury panel consisting of renowned spokespeople like Javed Akhtar, Kausar Munir and Kalki Koechlin. The winning poems will be published in Aatish 2 - an international anthology of poems alongside eminent personalities in the field such as the likes of Gulzar, Irshad Kamil and Swanand Kirkire. This publication is part of the `on Fire Movement` which aims to spread awareness on social issues. The awards ceremony took place in the Ahmedabad International Literature Festival in the Knowledge Consortium of Gujarat from 24 - 25 November 2018. The awards were given away by Sandeep Nath, Umashankar Yadav and Sandeep Agarwal.

  • Grand Presentation by Grade IV


    Grade IV put together their Grand Presentation; a spectacular event on how feelings play an important part in our lives. Love and time help us conquer all our fears and inspire us to be together and overcome all odds. The students presented a beautiful stage show, sang, danced and thoroughly enjoyed themselves

  • Grand Presentation - Stage 3


    The Grand Presentation by students of Stage 3 ‘Dance n Dazzle’ emphasized that dance is an effective means of expressing emotions of love, happiness, and togetherness. The theme focused on different forms of dances as well as celebration songs sung for Christmas in French and Spanish conveying the message that dance and music help us enjoy and live every moment of life. The presentation began with a graceful welcome dance followed by the mesmerizing Jhumur dance that is a part of every celebration in Assam. The energetic Bhangra dance from the state of Punjab, the Oyilattam dance from the state of Tamil Nadu, the Spanish dance during the La Tomatina festival and the Goan dance to celebrate the New year emphasized that dance is a universal language of expression and has no boundaries bringing different communities together. The grand finale dance got all the parents to their feet and moving to the beat along with the students.

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  • Grand Presentation - Grade V


    The students of Grade V put together the Grand Presentation on 1st December 2018 themed “Island of Feelings”. A musical ensemble of students sang the Welcome Song inviting the eager parents to the event.

    The presentation conveyed the story of an island whose inhabitants were feelings, namely, Happiness, Vanity, Sadness, and Love. Upon hearing the news that the island will sink to the bottom of the ocean, all feelings except for Love prepare their boats to leave the island. Love decides to stay back and preserve the island’s paradise until the last moment. When the time arrives for Love to leave the island, none of the feelings were willing to extend a helping hand. An elderly man, however, aids Love and helps it to the land. Love then meets Knowledge to find out it was Time who came to its rescue.

    The moral of the presentation was that time heals everything and can understand how great Love is. When things may look bleak, Time can solve anything. Things may not have a solution today, but tomorrow one will.

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  • Grand Presentation – Stage 4


    Students of Grade 4 presented the Grand Presentation themed "Magic of Music" on 1st December 2018.

    The presentation focused on the diversity of music across different countries by means of folk tales, songs and dances. The African folk tale had animals dancing to music in celebration. The depiction of the Chinese New Year was celebrated with music, and the French folk tale saw musical notes bring rain and happiness to the inhabitants of a small town in France. The students also presented the Spanish ballroom dance known as the Paso Doble that emulates the movements of a bullfight, and finally showcased the vibrant culture in different states of India, where music unites us all. The energetic finale dance by all the students was a grand surprise for the parents.

    The students expressed that music traverses beyond boundaries and unites humanity as a close-knit community.

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  • Rankings by Digital Learning 2018


    1. Ranked # 1 in Academic Excellence & Enrichment of Learning Experience in Sports, Cultural Activities.(Kondapur)
    2. Ranked # 1 in Future Ready Infrastructure and Online & Social Presence(Jubilee Hills)

  • Academic Fair


    The middle school Academic Fair was an exciting and encouraging way for students to display what they`ve learned so far, with pride.

    The students of Stages 6 - 8, Middle wing, International section, welcomed their parents and showcased their skills, knowledge and abilities through a series of games, models, short skits and debates.

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  • Rankings by Education Today 2018


    1. Ranked # 1 Best International Day Schools in Telangana.
    2. Ranked # 2 Best Co-ed Day Schools in Hyderabad and Telangana
    3. Ranked # 5 Best International Day School, India.
    4. Ranked # 12 Best Co-ed Day School, India.
    5. Icon of the Year 2018 Award to Fouder-Director Mrs. Ratna Reddy

  • Elite Chef Competition - Season 4


    The Grand Finale of CAIE Elite Chef Competition - Season 4 was conducted on Tuesday, 27th November 2018. 70 students from Stages 6 to 9 showcased their culinary skills and cooked up 42 dishes. These included innovative mocktails such as Flaming Passion of Pineapple, Baca Jucundum, Oroleen Slushie and Pomegranate Hibiscus Mocktail. Delectable appetizers like Planet Bites, Tasty Tostadas, Eyeball Spaghetti and Stuffed Capsicum tickled the judges` taste buds. For those with a sweet tooth, there was Bubblegum Ice-cream Sandwich, Caramel Banana Boost, Cookie Dough Bars and Lemon Cupcakes with Rose Frosting. Innovative food themes included The Perfect Picnic, Stuff Me Up, Team Burning Flames and Halloween Shivers.

    The students` culinary skills were judged by Ms. Soujanya Obulapu, Chef and Owner of Soups & Salads and its Head Chef, Mr. Mahesh.

    Congratulations to the winners of CAIE Elite Chef Competition - Season 4.

    Winners Category 1: Burning Flames (6A)
    Prabhav Dabriwal
    Pranay Gupta
    Krish Grover
    Anirudh Mantha
    Anish Gupta

    Winners Category 1: Stuff Me Up (8B) Nitya Bandaru
    Sahasra Vallabheni
    Poorvie Sadagopan
    Saanvi Bejjanki
    Vajra Mocherla


  • Future 50 Schools Shaping Success 2018 - Ranked amongst Top 50 Schools


    Ranked amongst Top 50 Schools by Future 50 Schools Shaping Success 2018 for both National and International Curricula.

  • Children`s Day Celebration


    Children`s Day was celebrated with great pomp and show at CHIREC International across the 3 branches. Students gathered at their respective assembly venues, where teachers put up an exciting and fun show comprising of singing, skits, and dances. To commemorate the day, each student was gifted a souvenir which included a T-Shirt, the new CHIREC 2019-2020 Table-Top calendar, and a sticker.

    CHIREC wishes a happy children`s day to all its students!

  • CHIREC displayed ‘The Manned Octocopter’ at Maker Faire Hyderabad 2018


    Maker Faire Hyderabad 2018 marked Hyderabad`s first foray into celebrating cultures of innovation, creativity, and curiosity. The event was sponsored by the Government of Telangana through T Works, India’s largest prototyping center, from 9th to 11th November 2018 at HITEX, Madhapur.

    At the event, CHIREC International School displayed `The Manned Octocopter` project designed by the students of CHIREC, which received wide appreciation and commendations from industry experts, parents and visitors. CHIREC students were also invited to display several of their own inventions, which they have designed and built through the Better by Design program.

    CHIREC`s innovations prompted numerous parents and visitors to learn more about its new initiative -

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  • CHIREC JMUN 2018


    The second edition of the CHIREC Junior Model United Nation Conference (JMUN) took place from 2nd to 4th November 2018 at the CHIREC Kondapur Campus. 320 delegates registered for the 3-day conference from the host school as well as 10 other prominent schools of the city. To kick off the opening ceremony, students performed a beautiful song accompanied by the school band, followed by a vibrant dance performance at the school`s auditorium. The chief guests, Dr. Chaitanyamoy Ganguly and Brigadier Mangesh Vitekar inspired the delegates and emphasized the need for seeking knowledge, rising above and making a better world for tomorrow. The conference was declared open by the Secretary General Sarthak Bansal. CHIREC JMUN 2018 simulated eight committees. From labor laws to intergalactic threats, delegates debated lively about various agendas.

    Day two of CHIREC JMUN 2018 began with the usual speeches in each committee. The first Press Conference began at 1:10 p.m. in the UNGA-DISEC. From questioning contradictory statements delegates made against their respective foreign policies to factual errors P-5 Country delegates committed, it was a jaw-dropping experience.

    4th November 2018 marked the end of CHIREC JMUN 2018 - Three eventful days of productive and engaging debate came to an end with the closing ceremony. The program commenced with a welcome note by the comperes Moosa Mohammed Siddiqi and Shivansh Rahul Tibrewala, who reflected on their months of planning, moments of anticipation and excitement which culminated in the successful execution of the 3-day conference. The closing ceremony was attended by the delegates, the Principals, Vice Principals and Coordinators. The Secretary General Sarthak Bansal thanked the members of his team for their relentless efforts in making the conference a success. The cultural program of dance and music was followed by the most awaited moment of the day – the Award Ceremony. The Chair gave away awards to the delegates based on their performance in different aspects of public speaking, debate, and negotiations.


    Joint Crisis Committee ISI (JCC ISI)
    Best Delegate – Sriya Mandava (Chief of the SS Directorate)
    High Commendation – Abhishek Kommineni (Head of the Covert Action)
    High Commendation – Sathwik Krishna Donnipadu (Chief of Joint Intelligence Technical)
    Special Mention – Rishabh Chaudhuri (Chief of Joint Signal Intelligence)
    Special Mention – Anmol Chadha (Chief of Joint Counter Intelligence Bureau)

    UN Security Council (UNSC)
    Best Delegate – Prerana Vaishnavi (United Kingdom)
    High Recommendation – Kaushika Canakapalli (China)
    Special Mention – Yagnik Reddy Barisati (France)
    Special Mention – Devansh (Iran)
    Special Mention – Mahathi Penmetsa (Sweden)
    Verbal Mention – Shivaryan (Democratic Republic of Korea)

    International Press (IP)
    Best Reporter – Avni
    High Commendation – Sarau
    Verbal Mention – Shruthi
    Verbal Mention – Sanjana
    Best Photographer – Ankitha
    High Commendation – Nitya
    Verbal Mention – Twinkle
    Verbal Mention – Alpana
    Verbal Mention – Rishika Reddy

    International Labor Organization (ILO)
    Best Delegate – Garv Joshi (China)
    High Commendation – Amartya Jayavel (Japan)
    High Commendation – Spruha Deo (France)
    Special Mention – Sanath Birudhala (Republic of Korea)
    Special Mention – Hussain (USA)
    Special Mention -–Diya Dhankani (Belgium)
    Verbal Mention – Risha Bhat (Germany)
    Verbal Mention – Varshil Reddy Vanteru (Libya)
    Verbal Mention – K. Sreenika Reddy (Iran)
    Verbal Mention – Aadya Jolly (United Kingdom)

    Disarmament and International Security Committee (DISEC)
    Best Delegate – Krissh Kalra (Egypt)
    High Commendation – Parthasarathy (China)
    High Commendation – Siddhant Sawhney (Argentina)
    Special Mention – Karthik Palakodeti (Canada)
    Special Mention – Dyuti Kulkarni (Democratic Republic of Korea)
    Special Mention – Alaina (France)

    Social Cultural and Humanitarian Affairs Committee (SOCHUM)
    High Commendation – Adithya Pillai (Germany)
    High Commendation – Prabhav Dabriwal (Nepal)
    Special Mention – Neha Singirikonda (Norway)
    Special Mention – Rohan Sastry (South Africa)
    Special Mention – Prithvish Chandrayan (Israel)
    Special Mention – Vani Vivekanand (Saudi Arabia)
    Verbal Mention – Shriya Srivatsan (Argentina)
    Verbal Mention – Pahi Shrivastava (Finland)
    Verbal Mention – Sania Kothari (France)
    Verbal Mention – Saachi Gonzales Chennur (Iran)
    Verbal Mention – Nitya Ravuri (Italy)
    Verbal Mention – Shreyas Gupta (Morocco)
    Verbal Mention – Anushka Kalidindi (Oman)

    UN Office for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA)
    Best Delegate – Rushat Aboti (Virgin Galactic)
    High Commendation – Manann Sarda (India)
    High Commendation – Kedar Reddy (United Kingdom)
    Special Mention – Sri Kalash Yedlapati (Brazil)
    Special Mention – Anirudh (France)
    Verbal Mention – Khushal Wadhwa (Italy)
    Verbal Mention – Paarangana Seth (European Space Agency)
    Verbal Mention – Devanshi Bora (South Africa)
    Verbal Mention – Sahan Raju (International Institute of Space Laws)

    Joint Crisis Committee – Mossad (JCC Mossad)
    Best Delegate – Karun Mongia (Director - Logistics and Security)
    High Commendation – Aakash Kothari (Director - Political Actions and Liaison Department)
    High Commendation – Rohan Seelamsetty (Director - Assassination Unit)
    Special Mention – Shivi Parihar (Director - Research Department)
    Special Mention – Vansh Agarwal (Director - Lohamah Psichologit)

    African Union (AU)
    Best Delegate – Medhyamaya Krishnan (Namibia)
    High Commendation – Ayushi Upadhyay (Chad)
    Special Mention – Rushil Nanga (Egypt)
    Special Mention – Krishna Vaidya (Ethiopia)
    Special Mention – Hrithika Khaitan (Cameroon)
    Verbal Mention – Saanvi Mahalakshmi Vanam (Somalia)
    Verbal Mention – Kalluri Sriyashas Mohan (Sudan)
    Verbal Mention – Saanvi Mahalakshmi Vanam (Burundi)

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  • TEDxYouth@CHIREC


    CHIREC hosted the maiden edition of TEDxYouth@CHIREC today. An initiative of TED, the American non-profit organisation, TEDx events all around the world stand for independently organised, community initiatives of the TED talks. In the same spirit, CHIREC International organised its first edition with the theme `Accelerating Cognizance` with the aim of enlightening tender minds with talks delivered by people from different walks of life. The event was attended by 109 students from seven different schools of Hyderabad.

    The guest speakers included some eminent personalities who influenced the attendees with their inspiring talks. Dr. BVR Mohan Reddy, an entrepreneur, discussed the three lessons that helped him succeed in his life. Ms. Mahima Datla, managing director of Biological E., emphasised the importance of vaccines in our life and their impact on the economy. Mr. Prshant Lahoti, an artist, explained how he uses the creative and analytical sides of his brain efficiently; he reminded the youth that art is an important part of our lives. Ms. Meera Shenoy, with her initiative - Youth4Jobs, spoke about how providing job opportunities for people with special needs has impacted global economic growth.

    As a TED guideline, two videos of TED were screened for the attendees. The first being that of Michelle Obama, who talks to school students and narrates her life stories to inspire them to work hard for they aspire to become. The second video showed the talk delivered by Caleb Barlow who spreads awareness about cyber bullying and harassment in the most amusing way using thick statistics that darkly cover the world as people disguised behind screens have attacked those that are vulnerable to the chains of social media networks.

    As a TEDx guideline, two TED videos were screened for the attendees. The first being that of Michelle Obama, who spoke to schoolgirls in the UK about the value and impact that her education and values have had on her life, and in helping her become who she is today. The second video showed a talk delivered by Caleb Barlow, who spreads awareness about cybercrime and the need to democratize cybersecurity data in order to make cybercrime a less lucrative sector.

    The student speakers of the day included Maitri Paul - Stanford bound CHIREC alumna, who talked about her love for Marine Biology and her passion for the earths oceans. Next, Tejaswi Polimetla, a Grade 10 student from Oakridge International, talked about the false dichotomy between sciences and arts. She took the audience on a journey to prove that dreams and interests were never related to the restrictive subject groups in the education system. Finally, Shashank Venkatesh, an 11th grader from CHIREC and the founder of an educational group, spoke passionately about the need to reform the education system in India.

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  • Online Enquiry Form for admission to 2019-2020

  • CHIREC Founders` Day Celebrations


    CHIREC International School, the New Age school which set a benchmark for holistic education in Telangana State, celebrated their 30th Anniversary at Shilpakala Vedika on 3rd October 2018. Shri M. Venkaiah Naidu, the Hon`ble Vice President of India, graced the occasion as the chief guest. He was accompanied by the dignitaries, Home Minister of Telangana, Shri Naini Narshimha Reddy, our Founder Director, Mrs. Ratna Reddy, and the chairman of Shri Shakti Group, Mr. D. V. Manohar.

    The evening began with Swagathanjali, a vibrant invocatory dance ballet by CHIREC students, welcoming the Hon`ble Chief Guest. Swagathanjali wove together four dance forms to depict the essence of CHIREC International School, and was choreographed by National Sangeet Natak Akademi awardee, Ms. Deepika Reddy.

    A short film about CHIREC was unveiled, depicting CHIRECs diverse journey. From its inception to laying the foundation stone, the film showcased the rise of CHIREC as a pioneer in holistic education, with a program that balances academics with extra-curricular activities. The video captured the true essence of CHIREC when it displayed multitude of student`s activities in sports and education.

    Mrs. Ratna Reddy, Founder Director of CHIREC International School, addressed the gathering by talking about her journey and excitement to look forward to CHIREC`s coming decades as the school establishes itself in the hearts of many parents and students as one of the most innovative schools in the country. She discussed some of CHIREC`s plans, including the upcoming 9.5-acre international campus with state-of-the-art sports facilities. To encourage and foster innovation, Mrs. Ratna unveiled CHIREC Innovation Hub (C-Hub), a first-of-its-kind innovation hub in Hyderabad for students to design, experiment, build and invent novel solutions to the world`s problems.

    Mr. D. V. Manohar, Chairman of the Shri Shakti Group, spoke about Mrs. Ratna`s endeavours in curating CHIREC at every step, spanning decades. He invited the Hon`ble Chief Guest to unveil the Veni Rao Foundation, a charitable trust in memory of the late parents of Mrs. Ratna Reddy and Mr. D.V. Manohar. On behalf of the Veni Rao Foundation, the Vice-President distributed scholarships to meritorious candidates to recognize their academic achievements. These students, whose family income is less than Rs. 10000/- and have secured more than 85% in their qualifying examinations, hail from across Hyderabad and Rajahmundry.

    The Vice President, Shri M. Venkaiah Naidu took to the stage and said that India is quickly becoming a global leader and lifting millions out of poverty and added that the country requires skilled youth to accelerate the growth process. He addressed the audience and stressed on the need to teach students the diverse culture and heritage of India. He expressed his disappointment when he underscored how students are memorizing and reproducing texts, thus hampering their intellectual growth.

    The Vice President suggested that educational institutions and policy makers must take steps to reduce the burden on students. He said, “I feel that the overall education system from school level to higher education should be completely revamped to ensure our institutions churn out ideal citizens. First and foremost, the syllabus at the school level must be drastically cut to reduce the load on students. The time spent by students in school should be divided equally between the classroom and play field.”

    Shri Venkaiah Naidu talked about how CHIREC grooms its students to be leaders who will change the global landscape in a positive way. He also applauded CHIRECs eco-friendly initiatives incorporated into the routines of the students by integrating the environment and sustainable initiatives throughout the school through academics, management, policies, and community activities.

    The Vice President was presented a pencil sketch of himself by a CHIREC student.

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    Press links: 

    Link 1 | Link 2 

  • Education World 2018 - Ranked Top in Hyderabad and Telangana


    CHIREC is proud to announce that we have been ranked:
    #1 Best CBSE Day School in Hyderabad & Telangana
    #1 Best International Day School in Hyderabad & Telangana
    #4 Best International Day School in India
    #9 Best CBSE Day School in India
    Outstanding Achievement in Education Leadership Award to Fouder-Director Mrs. Ratna Reddy

    by Education World Magazine!


  • Approaches to Teaching and Learning


    Ms. Shirisha Kondury, the IBDP Coordinator, conducted a Professional Development session on "Approaches to Teaching and Learning" for the International Secondary Section teachers on Saturday, 26th October 2018. The objective of the workshop was to facilitate sharing of best teaching and learning practices and promote incorporating ATL skills in the teaching of every subject. Highlights of the session included:

    1. Teachers must help students understand the relevance of the subjects to real life, and connection with other subjects.
    2. Make students owners of their own learning using inquiry-based learning, promoting teamwork and
    3. collaboration and using effective assessments.
    4. Developing cognitive and behavioural skills to lead to meta-cognitive skills in students.

    The workshop was wrapped-up with a fun activity on collaboration amongst the teachers.

  • Visit of Global Perspectives trainers from Cambridge


    CHIREC International had visitors from Cambridge on 3rd October, Ms. Lynda Bramwell (School Liason Manager, Global Perspectives) and Mr. Andrew Field (E-learning Manager, Global Perspectives). The objective of their visit was to assess the work done to develop the skills in Global Perspectives as CHIREC was one of the 20 schools all over the world included in the pilot project.

    The guests were given an enthusiastic welcome as students of Stage 3 waved at them with colorful pompoms which were followed by a traditional welcome by students of Stage 1. A vibrant program was put up by students of Stages 1 to 5 which comprised of a Welcome dance, a song on caring for the environment, a dance drama on endangered animals, a street play in Hindi on Fairtrade and a presentation on Global Perspectives. A parent of Stage 5 was invited to speak on how the Global Perspectives curriculum has helped in shaping the personality of her child. Ms. Lynda and Mr. Andrew then addressed the keen audience of students of Stages 4 and 5 and elaborated on the intention of initiating Global Perspectives in Primary classes.

    Ms. Lynda conducted an activity for students of Stage 5 on their views on Keeping Healthy based on a unit in Global Perspectives curriculum. The students worked in groups and confidently shared insights on what will keep them healthy. They interacted with the students across Stages 1 to 5 listened to what they had to say about their learnings and were a picture of attention as they saw the students’ work on display in the Primary block. Lynda and Andrew observed a Global Perspectives class for Stage 4 that focused on skills of research. They also conducted a workshop for the teachers which provided an overview of the curriculum of Global Perspectives.

    Looking at the displays put up in the classes, Ms. Lynda remarked “I was wowed by the fabulous work being done in the classrooms. I loved how the skill focus is made explicit in all classrooms. The quality of work was so high but importantly there was time for reflections on the work which means learners have the chance to develop and do better the next time!” Mr. Andrew said “We have had a marvellous opportunity and experience to see all the wonderful work. The passion and higher-level teaching and learning are clear to see where you have the learners explaining in depth and detail about their work which is successful education. Congratulations “

  • Cambridge Professional Development workshops on Global Perspectives and ICT


    CHIREC hosted the Cambridge Professional Development workshops on Global Perspectives and ICT on the 14th and 15th of September 2018. Ms. Cristiane Costa Lima and Mr. David Fuller came from Britain to conduct the GP and ICT workshops respectively. Participants from Cambridge schools across the country attended the workshop.

    On the first day of the workshop, the delegates were introduced to the core aims and values of Global Perspectives and Information and Communication Technology. From there, the participants worked through various activities and discussions on what it means to be a facilitator and learner of these subjects. They discussed flipped learning, inquiry-based learning, assessment tools, understanding the terminology and instructions in the marking scheme, and how to use the `Examiner`s Reports` to improve one’s teaching.

    The second day saw the participants delve deep into the topics and methods of assessments. They had a hands-on experience with marking schemes and assessment patterns, and participated in discussions on how to inculcate and develop the skills required in the students.

    At the end of the workshop, Principal Omkar Joshi handed the participants tokens of appreciation, and Ms. Cristiane awarded them certificates for their participation in the workshop.

  • Pre-Primary


    We strive to empower our community with skills to meet ever-changing global challenges, to be confident to take risks and make independent decisions, to have access to the most innovative technology and learning tools and most importantly to help instill values that create thoughtful and engaged individuals. Our mission is to nurture the innate potential of our students to enable them to excel in whatever they choose. We help the students to grow and evolve into open-minded, ethical and caring individuals who are focused and encouraged to set goals, attain them and exceed expectations. Going beyond our commitment to rigorous academic excellence we offer opportunities for growth in Co-curricular Activities, Fine Arts, Performing Arts, Sports, Community Service and opportunities to engage in internationally acclaimed events

    Our philosophy is based on ‘The Whole Child’ concept, which is a framework for the development of four key areas that are essential for shaping a balanced and all-rounded personality. Our holistic system of learning sets quality benchmarks that prepare our students for success in the volatile modern world.

    International School In Hyderabad

    Adapted from “Who am I in the Lives of Children; an introduction to teaching Young Children” by Feeney, Stephanie, Christensen, Doris and Eva Moravick

    CHIREC’s Early Years program helps new learners nurture their curiosity and cultivate skills for inquiry and exploration. We conduct the following activities to show students how to learn independently, and collaborate with others:

    Topic of the Week – Students learn cross-cultural skills, and about the world around them through topics chosen. Students listen to stories, poems, watch videos, sing songs, and develop their vocabulary through games, and puppets.

    Show and Tell – Students take the initiative to bring their favourite toy/ object to the class and describe it. This helps them develop their speaking skills, and build their vocabulary.

    Painting, Colouring, Arts and Crafts – Students tap into their creativity and explore ideas by producing collages, finger prints, block prints, vegetable prints and tissue paper art.

    Clay-modelling / Pottery – Clay modelling helps develop fine motor skills and neuro- muscular and hand-eye coordination. This helps in bringing about activeness and curiosity in students.

    Interactive Play – Play helps children develop and improve their gross and fine motor skills, coordination and concentration. It teaches them to work cooperatively and collaboratively, using all their senses to discover and explore their environment, and develop their imagination, creative thinking, problem solving skills and experiment with solutions.

    Music and Finger play – Singing songs and reciting poems and rhymes helps children develop early literacy skills. Keeping a steady beat develops language. Clapping hands, stamping feet, and using rhythm instruments in line with music develops important pre-reading skills. Young children recognize words, sounds, rhythms, tones, and pitch long before they talk, sing, or dance. So, the more music the children have in their lives, the better they will speak and read.

    Circle Time – Circle Time is set aside for all the students to share their thoughts, listen to one another, actively participate together, introduce new concepts and ideas and generally build a sense of respect and support for one another. Storytelling and Role Play – Using various aids like puppets, models, drama, etc.. Puppets foster leadership, performance, and sometimes, even the courage to stand in front of our peers. Puppets also foster social interaction, communication, role playing, imagination, storytelling, and listening abilities.

    Music is Fun programme from Furtados Music – Considering benefits of music, this special programme has been integrated into the Early Years Curriculum. The teachers have undergone special training to impart this in the classes. This programme works as an enabler for improved hand-eye coordination, enhanced understanding of sound, rhythm, singing, movement and also adds to reading, math and emotional development

    Oxford Reading Programme – This programme has been integrated in the Early Years Curriculum. Specialised training has equipped the teachers to deliver this programme effectively. This has levelled approach which caters to all types of learners starting from beginners to fluent readers.

    Safe Surroundings – CCTVs in the campuses and buses provide close supervision of all areas of the campus. Lady Conductors travel in buses along with children. Concepts like a Pick Up Permit Card ensure that the child is handed over to authorized hands only. RFID cards help to track the movement of the students.

    Involvement of Parents – Parents are involved in classroom activities, tasting the school lunch and general supervision in the school. 

    Communication – School website provides information to existing and prospective parents, students and teachers. Parents can access the messages, announcements, menu through the Mobile App of the school.

    1. What is the age criteria?

    CLASS Minimum Age as on 30th June, 2019 Date of Birth Between
    Nursery (Early Years Beginners) 2 years 6 months 1st Jan and 31st Dec 2016
    PPI (Early Years 1) 3 years 6 months 1st Jan and 31st Dec 2015
    PPII (Early Years 2) 4 years 6 months 1st Jan and 31st Dec 2014
    I 5 years 6 months 1st Jan and 31st Dec 2013

    2. What is the teacher student ratio in a class?

    CBSE Cambridge
    Pre-primary 1:15 Pre-primary 1:13
    Primary 1:30 Primary 1:26

    3. What is the average class strength?

    CBSE 30 students per section
    Cambridge 26 students per section

    4. What are the sports offered at the school

    The school offers Athletics, Cricket, Lawn Tennis, Skating, Basketball, Handball, Archery, Volley Ball, Gymnastics,  Table Tennis and Taekwondo.

    6. What are the other activities offered by the school?

    The school offers Classical Dance, Keyboard, Carnatic Music, Hindustani Music, Painting, Chess, Gymnastics, Clay Modeling & Pottery and Needle Craft.

    8. What are the languages offered in CBSE curriculum ?

    Class II Language III Language
    I-V Hindi, Telugu, French
    VI-X Hindi, Telugu, French Hindi, Telugu, French

    9. What are the languages offered in Cambridge curriculum ?

    Stage II Language III Language
    1-10 Hindi, French, Spanish
    Stages 1- 2, 6 - 7 : Telugu

    10. What are the school timings?

    Class Monday – Friday Saturday
    Nursery 8:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. - JH
    8:10 a.m. to 11:10 a.m. - GB
    PPI [GB] 8:10 a.m. to 2:40 p.m. Holiday

  • Independence Day celebration@CHIREC


    Independence Day celebration@CHIREC CHIREC celebrated India’s 72nd Independence Day today with fervour and gaiety. Ms. Susan Bird, the Vice-Principal of the CBSE section, delivered the welcome message. The chief guest of the day, Tollywood superstar Mr. Ram Charan Tej, was warmly welcomed by students with loud cheers and applause. He hoisted the national flag and the six houses proudly marched in their contingents for the grand salute. The choir sang patriotic songs in Hindi and Telugu, which was followed by a graceful classical dance. In the spirit of independence and our progressing society, the winners of the inter-house CCA competitions presented tableaus on the ‘Women in Indian Society’ and ‘Swachch Bharat’. The toppers of the AISSE and IGCSE examinations of 2018, were felicitated for their outstanding performance and praised for their commendable achievement. The rolling trophy for the march past went to the winning House – Satpuras. The principal, Ms. Iffat Ibrahim, addressed the gathering on the occasion, followed by a befitting speech by the chief guest, Mr. Ram Charan Tej, who is an alumnus of CHIREC. He shared his experiences as a student at CHIREC and talked about how the school and the Founder Director, Ms. Ratna Reddy, have helped him grow and become who he is now. Mr. Venkat Raman, Vice Principal of the International Section, delivered the vote of thanks , and the celebration concluded with the CHIREC Anthem.

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  • CHIREC Playground gets a makeover!


    The Kondapur CHIREC campus playground is all decked up with the synthetic turf providing a safe and comfortable area to the students to play, run, exercise and enjoy! The synthetic turf has been added to encourage year-round activity on a safe and resilient surface, which will help students fight obesity and promote their well-being. The upgraded field was inaugurated by our student athletes on Friday, 29th June 2018 as they sprinted on the red tracks laced by the green turf all around.

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  • 6th Edition of CHIREC MUN

  • Early Childhood Education Conference


    On 28th July, CHIREC hosted an Early Childhood Education Conference in association with Early Childhood Association, marking another landmark event as part of the 30-year celebrations. The focus of the conference was to Learn How Children Learn. Over 150 educators from different schools in the city attended the conference, which had Dr. Reeta Sonawat,Dean Faculty of Home Science at S.N.D.T Women`s University; Mr.John Hemanth, Chief Director of The Neurons and Ms. Nupur Agarwal, Story Teller from Storywallahs as speakers. The Conference concluded with a panel discussion on "Appropriate Age to Learn writing for children".

    Dr. Reeta Sonawat - Dean Faculty of Home Science at S.N.D.T Women`s University
    Mr John Hemanth - Chief Director of The Neurons
    Sahithi Reddy - Runs a Waldorf school
    Smita Kondula - Remedial Instructor

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  • Highlights of IBDP result


    Congratulations to the IB Diploma students for their excellent performance in the examinations. Vinay Kanumuri and Maitri Rangarajan Paul topped with scores of 44 out of 45 points. The class average was 36 points, with 20% of the students scoring more than 40 points out of 45.

  • Investiture Ceremony


    Great leaders don`t set out to be leaders, they set out to make a difference, on this note CHIREC celebrated the Investiture Ceremony for the academic session 2018-2019 with great pomp and dignity in a special ceremony at the school today. The chief guest for the day, Mrs. Smita Sabharwal, I.A.S., the Secretary to the Chief Minister of Telangana, was welcomed by the Founder Director, Mrs. Ratna Reddy. Mrs. Iffat Ibrahim, the Principal, delivered the welcome speech and reminded the students that while donning the mantle of accountability, they also pledge to bestow their duties to the best of their abilities. The chief guest addressed the gathering and shared few words of wisdom, she guided the students to be impartial and honest in discharging their duties and exhorted them to uphold the values. She reminded them that with position comes responsibility towards themselves, their school and peers and struggles help one to achieve heights.

    All the members of the Student Council Body were conferred with badges and sashes amidst applaud and cheers.The Principal, Mrs. Iffat Ibrahim, administered the oath to the members of the cabinet. Mr. Joshi, the Principal of International Section, gave the vote of thanks. He appreciated and congratulated the students and advised them to be role models and extend a supporting hand to the students’ council for the smooth running of the school.

    The ceremony that was conducted with earnestness and passion concluded with the singing of the School anthem and the National Anthem.

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  • Home-coming of Shreya, Femina Ms. India 2nd runner-up


    CHIREC wore a festive look to celebrate Shreya Rao Kamavarapu’s home-coming after winning the coveted position of second runner-up at the Femina Miss India beauty pageant 2018. The gorgeous diva received a warm welcome from the management and the guard of honour by the members of the Student Council. The auditorium echoed as students and faculty members applauded and cheered for Shreya while the Founder Director, Ms. Ratna D. Reddy, congratulated Shreya for her achievement with a bouquet. The choir sang the song,`Congratulations and celebrations...` Ms. Susan Bird and Mr. Venkat Raman, Vice- Principals of CBSE and International Sections respectively, shared their experiences with Shreya as a student who was in CHIREC for 14 long years. Ms. Iffat Ibrahim, the Principal, spoke of Shreya’s journey and encouraged the students to get inspired by her. Shreya, in her speech, shared her memories and thanked CHIREC for shaping her into the person that she is today and for supporting her all through with constant encouragement.

    She also played basketball and spend some time in the classes where she had studied.

    Shreya is a role-model for the CHIRECians as she showed them that with grit and determination one can achieve what one aspires for.

    In press

  • HAPPY CHIREC – Happiness all the way...


    The Kondapur CHIREC campus reverberated with fun, frolic and laughter with entertainment galore, tasty treats, fun-filled games and mesmerizing activities as we celebrated HAPPY CHIREC on Saturday, 30th June 2018, another event in the lineup to commemorate CHIREC`s 30th year of excellence in education.

    The Fitness Zone included Zumba, Yoga, a Dance Floor, Mandala Corner, Floor Games, Family Relay Race, Laugh your Hearts Out and a Flash Mob. The Play Zone boasted of Family Cricket Time, Balloon Train, Hoop to Connect, String the Macaroni, Parachute Game, Hoop me in Action, Snakes and Ladders, Hop-Scotch and Fun with Pool Noodle. The Fun Zone included Tattoo, Get Inked, Photo Booth, Chota Bheem, Balloons and Live School Band churning out hit after hit. The Food Zone had an array of mouth-watering delicacies such as brownies, muffins, puffs, ice-cream, lemonade, organic juice, milkshake, vada-pao, pop-corn, tea and coffee, the highlight being the Millet Cookies baked under their CAS project and the stall put up by the by the IB students. These all-rounder cookies called FILL-IT MILLET with high nutritional value sold like hot cakes.

    All in all, it was a time well spent as the students, parents, staff and management came together to spread happiness and make HAPPY CHIREC a memorable event.


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  • PRP Training


    CHIREC hosted a CBSE training session for Resource Persons in Career Guidance and Counselling on 29th and 30th June, 2018. 55 Principals from the Telangana region attended the workshop. The Resource persons who conducted the session were Ms.Geetanjali Kumar, Freelancer and Counsellor, and Mr. E. Daniel Raju, Assistant Secretary, CBSE.

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  • CHIREC celebrates International Yoga Day


    CHIREC international school celebrated the International Yoga Day with zeal and enthusiasm! To commemorate the day, CHIREC warmly welcomed Ms. Sarita Nair, Mr. Pankaj Sen and Mr. Sharath Chandra from the Isha Yoga Foundation, founded by Sadhguru, which focuses on global harmony and progress. At the CIE section (primary and secondary) we had a 1-hour session of ‘asanas’ and meditation taught by the yoga teachers, Mr. Joga and Ms.Neeharika. The primary and secondary students of the CBSE section came dressed in their PT uniforms and actively participated in the yoga sessions by doing simple asanas and stretches. The primary and the pre-primary section of the Gachibowli branch had all students and teachers enthusiastically involved in healthy session of asanas and meditation. Also, our little ones at the pre- primary JH branch were no less in giving their best while celebrating and spreading the spirit of the International Yoga Day. Teachers demonstrated alphabet asanas from A-Z!

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  • CHIREC is proud to announce the admission of its students to Ivy League International Universities


    A proud moment and a joyous occasion for CHIREC as 9 students of 2018 batch get admission in the Ivy League universities – the collegiates that have connotations of academic excellence, selectivity in admissions, and social elitism.

    Congratulations to all our students on the outstanding achievement of getting into the top university. Let the passion, goals, hard work and efforts continue and let it help you to achieve something remarkable.

    We wish you all the best. Follow your dreams and make us proud again.

    Left to Right
    Rahul Nalluri: Pre-medical program at University of Iowa with scholarship
    Varenya Gade Reddy: Brown University
    Siva Manojna Potturi: Northwestern University
    Ritesh Reddy: University of Illinois Urbana Champaign
    Vinay Kanumuri: Harvard University
    Aaditya Madukkuri: UCLA
    Adith Ramchandran: Cornell University
    Abhishek Navani: NIIT University, India

    Bottom Row :Left to Right
    Sahana Rayan: Purdue University with scholarship
    Simran Sachdeva: Singapore Management University
    Chaitanya Yamannur: University of Rhode Island
    Dedeepya Chinnam: University of Texas at Austin, Rutgers University
    Amulya Elamanchili: Berkeley University
    Suthi Dontu: Georgia Tech

    From Left to Right:
    Sameera: University of California Davis
    Amog Iska: UCLA
    Abhiram Devrapalli: Carnegie Mellon University
    Vineet Alaparthi: Duke University
    Yash Chowdhary: Virginia Tech University
    Abhinav Pola: University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign
    Maitri Rangarajan Paul: Stanford University

  • CHIREC Marks Telangana Formation Day


    CHIREC teachers and activity staff of the Kondapur Campus commemorated the Telangana Formation Day on 2nd June 2018 by coming dressed up in pink attire and putting up an array of song and dance performances for the students of classes 6 – 12, of both curricula.

    The performances by the teachers of the CBSE section were interspersed with a skit about a tourist guide giving insights into the history of division between Andhra Pradesh & Telangana, the cultural heritage, diversity of Telangana and a tour of Hyderabad to some tourists. The tourists were showed heritage sites such as Golkonda Fort, Charminar, Salarjung Museum and Medak Church. They were also introduced to the staple food-  Hyderabadi Biryani and famous dances of Telangana such as Lambadi and Bathukamma. A fashion parade included a showcase of sarees from Narayanpet, Gadwal, and Pochampally. Through the skit, the teachers also enacted the actions taken by She Teams against eve-teasers and how the government of Telangana is helping farmers financially.

    Teachers of the CAIE section marked the day by lauding the efforts of Telangana`s leaders in the formation of the youngest state. They performed colourful dances showcasing the rich culture of Telangana and a beautiful rendition of a song praising and glorifying the state. Finally, they put together a presentation on the development activities taking place in this region. The enthralling performances by the teachers were received with cheer and applause by the students.

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  • Highlights of AISSE Board Results 2018


    Congratulations to all the toppers of Grade X for securing high marks in AISSE and making the school proud. Students undertook the exams in March & April 2018.

    Mehul Lalith Chopra topped the school by securing 97.6%. He topped in Maths (100%) and Social Science (99%).

    Surya Vikramaditya Kotapati secured 97.2% and topped in French (100%) and Social Science (99%).

    Navya Ambavaram secured 97% and topped in Social Science (99%).

    Out of 159 students, who appeared for the examinations,
    43% students secured aggregate of 90% and above
    33.9% students secured aggregate of 80% and above
    15% students secured aggregate of 70% and above
    5.6% students secured aggregate of 60% and above
    1.2% students secured aggregate of 50% and above
    0.6% students secured aggregate of 40% and above

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  • Highlights of AISSCE Board Results 2018


    Congratulations to all the toppers of Grade XII for securing high marks in AISSCE and making the school proud. Students undertook the exams in March April 2018.

    Commerce stream - Hyderabad region toppers

    Ishika Rathi topped by securing highest marks in the Commerce Stream with 98%. She topped in 3 subjects: Fashion Studies (100%), Accountancy (98%) and Economics (99%)

    Akhil Rastogi secured 97.8%. He topped in 3 subjects: English, Economics & Business Studies (99% each) and Maths (97%).

    Disha Rasiwasia secured 97.6%. She secured highest marks in Legal Studies (100%), Economics & Business Studies (99%)

    Science Stream

    Adhiraj Bhagat secured highest marks in the Science Stream with 95.8%. He topped in 3 subjects: Physics & Chemistry (95% each) and Informatics Practices (97%)

    Out of 107 students, who appeared for the examinations,
    33.7% students secured aggregate of 90% and above
    42% students secured aggregate of 80% and above
    14% students secured aggregate of 70% and above
    12% students secured aggregate of 60% and above


  • Hightlights of IGCSE & A Level Results 2018


    Congratulations to all the toppers of IGCSE and A Level for securing high marks and making the school proud. Students undertook the Cambridge exams in March 2018.

    Highlights of IGCSE results

    Yash Kothari secured 9 A*s in all the nine subjects that he appeared with an overall 94.4%.

    Sarvani Kolachana secured 8 A*s and 2 As in the ten subjects she appeared with an overall of 91.9% in the ten subjects and 92.8% from her top scores in nine subjects.

    Out of 406 subject registrations, 58% subject registrations received A*or A grades (scores of 80% or above), 82% subject received A*, A or B grades (scores of 70% or above), 95% subject registrations received A*, A, B or C grades (scores of 60% or above).

    Highlights of A level results

    Kriti Tibrewala got an aggregate of 80% marks in her three A level subjects securing A, B and B grades.

    Niharika got an aggregate of 75.3% marks in her three A level subjects securing A, B and B grades.

    Devarpalli Gokul Reddy got an aggregate of 75.3% marks in his three A level subjects securing A, B and B grades.

    52% subject entries secured scores of 70% or above.
    88% subject entries secured scores of 50% or above.

  • Regular Routes

  • CHIREC Holds 30th Year Summer Camp


    CHIREC held its 30th year Summer Camp from 12th to 24th April 2018. Alumni of the 1st Summer Camp Sandeep Paidi & Abhishek Aggarwal, Ms. Rekha Reddy, a parent of the 1st Summer Camp, Mr. John Geiles, a teacher from the 1st Summer Camp were invited for the inauguration ceremony to kick-start the camp.

    The nine-day summer camp offered a plethora of activities, which included charcoal painting, thumb painting, ikebana flower arrangement, tie and dye, aerobics, Zumba, sculpting, western dance, robotics, theatre, culinary art and DIY craft activities for students aged 6 to 12 years.

    The closing ceremony, which was held on 25th April 2018 included a display of the articles made by the students during the summer camp, which were their takeaways as well.

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    “Ms. Ratna Reddy is a friend and she has done such a great job. I am very happy to be here. My son had a very good time when I joined him for the first summer camp, when he was two & a half years. Otherwise children will be running in the house all the time, once I put my son, he came back home happy and learnt music and art. During the summer camp, I will be conducting classes for flower arrangement.” -Rekha Reddy, 1st parent of Summer Camp 1989/ Teacher for Ikebana

    “I would like to congratulate the school for completing 30 years. I will be conducting art activities and showing some techniques to create artwork.” -Rangoli Garg, CHIREC Parent and Teacher

    It is an honour for me to be here. The photos and videos that we saw today brought back the memories of 1989. The first CHIREC song was written then. I would encourage the children to make the best use of the camp.” -John Geiles, teacher at 1st Summer camp

    “It is a great honour to be here. I was introduced to the summer camp 30 years back. The camp can really help enhance creativity in the long run.”-Abhishek Agarwal, Student of Summer Camp 1989

    “It has been 30 years, when I was part of the 1st Summer Camp. I was 10 years then. When you have your last exam, you feel happy. The 2 months of vacation, you want to just play cricket and there was no playstation and Netflix at my time. My mother enrolled me in the summer camp, where I could pick any activity. I chose table-tennis and played only that. My coach took me to tournaments and it was super fun. I remember one of the incidents. One day there was no car and my mother asked me to take an auto from Abids to Banjara Hills to get to the summer camp, which was 10-12 kms far. I couldn`t find a single auto. Instead of going back home, I started walking towards Banjara Hills and reached the venue. I later gave back the money of the auto fare to my mother. It shows that where there is a will, there is a way. I can call myself the patent to the `pad yatra` for First Summer Camp. Summer Camp doesn`t just include activities but will help along in life.” -Sandeep, Student, 1st Summer Camp

  • CHIREC Carnival commemorates start of 30th year celebrations


    Students, their family and friends, alumni and staff of all the branches experienced fun galore at the CHIREC Carnival, held to celebrate the grand entry into the school`s 30th year of excellence at the Kondapur Campus on Saturday, 31st March 2018.

    Founder Director Ms. Ratna Reddy inaugurated the Carnival, the first event to be followed by many more exciting events all through the year. There were more than 75 stalls put up by the students and their parents, which included books, games, stationery, toys, decorative articles, gift articles, bags, trinkets and CHIREC merchandise, along with many stalls selling a variety of food and beverages. While some stalls put up exotic varieties of plants and fish for sale, others put up stalls for henna-art, nail-art, face-painting, tattooing, photo-booths, and ethnic dresses. A popular attraction was the play area for the kids, complete with a trampoline, inflatables and a toy-train ride.

    The Grade 12 students of Fashion Studies presented an exclusive Masquerade Fashion Show with CHIREC alumna and Femina Ms. Andhra Shreya Kamavarapu as the showstopper. The students showcased the gowns that they designed and stitched in various colours, as they sashayed down the ramp in style.

    The students had a blast dancing to the tunes of DJ Rishabh, the teachers surprised the audience with a ‘flash mob’, and the students’ bands from the CBSE and International sections enthralled the audience with their wonderful performances.

    We thank everyone for the overwhelming response and for making the Carnival a huge success.

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  • CHIREC 30 Years & Beyond Logo Unveiled


    Co-founder & Director Mrs. Ratna Reddy along with chief guests Mr. Jayesh Ranjan, Principal Secretary, Industry & Commerce & Information Technology, Department of Telangana and Ms. Rajitha Chandrasekhar, Deputy Commissioner, Income Tax Department unveiled the CHIREC 30 Years and Beyond Logo during the morning assembly.

    The ceremony began with the lighting of the lamp by the chief guests, followed by a speech by Principal Ms. Iffat Ibrahim, who welcomed the gathering of teachers, students, alumni, ex-teachers and the staff. The school choir sang an invocation song.

    An animated video recapped CHIREC International`s incredible journey and unveiled the  30 Years & Beyond logo and merchandise as students from the primary and secondary wings cheerfully waved flags with the new CHIREC logo on them.

    While Ms. Rajitha said that the school is the result of the vision, hard work, patience, tenacity, grit & determination of Mrs. Ratna Reddy, Mr. Jayesh congratulated CHIREC for completing 30 years and for shaping the lives of boys and girls to contribute positively to the society. He also urged everyone to take care of birds and animals during the summer season.

    The ceremony concluded with a vote of thanks by Principal, International Section, Mr. Omkar Joshi, CHIREC Anthem and the National Anthem. After the ceremony, Mrs. Ratna Reddy and the alumni who attended the event spent some time catching up, sharing their memories of growing up with CHIREC, and volunteering their time for the upcoming events for this special year.

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  • Pre-Primary Students` Graduation Ceremony


    Students of PP2 from the Jubilee Hills and Gachibowli Campuses achieved a big milestone by graduating from the pre-primary section to Grade 1. The proud parents of the graduating students came together on 31st March 2018 to witness the ceremony, wherein the students wore robes and were given their scrolls..


    More pictures: JH  and   GB

  • Inauguration Ceremony of 30th Year Special Summer Camp


    On 12th April 2018, CHIREC went back to its roots by conducting a special summer camp for curious young minds participating in the exciting 12-day camp. Director & Founder Ms. Ratna Reddy, along with Chief Guests Ms. Rekha Reddy, a parent of the 1st Summer Camp, Mr. John Geiles, a teacher from the 1st Summer Camp, Sandeep Paidi & Abhishek Aggarwal, Alumni of 1st Summer Camp and Rangoli Garg, a teacher of the 2018 edition of the camp, kick-started the ceremony by lighting the ceremonial lamp. Principal Ms. Iffat Ibrahim gave a brief history of the summer camps, which were held in 1989, 1997, 1999, 2013 – 2017 and the various activities conducted for the attendees from the adopted government school of Masjid Banda. She also highlighted that the Summer Camp 2018 is the 2nd in the series of the events being planned to commemorate CHIREC’s 30th year, and aims to allow the students to discover latent talent, develop their creative side and explore new skills. Each of the chief guests spoke about their experiences during their time spent at the summer camp ,and the ceremony concluded with Ms. Ratna Reddy declaring the Summer Camp 2018 open and calling it a precious, nostalgic and a thrilling experience.

    The students were divided into 4 groups and were led to their respective classes on the first day of the camp, which included:

    • Ikebana – Japanese art of flower arrangement, where students were shown placement of flowers and leaves of various height and sizes arranged in one arrangement.
    • DaVinci –an art form where white paper is a strategically placed in a tub of water mixed with chemical and colours.
    • Tie & Dye –an art form to make patterns on a plain cloth by tying cloth in a certain manner, dipping it in colour, and then removing the ties to reveal a design.
    • Aerobics - hand, leg and body movement to ensure students are active and remain fit.

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        “Ms. Ratna Reddy is a friend and she has done such a great job. I am very happy to be here. My son had a very good time when I joined him for the first summer camp, when he was two & a half years. Otherwise children will be running in the house all the time, once I put my son, he came back home happy and learnt music and art. During the summer camp, I will be conducting classes for flower arrangement.” -Rekha Reddy, 1st parent of Summer Camp 1989/ Teacher for Ikebana

        “I would like to congratulate the school for completing 30 years. I will be conducting art activities and showing some techniques to create artwork.” -Rangoli Garg, CHIREC Parent and Teacher

        It is an honour for me to be here. The photos and videos that we saw today brought back the memories of 1989. The first CHIREC song was written then. I would encourage the children to make the best use of the camp.” -John Geiles, teacher at 1st Summer camp

        “It is a great honour to be here. I was introduced to the summer camp 30 years back. The camp can really help enhance creativity in the long run.”-Abhishek Agarwal, Student of Summer Camp 1989

        “It has been 30 years, when I was part of the 1st Summer Camp. I was 10 years then. When you have your last exam, you feel happy. The 2 months of vacation, you want to just play cricket and there was no playstation and Netflix at my time. My mother enrolled me in the summer camp, where I could pick any activity. I chose table-tennis and played only that. My coach took me to tournaments and it was super fun. I remember one of the incidents. One day there was no car and my mother asked me to take an auto from Abids to Banjara Hills to get to the summer camp, which was 10-12 kms far. I couldn’t find a single auto. Instead of going back home, I started walking towards Banjara Hills and reached the venue. I later gave back the money of the auto fare to my mother. It shows that where there is a will, there is a way. I can call myself the patent to the ‘pad yatra’ for First Summer Camp. Summer Camp doesn’t just include activities but will help along in life.” -Sandeep, Student, 1st Summer Camp

  • Staff Picnic at Lahari Resort


    Principals, Vice Principals, CHIREC faculty and admin staff visited Lahari Resorts on March 24th, 2018, as a part of their annual picnic. While some enjoyed the water rides and rain dance, others spent quality time enjoying the surroundings and clicking pictures. After a scrumptious lunch, everyone got together to play a couple of rounds of Tambola, followed by an impromptu session of singing songs. The picnic concluded with Hi-Tea and couple of dance performances by the faculty.

  • Bus Route Timings from 19th March to 12th April

  • Graduation Day - Stages 10 & 12


    Graduation day is one of the best days of a student`s life! The day to reflect, rejoice and remember. The milestone worthy of a remarkable ceremony...

    CHIREC International Section hosted the 2018 Graduation Ceremony on Saturday, 10th March, that was attended by the parents, grandparents and families of the graduands. The formal session was a solemn affair with welcome speech by Mr. Omkar Joshi, Principal, followed by speeches made by the students of Stage 10 and 12, their parents and section-in-charges. The graduation certificate and scroll were presented to the outgoing batch by Mrs. Iffat Ibrahim and Mr. Omkar Joshi. Mr. Venkatraman, Vice-Principal, gave the vote of thanks.

    CHIRECians wished their graduating students the very best for their future endeavours on this special day!

    The informal farewell cultural show included an amazing dance performance on a medley of popular songs by the students of Stage 11. The selected students of Stage 12 received awards in various categories from their teachers.

    We wish all the graduands the very best and congratulate their parents and teachers for guiding them towards this momentous achievement and most importantly, the graduands themselves for working so hard.

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  • Graduation Day- Class 5


    10th March 2018 was a memorable day for the parents of Class 5 as they saw their child graduate from the Primary School to the Middle School. The students were resplendent in their red gowns and black caps. The smile on their faces reflected the pride they experienced as they stood to receive their scroll. As they walked out the hall, the teacher felt a knot to see the students stride into the next phase of their lives.

    Stage 5

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    Grade V

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  • Advanced Placement (AP) exam online registration form

  • Graduation Day Ceremony held for CBSE Grade X and XII


    Students of Grades X & XII, CBSE curriculum, Batch 2017-18 attended their Graduation Ceremony on 24th Feb ’18 and received individual scrolls from Principals Ms. Iffat Ibrahim and Mr. Omkar Joshi.

    Students got emotional as they thanked their teachers in their speeches, and recalled their journey of growing up with the school and with their peers, while parents praised CHIREC for molding their children into responsible individuals.

    The ceremony concluded with a cultural programme for Grade XII and a light-hearted stand-up comedy routine by Rahul Modi and Siddartha Swaminathan of Grade XI for Grade X.

    Grade XII Students Given Farewell by Grade XI Students

    After the Graduation Ceremony for the students of Grade XII, the students of Grade XI put up a farewell cultural show that included a power packed dance performance on a medley of popular Bollywood songs, followed by a stand-up comedy routine. Some students of the outgoing batch of 2018 also received awards in various categories and received a farewell gift from their juniors. The ceremony concluded with a song by the School Band, Zero Gravity.

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  • Felicitation Ceremony of Robotic Competition



    More pictures

    Winners of the Robot Raider Combat, a STEM– based Robotic Competition, in collaboration with Knowledge Hub – Techno-kids, were awarded the rolling trophy and the certificate by the chief guest, Ms. Swati Lakra, IPS, Hyderabad’s Additional Commissioner of Police (SIT & Crime) on 17th Feb 2018. The event began with the lighting of the lamp by the Principals, followed by an introduction by Principal Ms. Iffat Ibrahim, who spoke about the integration of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education in Robotics at CHIREC in inspiring an interest in young minds to build their robots innovatively.

    The winning teams from Classes 6, 7 & 8 demonstrated the design, functionality and the potential future use of their models in front of the parents, which was then followed by the felicitation ceremony. The winners were selected during the demonstration, which was held on 16th Feb ’18 by autonomous judges. The presentation concluded with the vote of thanks by Principal Mr. Omkar Joshi, who encouraged everyone to embrace technology and enlightened everyone about the prospects of the winners of the competition at the international level.

  • Activity presentations of Clubs


    Parents of students of classes 6 – 8 attended the Activity presentations of various Clubs being conducted in the school, on 10th Feb ’18. The students from Orator’s Club, Aero Modelling, Photography, Filmmaking, Science and Tourism Club showcased their progress and what all they have learned from their mentors in the past few months.

  • Activity Presentations


    At Jubilee Hills Campus

    Parents of the pre-primary students attended the Activity Presentation for Dance and Taekwondo at the Jubilee Hills campus on 17th Feb ‘18. While dance students of PP1 and PP2 demonstrated various mudras of Kuchipudi dance and presented a dance recital, Taekwondo students showcased their blocks and punches, skills that they have learnt in the past few months.

    More pictures

    At Kondapur Campus

    Proud CHIREC parents enthusiastically watched the activity demonstrations exhibited by the students of Classes 1 – 7, of both curricula, on 3rd Feb 2018. The students showcased the progress that they have made in the last few months in various sports and extra-curricular activities. The activities were organised at various venues in the school across all campuses.

    The demonstrations were aimed at showing the parents how the students spend their time at school, learning and garnering new skills and honing their talents to compete and excel in their crafts.

    Activities included Cricket, Basketball, Handball, Tennis, Table Tennis, Keyboard, Chess and Guitar. Parents enjoyed watching students showcase their acquired skills in Archery, Skating, Gymnastics, Painting, Taekwondo, Dance, Clay Modelling, Carnatic and Hindustani Music. The students also displayed various Athletics skills and Aerobics to the parents.

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  • Global Innovative Schools Award 2018 for Exemplary Performance in Academics..


    Bits Pilani - Dubai, in association with Phyzok, awarded CHIREC International School the Global Innovative Schools Award in the categories Exemplary Performance in Academics, Use of Technology, ‘Cultural Inclusion & Social Awareness.

  • 69th Republic Day and Grandparents’ Day celebrations across all CHIREC campuses


    At the Kondapur Campus

    CHIREC celebrated India`s 69th Republic Day on 26th January. The chief guest, CHIREC grandparent Dr. Nagam Janardhana Reddy, BJP MLA, unfurled the national tri-colour as the the national anthem was sung. During the ceremonial march-past, the contingents walked past the national flag and the chief guest took the grand salute. Principal Iffat Ibrahim welcomed the gathering, explained the essence of the Republic Day, and paid tribute to the freedom fighters who dedicated their lives to make our nation free. In his speech, the chief guest Dr. Reddy greeted everyone on the occasion and asked the students to aspire to be great citizens of the nation, to work hard and achieve goals for a bright future while making their parents and grandparents proud.

    The cultural programme put together by the students included songs in praise of the splendour of the nation, and an array of patriotic dance performances showcasing the grandeur of the states of Rajasthan, Telangana, Bengal and Punjab, and displaying the rich cultural heritage of India..

    As the ceremony progressed, awards were handed out to students who have excelled in sports at the national level. The Republic Day celebrations concluded with a vote of thanks by Mr. Venkat Raman, Vice Principal, International section, and the CHIREC Anthem.

    "It was an honour for me to be a to part of the Republic Day and Grand-Parents Day celebrations of CHIREC School. The songs and dances presented by the students added to the patriotic flavour. I wish success to every student" - Dr. Nagan Janardhan Reddy

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    Since the day was a combined celebration of Republic Day and Grandparents` Day, at the end of the program, the grandparents of the students were led to their grandchildren`s classes to join in on the Grandparent`s Day celebrations. Students showcased their various talents and played games to entertain and spend quality time with their grandparents, who watched the performances with admiration and encouraged the students with their cheers.

    Grandparents participated in the celebrations by singing, dancing and participating in quizzes and various other games with the students. Students displayed talents in the realms of welcome speeches, classical and contemporary dances, songs in praise of the grandparents, playing drums, reciting poems, magic show, gymnastics, etc.

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    At the Gachibowli Campus

    Students, teachers and the staff of GB Campus celebrated 69th Republic Day with chief guest Mr. Thota Vaikuntam, a renowned painter, hoisting the flag, before the audience sat enraptured by the students` cultural performances.

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    Students` grandparents also attended the ceremony, and were later led to their grandchildren`s classes to celebrate Grandparents` Day.

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    At the Jubilee Hill Campus

    Students of JH Campus dedicated the Republic Day celebrations to their grandparents. The celebrations included a flag hoisting ceremony, followed by song and dance performances.

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    At the Government School

    On the occasion of Republic day, CHIREC students visited the adopted government schools of Masjidbanda, Gopinagar and Anjaiahnagar. Students attended the flag hoisting ceremonies, participated in cultural activities and distributed snack packs to all the students of the government schools.

  • CHIREC Culturati –The Essence of India, Primary CBSE



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    The Annual Concert ‘CHIREC Culturati’ of CBSE Primary students, themed ‘The Essence of India’ was held on 12th Jan 2018 at the Kondapur Campus. Mr. Kishen Reddy, MLA and Ms. D. Harichandana, IAS, Zonal Commissioner, West Zone, GHMC were the chief guests for the second concert of the evening. The concert began with a mesmerising welcome dance by the students of Grade 1, while students of Grades IV & V performed the Incredible India dance. As the students gave a spectacular opening, a display of the 7 apsaras in heaven talked about the uniqueness of the country and their wish to undertake a journey to India. The apsaras started their odyssey from Nagaland and witnessed the students of Grade III representing the regional flavour of the state through mesmerizing and spectacular dance performances such as ‘Tribal Divas’, which was interwoven with fascinating storytelling by the narrators.

    The apasaras then travelled to God’s own country – Kerala, where students of Grade II showcased captivating and enchanting traditional dance forms with some such as Vanchipattu, Mohiniyattam and Kalaripayattu that represent the state. Moving from the east to the west of the country and traveling to Gujarat, they found the students of Grade IV performing the Garba and Dandiya, amongst the many of the popular dance forms of the state.

    Having arrived at the colourful state of Punjab, the apsaras watched as the students of Grade V presented the Bhangra and Gidda.

    The grand finale of the evening was marked by the Grade V students’ magnetising and bewitching performances of Shiva Strotram, concluding the concerts in a grand manner for the current academic year. While the Chief Guest Mr. Kishen Reddy emphasised the important of informal learning and making learning enjoyable for nurturing world class citizens, Ms. D. Harichandana explained the significance of waste segregation and management to ensure a clean city.

    The vote of thanks was given by Ms. Susan Bird, Vice Principal CBSE Section, followed by the CHIREC Anthem and the National Anthem.

  • CHIREC Culturati -The Grandeur – Incredible India, Primary Cambridge



    The Annual Concert ‘CHREC Culturati’ of  Primary Cambridge, themed ‘The Grandeur – Incredible India’ was held on 12th Jan 2018 at the Kondapur Campus. The chief guest of the first concert of the evening, Ms. Amala Akkineni, Artiste and Animal Rights Activist, was welcomed by the Principal. Ms. Amala talked about the importance of connecting with nature and spending time with animals to enrich one’s life. She also explained that the discovery of art and culture should not be limited by quests for appreciation.

    The concert began with a storytelling session, as the children heard folklores from their grandmother, while visiting her in the village. The concert progressed as the students of Stages 1 – 5, dressed up in regional ethnic costumes of various Indian states, showcased folk dances to native music, depicting each state for each story and showing off the grandeur of Incredible India.

    While the narrators told the story ‘Buying a Song’, students of Stage 1 presented a captivating folklore of ‘The Heart of India - Madhya Pradesh’ and explained that one should enjoy every moment of life. This presentation was followed by the story ‘Forgiveness is a Virtue’, on the enchanting folklore of ‘The Abode of the Rajas, Rajasthan’ by Stage 2.

    The story ‘Honesty Pays’ was portrayed by the students of Stage 3 depicting the charming cultural heritage of ‘Heaven on Earth - Jammu and Kashmir’ while the students of Stage 4 presented ’The Rainbow of Life’ from the ‘Paradise Unexplored – The Seven Sister States of the North East’. The last performance of the evening was presented by the students of Stage 5, who represented the fascinating ‘Jewel of the South- Telangana’ through the story ‘Good Triumphs over Evil’.

    The concert concluded with the vote of thanks by the Ms. Leena Rao, Incharge, CIE Primary
    Section, CHIREC Anthem and the National Anthem.

  • Life Glitterati - Folk Tales Galore, Primary GB



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    The Annual Concert ‘Life Glitterati’ for the primary students of Gachibowli, themed ‘Folk Tales Galore’ was held on 11th Jan 2018 at the Kondapur Campus. Mr. Chiranjeevulu, IAS, Commissioner, Hyderabd Metropolitan Development Authority was the chief guest for the second concert of the evening.

    The concert began with the introductory performance ‘Swagatham’, an enthralling semi-classical South Indian dance welcoming the parents. Next, students dressed up as foreign travellers from America, China, Europe and Dubai introduced themselves and voiced their desire to learn about the famous folk dances of India.

    Students of Classes 1, 2 and 3 put up an array of vibrant, diverse and fascinating folk performances as the audience enjoyed the rich culture and heritage from various states of India.

    First in line was Kinnauri Nati, a famous folk-dance form, synonymous with the state of Himachal Pradesh. Students gave a captivating performance dressed in regional clothing and depicted the local flavour in their folk dance.

    Representing the state of Uttar Pradesh, students dressed up as and introduced popular personalities like Mangal Panday, Rani Laxmi Bai, Lal Bahadur Shastra, Amitabh Bachchan, Indira Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru and many more in ‘Vibhutia’.

    While the enchanting Assamese performance ‘Jumur Nach’ celebrated the peaceful, immaculate, and pure beauty of nature, the power-packed tribal rhythms of ‘Dhimsa,’ a dance from the Araku Valley in Andhra Pradesh, had the audience dancing to the beats of the drum.

    Students gave an incredible tribute to the state anthem of Karnataka, ‘Nadageethe’ followed by ‘Lavani’, which is a Maharashtrian way of worshipping the Hindu God. In states known for their fun-loving cultures, the state of Goa was portrayed with the colourful, fun dance ‘Corredinho’. This was followed by Folk Ballads from Delhi, depicting the preservation of art and culture. At the end of the performances, all the students came together to celebrate unity in diversity and took a final bow.

    The Concert concluded with a speech by the chief guest, who emphasised the all-round development of the child as an important element of education. Ms. Susan Bird, Vice Principal CBSE Section, gave the vote of thanks, which was followed by the CHIREC Anthem and the National Anthem.

  • Life Glitterati - Pre-primary Concert (GB & JH)


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    The Annual Concert ‘Life Glitterati’ for Nursery and Pre-primary students of JH and GB, themed ‘Cosmic Swirl’ was held on 11th Jan 2018 at the Kondapur Campus. The chief guest of the first concert of the evening, Mr. Pocharam Srinivas Reddy, Minister for Agriculture, Telangana was welcomed by the Principal, who then gave the school report.

    The concert began with PPII Boots from JH presenting the ‘Elements of Life on Earth’ constituting the cosmos like Fire, Earth, Water, Air and Ether, through enthralling dance forms. PPII Kangas performed ‘Blaze & Breeze’, a captivating dance of fire of victory, and Nursery Kitties of GB sang the welcome song. PPI Simbas of JH showcased an enchanting floral display in their ‘Dancing Flora’ followed by a representation of the freshness and the sweetness of the fruits by PPI Tiggers of JH with ‘Fruit Swag’. But what is flora and fauna without insects? Nursery A Winnies of JH presented a fascinating performance with ‘Bug’s Paradise’, while the CNUR Snoopys of JH showcased some farm animals in ‘Zumba at Farm’. Farm animals are protected but animals in the wild roam free. PPI Bambis of GB presented the existence of wildlife ‘In the Jungle’.

    While CPPI Nemos of GB explored aquatic life in their ‘Under Water Discoveries’ and CPPI Pingus of GB dressed up as sharks to show the terror of ‘Deep Blue Sea’, CNur Moo Moos of GB showcased the splendour of being a bird through ‘Wings of Paradise’.

    Depiction of seasons was not far behind. PPII Pandas of GB presented ‘Summer is Fun’, PPII Blues represented the rainy season in ‘Confetti from the Sky’, CPPI Chimps of JH performed ‘Spring Sizzlers’ and CPPII Oswalds depicted the winter season in ‘Here Comes the Snow’.

    To portray the harvest season, PPII Busy Bees gave us ‘Lodhi Di Vadhai’ and PPI Jumbos brought us to the festival of Sankranti through their ‘Gobbillu’.

    The Concert concluded with a vote of thanks by Ms. Susan Bird, Vice Principal CBSE Section, the CHIREC Anthem and the National Anthem.

  • Student Exchange Programme at CHIREC (2017-2018). Students from Thayer Academy USA


    CHIREC has been progressively instilling the concept of ‘internationalism’ among its students by showing acceptance of different cultures, open mindedness and tolerance to the students by introducing them to diverse cultures and people, through Student Exchange Programs.

    One such cultural exchange was the 10-days visit by a group of 10 students and 2 faculty members from Thayer Academy, Braintree, Massachusetts, USA. CHIREC planned a 4-day tour of the ‘Golden Triangle’ - Delhi-Agra-Jaipur, for the guests. The splendid Taj Mahal, palaces and forts of Jaipur and heritage sites in Delhi and Fatehpur Sikhri gave them an understanding of the rich history of art in India.

    The second part of the tour had the group visit Hyderabad and experience the cultural diversity of India when they travel from North of India to the Southern parts. In Hyderabad, Thayer Academy students were greeted by the Principals and Vice Principals of CHIREC’s International section and a formal welcome was given during the morning assembly. For the next 5 days, students of both schools bonded well over food, collaborative art projects (graffiti, rangoli and clay modeling) and during classes debating about issues of stereotypes. The students of both schools also visited T-HUB to witness the new wave of innovation and entrepreneurship and their visit to Indian School of Business for management education showcased the quality of education and research in India.

    The faculty members of the two schools too had their share of discussions and meetings to share ideas for teaching and learning and think of prospective projects between the schools.

    Thayer Academy Student’s Testimonials

    Sola Osinubi, Grade 10th

    “I learnt that no matter where you go across the world, people are exact same, people still smile and laugh and you can learn to be happy. We did a lot of sightseeing and visited the Taj Mahal, did elephant rides and went to bunch of forts, which were all very cool. My host was amazing and I also made a lot of friends. It was nice to experience a different culture. At school, I attended a psychology class and found it different as there is a lot of discussion and the teacher steps back and let the students handle it and I thought that was really helpful, which we don’t do at school and the teacher usually facilitates.” Lucy Relaford, Grade 12th “I had a lot of fun during the programme and I thought it was a great thing. I was super excited to go to India and also very nervous but it was really nice to do all the sight-seeing and come here and actually meet people and see what school is like in India and see what they do for fun. It was nice to meet other teenagers from around the world. At CHIREC, it was nice to get to know other people and see what they are interested in and what type of classes does CHIREC have. It was also interesting to get to know about the education system as we have elementary school, middle school and high school. Also, here there is more emphasis on examinations. The only class we attended was the theory of knowledge and we talked about stereotypes. It was really insightful and we liked it. I am excited to go back and tell my friends everything about the people I met here and how beautiful India is and get them really excited for the exchange students to come to us.”

    Jamie Grillo, Grade 9th

    “It is a good way to get to know India and its culture and see what kids your age would be doing in a foreign land that you otherwise would not experience like on a family trip or a trip through a travel agency. Thayer has a lot less students than CHIREC and there are so many people here that you can get to know so many types of people and so many different areas. There is difference in the education system such as course structuring and grading. I attended the pottery, fashion designing and the theory of knowledge classes. The latter was my favourite as it gives a talk about the world around us and goes into other types of thinking. It really opens our mind up. Thayer doesn’t really have that. They just have set classes on set subjects and doesn’t really allow you to explore different areas that would otherwise be not available.”

    Ella Green, Grade 10th

    “The exchange programme gave me an opportunity to see a new culture and meet new people and see how diverse the world is yet similar at the same time. I think the coolest part about exchange programme was staying in someone else’s home and getting to experience how they live instead of just staying in a hotel and sight-seeing like a tourist. We feel much closer with our hosts and I made friends with her friends and my friend’s hosts. We attended the English, Spanish and cooking classes. My favourite class was the cooking class because I am not much of a cook and I learnt how to cook Indian food and chai. The main difference that I noticed is that, in CHIREC math is math while in Thayer we have different math classes like algebra, geometry etc. My favourite place was Taj Mahal, which is just gorgeous.”

    Karina Kilburn, Grade 10th

    “I got to experience what it is like to go to a different school and meet new people and learn about the culture, which is so diverse and different. Thayer is lot smaller compared to CHIREC. At Thayer we take basic classes like Maths, Science and English but here you have economics, psychology and cooking class, which we don’t have. We attended a cooking class and a clay modelling class and I thought that was really cool because we don’t have classes like that at Thayer and I thought if we did, a lot of people would take them. Cooking class was my favourite as I love to cook and I am always cooking American food and cooking Indian food is a lot different. I think I have learnt that even though we are so far away from other people, they live half way across the world, experiencing different cultures and living in different ways, still we are all so similar at the same time.”

    Madhav Kolhi, IB 12, CHIREC

    “All families loved to have Thayer students in their house. School Management made sure that they could spend quality time with us and they could come to see how our school runs and I think they loved it a lot because they say this is the best trip they have been to. I learnt that Thayer Academy students are 2 years younger to me and they are very organised, mature and punctual.”

    Srilekhya Rao, IB 12, CHIREC

    “At first, we were hesitant, nervous and shy as they were coming to India for the first time, how will they feel talking to us and will they be comfortable but within the first 10 mins, all barriers were broken down and there were no differences. It was like having another sister/ brother in the house. That really increased our view point as we know that it is easy to make friends and mingle with people from other cultures as long as you are open minded and willing to make the effort. In 12th grade now we are talking about colleges as we are applying this year but Thayer 10th grade students know just as much as we do. Most of us here just follow set career paths such as engineering or business but they want to pursue a career in music, fashion, psychiatry and that’s one thing that we are encouraged to know that if they can pursue it, then we can too. I think one thing all the families that are hosting these kids have learnt was to cook Indian food without it being spicy.”

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  • Admissions for the 2018-2019 academic year begin on January 2nd, 2018 for prospective students


    For Classes :

    • Nursery,
    • PPI,
    • PP II
    • Grade I  [Cambridge and CBSE]
    • Grade XI [Cambridge, IBDP and CBSE]
    • Limited vacancies in other classes.

    Please click here for Online Form


  • Student Exchange Programme at CHIREC


    CHIREC hosted 15 students & 4 teachers of Labourdonnais College, Mauritius, as a part of the 6-day Student Exchange Programme from 26th Nov ’17 to 1st Dec ‘17. Each student was assigned a host family, who took good care of them and served regional cuisine. In school, the guests were given a warm welcome in the traditional Indian style during the special cultural assembly, followed by the school tour and interaction with the CHIREC students, faculty members, principals of both the sections and the Director. M

    During their time at CHIREC, Labourdonnais College students attended English Language, Business Studies and Psychology classes with the International section students of CHIREC. They visited the sports facilities and played table tennis and volleyball. They attended Art class, Music class, the Clay Modelling class where they used the potter’s wheel and made decorative pots and flowers and the Home Science Lab where they learnt how to prepare two South Indian delicacies.

    During their spare time, the school took the guests to various tourist spots in Hyderabad, such as the Ramoji Film City, Golconda Fort, Salarjung Museum, Charminar and Qutub Shahi Tombs. The guests purchased the Bidri craft articles, lacquer and pearl jewellery from the old city, and thoroughly enjoyed their visit to Shilparamam where they purchased Indian handicrafts, souvenirs and ethnic dresses. They also relished the Hyderabadi Biryani and Mughlai food at the city restaurants.

    On the last day, the students of Labourdonnais College, Mauritius, were given a grand farewell. They were invited to take part in the carnival wherein the CHIREC students presented about the colourful festival of Mardi Gras. Later, the Mauritian students showcased their talents by singing and dancing to their traditional and popular songs, while collaborating with CHIREC students during the presentations. A Mauritian student delivered a speech about Mauritius and its beautiful islands, and extended an invitation to CHIRECians to visit them. The guest faculty members thanked CHIREC for the hospitality and the cultural showcase. The guests were gifted goodie bags containing a CHIREC t-shirt, jacket, mug and magazine; they also received traditional block-print gowns, Kashmiri scarves, khadi kurtis, etc.

    It was a great experience for the host and the guest school, and we anxiously look forward to another wonderful collaboration in near future.

    Mr. Shafeeq Soobadar, Director and son of the founder of the Labourdonnais College, Mr. Houmayoun Soobadar: “The world is becoming a global village and people of different backgrounds and origins should all stick together as then we can achieve a lot. Friendship is important and distance should not be a problem. CHIREC & Labourdonnais College share the Cambridge curriculum and can share knowledge and the way of teaching. Both the schools insist on holistic development for our children. While, Mauritius has 1.3 million people and has one culture and habit, meeting different cultures is rare and is a unique experience. In Mauritius, the school environment is completely different. Here, first thing I notice is the positive environment. The students are disciplined and well behaved. The cultural exchange programme has given a clarity and the experience of the Indian culture to all the students and staff. This is the second time I am visiting Hyderabad and it is the loveliest city in India. When I came for the first time, I was amazed by the city. I wanted my students to come and see how Hyderabad is growing fast and evolving.”

    Sajjaad Sunnooman, Economics Teacher :“This is our first exchange programme. Our staff were reluctant at first to travel this long distance and we took 2 months to plan this. I would like to thank the management team, teachers, and students who accommodated us. The hospitality was beyond my expectation and imagination. It was unbelievable and we were not expecting it. The host families did not allow us to pay. The students have been asking me how will they exchange this money in Mauritius, there is nothing to buy in rupees. We were not expecting that there will no expenses. Students would like to come back with their families. About the teaching at CHIREC, the methodology is quite different. Teachers allow the students to develop their skills in what they are good at.”

    Oliver Owen Gaetan Joseph, Head Boy 2017-18 “It was a great experience. The people of Hyderabad are very friendly and they mingled with us very well. They have a sense of oneness and togetherness and treated us like king. We went to many attractions such as Charminar, Museum, etc, where we discovered the Hyderabadi culture, style and art. We attended a class on sociology and they were talking about how emotion can act on someone and how you can influence someone’s perception. We even attended Business Studies class, where we studied type of advertising that is informative and persuasive. This helped me as we study same subjects in our college. The takeaway for me from the experience is the sense of cooperation and oneness, I experienced here. I am going to try to instil it in my friends and family and show them how we were treated and treat others likewise.”

    Melanie Shannen Typhis, Head Girl 2017-18 : “It was my 1st time travelling in a plane. There are some stereotypes about India that it is polluted, and dirty. When we were transiting through Chennai, it was very polluted and people were driving like crazy. In Mauritius, it is not normal. When we came to Hyderabad, my expectations changed. It is not so polluted and people are friendly. I enjoyed staying with my host family. I was not homesick. We had breakfast and dinner together. I was lucky to have found my family in them. CHIREC is a big school and people here talk to u even if they don’t know you. We attended Business Studies and English classes. I prefer English. It was interesting the way teacher teach their students with video projection. Our generation understands something when we see with our eyes because everything is digital. It was very interesting. Ramoji Film City was my favourite place. I knew some of the places there as I watch Indian movies. We went for rides, had lunch and took pictures & videos.”

    Marie Alycia Michelle “I attended the science class and learnt about cells and what do cells constitute of. The school took us to the museum, which was a really nice place. We also visited Ramoji, where we enjoyed all the rides. I really liked the way people treated us here. I really liked my host and their hospitality. I made a lot of friends. Basically, I thought t it was going to be like I don’t know her, I won’t talk to her but it was otherwise. They talked to me and played with me especially my host family. I would like to tell my friends back home about the hospitality that we received here and I would like to say that when people give you too much, don’t abuse.”

    Marie Christabella Annais Charlot :“Indian is different from our country and we experienced a new culture. The people are very friendly and I don’t want to leave them. It was amazing. I really like the Shilparaman market, which had traditional dresses and sandals at good prices. CHIREC students here are so friendly. We have the same subjects and books. We attended the Clay Modelling class, which was a new experience as we don’t have this in our school.”

    Bibi Haajarah Dhoomun : “I really loved coming to India and I did not think it would be such a great opportunity. We spent an incredible time here. Everyone was nice and caring. The host families treated us like families and I feel really touched. I don’t want to leave India, I want to stay here. Classes are very different from Mauritius as we don’t have video projection to discuss topics.”

    Charles Yohan Alexandro Chan Lok :“Everything was well organised especially Ramoji Film City, which was a wonderful experience. I really liked the host family with whom I stayed. We attended the commerce and the sociology classes, which were very instructive as we have same syllabus.”

    Haadiyah Bibi Dhoomun: “It has been a very nice experience. We were welcomed with garlands. We attended the Psychology and Business Studies classes, where they showed us an informative video. It was very different. People at CHIREC are very friendly. We were taken to the Inorbit mall, where we had Italian lunch. We also went to Shilparamam and Ramoji Film City. On our last day at CHIREC, we performed on Exo Growl, during the morning assembly.”

    Bilal Oozeer: “It was an awesome experience. I don’t have a word to describe it. It was amazing. We enjoyed and had lots of fun. We played with the CHIREC band and they were very friendly. We practiced once and performed during the assembly on our last day. We even attended Business Studies classes, which I thought is similar to our school. Ramoji Film City was the best.

    Humairah Bibi Faatimah Dhoomun:  “It was a very nice experience and we got to share our cultures. Ramoji Film City was very nice and we saw a film shooting. At CHIREC, we attended the biology class, where we were taught with a projector. The teachers explain in detail.”

    Shiekh Muhammad Ibrahim Bin Muhadjir Jaunbocus:  “My experience of this programme was very good. The school is very nice and we attended the Biology & Home Science classes. I didn’t make many friends but learnt about the culture. Ramoji Film City was my favourite place. It is so colourful and big.”

    Irfan Oozeer:  “Hyderabad is a very beautiful city. It is the most beautiful in India. The people here are well educated and have good manners. I am really happy to come here and I will come again. I also liked the host family. They were like my own family.”

    Samuel Jean Christopher Lamto “It was an amazing experience. The whole school is very nice and big. All students are very friendly. It is like our school. Hyderabad is very beautiful and clean. I would like to come later again. My favourite was the Ramoji Film City, from where I got tattoos.”

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  • CHIREC Hosts Different Strokes Sports Day at New Campus Site



    More pictures

    Fun, frolic and fervour were in the air as CHIREC celebrated the Sports Day Different Strokes on Saturday, 11th Nov. 2017 at the site of the new campus in Gachibowli. Classes Nursery to 3 participated in the morning session while Classes 4-12 participated in the afternoon session. A fantastic turnout from the parents along with the pleasant weather was the perfect boost for the students. The sports day began with the guard of honour for the chief guests led by the Director Mrs. Ratna Reddy, Principals Ms. Iffat Ibrahim and Mr. Omkar Joshi, and the student council members. Dr. Akun Sabharwal, IPS, Director, Excise Commission, presided over the occasion in the morning as the chief guest while Mr. A. Dinakar Babu, IAS, Vice Chairman and MD, SAAP was the chief guest in the afternoon.

    The Chief guests, along with the Director and Principals, hoisted the school flag at the beginning of the programme. The Principals then presented their report on the achievements of the school. After the torch relay, carried out by students selected to play various sports at national level, the Chief Guests spoke words of encouragement to kick-start the Sports Day.

    The pre-primary and primary programme began with a visual display of the tiny tots of Nursery & PP 1 parading to the beats of the foot-tapping music with their colourful pom-poms followed by a Pool Noodle Drill by the PP 2 students, which included various delightful hand and leg movements focusing on the whole body exercise. The Nursery students of GB & JH were not far behind as they showcased the Wibble-Wobble Fun Game` while they walked at their own pace and crossed obstacles.


    More pictures

    Students of PP 1 of GB & JH campuses participated in the Spectrum-Fun Obstacle Race, after which the sports field came alive with the students of Grades 1-3 of the KP Campus performing `Waves of Wonder`, in which they coordinated hand movements while learning how to work in teams and finished by forming a star in the centre. The morning`s last performance saw the students of Grades 1-3 of the GB Campus come together for the drill Morning Glory, wherein the students coordinated hand and feet movements and made the CHIREC formation. The performance was followed by more rounds of the competitive obstacle race for the students of Grades 1-3 as well as for the students of Grade 5 of CHIREC`s adopted government school. Prizes were distributed to the winners by the chief guest.

    The secondary section`s sports day began with a 200 m race for the students of Grades 9-12 and a Mixed Relay Race for Grades 6-8. Students of Grades 4 & 5 of the KP campus put on Wings of Grace, in which they displayed body moves like in ball room dancing and finished it with a butterfly formation whereas students of Stages 4 & 5 put up a well-coordinated high energy Zumba dance Happy Feet on a Groovy Beat, creating a visual appeal to the onlookers. Next, the students of Stages C 6-8 were at their sporty best when they performed the Rhythmic Dribble, with each student focusing on hand-eye coordination in dribbling and controlling the basketball. Roaring Rapture by students of Grades VI-VIII of the KP campus marked the enthralling last performance to a spellbound audience.

    The interact club prepared a small video on Green Goals and made the parents take an oath to keep Hyderabad clean by starting from home. CHIREC`s school band, Zero Gravity played inspiring songs to keep the audience engaged with the sports activities.

    After the vote of thanks by CBSE Vice-Principal Ms. Susan Bird, the Sports Day culminated with the CHIREC anthem followed by national anthem. The delightful displays of sportsmanship encouraged the students to keep fit by playing sports, participating in team sporting activities and competing in games, whether they win or lose.

    Following students won various Obstacle Race at the Sports Day.

    Pre-primary & Primary Programme

    Ton of Fun Flat Obstacle Race Grade I Boys
    1. Vidhat S., I C (GB)
    2. Jeevan Sonthalia, 1 A
    3. Abhinav Swarup, C1 B

    Track Stars Flat Obstacle Race Grade I Girls
    1. Elchuri Nithya Bharathi, C1 B
    2. Veda Dhasmana, C1 A
    3. Rishaa Chaudhary, 1 A (GB)

    The Chase Obstacle Race (Grades 2 & 3 Boys) 1. Vihaan Vikas, C2 B
    2. Arnav Reddy Jakka, C3 C
    3. Aneesh S. Vangur, 2B (GB)

    On The Right Track Obstacle Race (Grades 2 & 3 Girls)
    > 1. Kyra Rohan Fernandes, C3 D
    2. Saanvi Vishal Deshmukh, 3 B (GB)
    3. Sama Gupta, C2 C

    No Barriers 100 M Obstacle Race Government School Boys - Grade V
    1. Sri Hari
    2. Abhinav
    3. Arjun

    Catch The Spirit 100 M Obstacle Race - Government School Girls - Grade V
    1. M. Vijaya, 5 B
    2. M. Ramya, 5 B
    3. T. Hasini, 5 A

    Primary & Secondary Programme

    In The Fast Lane 200 M Boys - Grade IX-XII
    1. Nipun Rustagi, 9 C
    2. Anshul Dutta, 10 A
    3. Aditya Tiwari, 9 E

    In The Fast Track 200M Girls - Grade IX-XII 1. Prerana Katta, 10 E
    2. Sarvani Kolachana, C10 B
    3. Neha Devaraj, 9 F

    Fair Play Mixed Relay 4*100M (Grade VI-VIII) 1. Purvanchals House
    2. Vindhyas House
    3. Sahyadri House
    The Next Level Mixed Relay 4*100 - IX-XII 1. Vindhyas House
    2. Satpuras House
    3. Nilgiris House

    Harmony Mixed Obstacle Relay Race - Grade IV-V 1. Aravallis House
    2. Sahyadri House
    3. Purvanchal House

    Power Sprinters 100M Flat Race Boys - Grade IX-XII
    1. Mohammed Zayd Rehman, 12 D
    2. Anshul Datta, 10 A
    3. Nipun Rustagi, 9 C

    Sprinting Queen 100M Flat Race Girls - Grade IX-XII
    1. G. Haripriya
    2. Shruthi Somasetty
    3. Sarvani Kolachana

  • Brainfeed School Excellence Award 2017 in Academic Excellence...


    CHIREC is proud to announce that Brainfeed Magazine has honored Director Ms. Ratna Reddy with the Life Time Achievement Award, and has conferred awards on CHIREC International School in the following categories:
    - Best Academic Excellence School
    - Best Community & Collaborative School
    - Best Influential School Brand
    - Best International School of Telangana
    - Best Pre-School of Telangana awarded to CHIREC International School, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad

  • Icons of Learning Awards 2017 for Excellence in Leadership and Leading K-12 Education Provider


    Mrs. Ratna Reddy, the founder director, and CHIREC International School have been conferred with the coveted ‘Icons of Learning’ Awards 2017 for Excellence in Leadership and Leading K-12 Education Provider by BERG Singapore during the Summit & Awards ceremony.

  • CHIREC Hosts 3-Days JMUN (Junior Model United Nations)


    Students of Classes 6, 7 and 8 of 8 different schools from Hyderabad came together to participate in 3-Days Junior Model United Nation, hosted by CHIREC from 27th – 29th Oct 2017 at the Kondapur campus. The inaugural ceremony began by welcoming the chief guest Ms. Vanitha Datla, Vice Chairperson of Elico Ltd, a pioneer in the Analytical Instruments Industry. She motivated the young and innovative minds to participate in the UN governance model, gain the skills to thrive in a place of challenges, offer recommendations and to empower the vision to influence perspectives and world policies. She especially encouraged the girls to come forward with their views, to facilitate reduction of inequalities in world policies. She also spoke about 6-ups on becoming a good leader - Show-up, Speak -up, Look -up, Team -up, Don’t Give-up and Lift others up. Her speech was followed by a mesmerising Indian Classical dance performance, introduction to the secretariat and declaring the conference open by the Secretary General Yash Kothari, student of C-10A.,

    During the 3-days conference, the student delegates discussed issues governing world policies in 8 different committees – DISEC (Disarmament and International Security Committee), UNHRC (United Nations Human Rights Council), UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation), UNEP (United Nations Environment Programme), UNSC (United Nations Security Council), Joint Crisis Committee: Axis and Joint Crisis Committee: Allied and European Union.

    The JMUN aims to empower the student delegates with skills in diplomacy, international relations and to come up with innovative solutions to issues faced by different countries in the world.
    The closing ceremony included a song and a dance performance, followed by an award distribution ceremony and a closing speech by Yash Kothari. .

    Our students won the following awards:

    United Nations Human Rights Council

    Best Delegate: Hamsa Madhira (Belgium)
    High Commendation: Sohini R. Paul (Germany) )
    Special Mention: Ashuthosh Sundresh (Albania), Sriyashas Mohan Kalluri (Croatia) and Vrinda Noone (Republic of Korea) )
    Verbal Mention: Raghav Pillaipakmnatt Dinesh (China), Sampriti Mohanty (Switzerland), Sanjna Futnani (Egypt) and Gumireddy Neeharika Reddy (Iraq)

    European Union

    High Commendation: Kasi Raju (Italy)
    Honourable Mention: Adarsh Chittimoori (Germany)
    Special Mention: Adithya Pillai (Lithuania) and Rushil Sai Nagulapati (Slovenia)

    United Nations Environment Programme

    High Commendation: Aditi Pillai (India) and Aprateem Bhattacharya (Japan) )
    Honourable Mention: Krishna Vaidya (Australia), Saahil Manglani (Bhutan), Amartya Jayavel (Norway) and Ishaaq Mohammad (Netherlands)

    JCC Allied

    Best Delegate: Thej Mallu (Dwight Eisenhower) )
    High Commendation: Rohit Reddy Sirigiri (Georgy Zhukov) and Aakash Kothari (Alan Brooke) )
    Special Mention: Shravan Potluri (Archibald Wavell)


    High Commendation: Hriday Joshi (Myanmar) )
    Special Mention: Rhea Thakkal (Iraq)

    JCC Axis

    Best Delegate: Raghav Ramasamy (Alfred Jodl) )
    High Commendation: Krithin Reddy (Ugo) )
    Best Diplomat: Jaithra Sri (Hideki Tojo)

    Disarmament and International Security Committee

    Best Delegate: Rohan Seelamsetty (Georgia) )
    High Commendation: Yash Agarwal (United Kingdom) )
    Special Mention: Pragnav Varma (Nigeria), Sujay Rao Bompelly (Pakistan), Om Pappureddipalli (Latvia) and Yaksha Gummadapu (Cameroon)

    United Nations Security Council

    Best Delegate: Vansh Agarwal (Iraq)
    High Commendation: Abhinav Kalhan (France) and Eugene Chauhan (Russia) )
    Special Mention: Anantha Narayan (USA), Sania Kothari (Republic of Korea) and Navya Reddy (Ethiopia)

    International Press - Reporters

    Best Reporter: Pritha Deshpande

    International Press - Photographers

    Best Photographer: Neha Varma

    More pictures

  • Dr. Manju Sharma commemorated with ‘Acharya Devo Bhava National Award’


    Congratulations to Dr. Manju Sharma, a veteran CHIREC teacher for being commemorated with the ‘Acharya Devo Bhava National Award’ for her significant contribution to the field of education. The top 50 educators from a list of 500 were selected for the coveted award. The IGCSE Hindi as Second Language text-books for Stages 1- 10 authored by Dr. Manju will be published and taught in schools soon.

  • Safety at CHIREC


    Parents of CHIREC were invited to review the school`s safety measures and suggest improvements. Parents were divided into groups and allotted different departments from Transport to Housekeeping, Dining and General Security. Attendees were provided with a checklist of the items to inspect to ensure the safety of the students. Parents assigned with roles and departments are welcome to visit twice a month at their convenience over the course of one term.

  • Education World 2017 - Ranked Top in Hyderabad and Telangana


    Education World India School Rankings 2017

    - Ranked #1 Best Co-ed Day Schools in Hyderabad and Telangana.
    - Ranked # 1 Best Proprietary Preschool in Hyderabad.
    - Ranked #2 Best International Day School in Telangana.
    - Ranked #5 Best International Day School, India.
    - Ranked #10 Best Co-ed Day School, India.

  • Awareness Session on Varicose Veins by Apollo Doctors


    CHIREC alumna Dr. Nikhila Pinjala and Dr. Nihar Ranjan Pradhan, vascular surgeons, conducted an awareness program on Venous Insufficiency and Varicose Veins for the CHIREC staff. The presentation focused on venous disorders, highlighting varicose veins – their causes, effects, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment. The doctors conducted screening tests for the teachers, and provided a wholesome medical diagnostic opinion, advised investigations and follow-ups. Dr. Nikhila shared that she was just one year and nine months old when she joined CHIREC and that she is one of the first and the oldest students of this school. “CHIREC has been a big part of my life and now it’s my turn to give back”, she said.

  • CHIREC`s National Astronomy Champion Attends Workshop in Singapore


    As a part of the National Astronomy Challenge 2017, CHIREC student Ishan Bhasin from Grade 9 B was selected as the only student from the southern region amongst 10 other students from different schools in India to attend a 3-day Astronomy Workshop in Singapore. Ishan had participated in a one-hour quiz competition in April 2017, meant for students of Grades 5 – 9, organized by STEM Research & Innovation, in association with the Astronomy Training Company, SDRO. Ishan, along with his escort teacher Ms. Vidhu Saxena, visited Singapore from 29th August to 1st September 2017.

    In Singapore, Ishan and 9 other students and their escort teachers visited the Boeing Corporation`s R&D Centre, Singapore Science Centre and the National University of Singapore (NUS), where they learnt about the Flying Principles, participated in a demonstration of aircraft simulators, and were shown working models relating to optical illusions, sound, electricity. The students also got a taste of the city as they visited Merlion Park, the Singapore Flyer and took a one day trip to Universal Studios.

    Students attended the awards ceremony, where they were felicitated by renowned professionals in the field of Astrophysics and space sciences. The chief guests speeches inspired the young minds present, and encouraged them to make use of the opportunities in Astronomy on a global platform.

  • British Council International School Award 2017


    The British Council International School Award (ISA) is a benchmarking scheme that recognises and celebrates exemplary practices of internationalism in schools. Accreditation is awarded to schools who display exemplary levels of support towards nurturing global citizenship in young people and excellence in teaching and learning. CHIREC International received its first ISA accreditation in the year 2014. We are now happy to announce that CHIREC International has once again been accredited for the years 2017-2020. The ISA program has a positive impact on the students and the teachers of a school through leadership challenges that foster team building, innovation, and project management skills.

  • Teachers’ Day Celebrations


    Teachers’ Day was celebrated across all CHIREC campuses. At the Kondapur campus, teachers were treated to special lunch and fun games and activities such as ‘identify the personality,’ volleyball, throwball and basketball. At the Jubilee Hills campus too, teachers were engaged in playing games.

    At the Gachibowli campus, primary students showed their gratitude to their teachers by singing a self-composed song and giving a wonderful Teachers’ Day Speech. Pre-Primary students presented performances and the teachers participated in games organized for them.

    We thank and appreciate all our staff and teachers!

    More pictures

  • Facility of immunization to the students at the campus


    A team of doctors, comprising of Dr. Anilkumar from WHO, Dr. Rajitha, the District Medical Officer and Dr. Ganesh, the DEO Immunization, sensitized the faculty members of the CBSE and International sections about the Measles-Rubella vaccine for the students upto the age of 15 years. The doctors made a PPT presentation about the prevention and symptoms of the two diseases and discussed the steps taken by the government to eradicate Measles and Rubella from India, the way Polio was eradicated from the country in 1979. The doctors sought the support of the management and staff of CHIREC to help in the MR immunization drive by creating awareness amongst the students and parents and providing the facility of immunization to the students at the campus on a per-decided day.

  • CHIREC Students Develop Drone Capable of Carrying a Human


    Students from CHIREC International School’s Physics and Engineering Club successfully launched an Octocopter (multirotor with eight rotors) capable of lifting a human pilot, weighing around 70 kg, on Wednesday, 2nd August 2017 at CHIREC Kondapur Campus. The team of 4 students, Vinay Kanumuri, Vineet Alaparthi, Amog Iska and Aaditya Maddukuri and two CHIREC Alumni, Sahevaan Taneja and Surya Taneja, undertook the project to design, build and fly the Octocopter. The project is the first of its kind by students in India.

    The drone was launched in the presence of Mr. Anand and Mr. Sujai of T-work, Mr. Nikhil Rangandas, CEO of Delta Tech, Captain A.S. Randhawa, Commander of 737 fleet of Jet Airways, and Wg Cdr Polu Sreedhar of the Indian Air Force.

    The drone will pave the way for more ambitious endeavours, decreasing costs and increasing ease of use, flight time and speed. The Club will focus on building larger scale versions of this design to support such applications.

    More pictures

    Press clippings

    ETV Telangana  | HansIndia  | Eenadu | Namaste Telangana | Sakshi

  • Green Initiative - CHIREC Students Plant Saplings near Botanical Garden


    As a part of the Haritha Haram initiative, Mrs. Harichandana Dasari, GHMC Zonal Commissioner, Serilingampally District, addressed the primary students of the international section and encouraged them to preserve the environment. She then led the students of Stage 6 as they planted saplings near the Botanical Gardens, and also left behind more saplings to be distributed amongst the students.

  • Independence Day Celebrations at CHIREC


    Students and the staff of Kondapur campus came together to celebrate the 71st Independence Day with the chief guest, actress and producer, Ms. Namrata Shirodkar. The ceremony started at 9:00 a.m. with flag hoisting and was followed by the six houses proudly marching in their contingents for the Grand Salute to the Indian Flag. Ms. Namrata congratulated the students for the time and effort they put into the celebrations and asked everyone to pledge to respect our country and our national flag..

    Scholarships were given to the government school students, teachers’ children and the children of the support staff and admin staff for their excellent performance in the X and XII board examinations. Trophies were also handed out to the houses for their performances in the March Past and CCA activities during the 2016-17 academic year..

    The rest of the celebrations comprised of a cultural programme with a patriotic dance to the Vande Mataram, a mesmerising performance depicting Indian Culture, a patriotic song and a Kumi folk dance. The ceremony concluded with the Vote of Thanks by Ms. Shalini Hamilton and the CHIREC song..

    More pictures

    Students of Grade I, II and III celebrated Independence Day at the Gachibowli Campus with Principal Mr. Omkar Joshi, In-charges of Primary and Pre-primary section and chief guest Padma Shri Dr. Raghuram Pillarisetti, an Oncoplastic surgeon. The programme began with the Guard of Honour and March Past. Students chose peace as the theme of their presentation and performed a fusion dance and a patriotic song. Tri-coloured balloons were released and the chief guest released pigeons as a mark of peace. The programme concluded with a song about peace.

    More pictures

    Students of the CBSE section visited the government primary schools of Gopinagar and Anjaihnagar to participate in the 71st Independence Day celebrations, where they distributed sweets to the students.

    More pictures

  • Toppers of Classes X and XII awarded at Felicitation Ceremony


    The toppers of Classes X and XII, Batch of 2017, from both CBSE and International section were awarded during the Felicitation Ceremony held on 12th Aug 2017. The occasion started with a welcome address by Principal Ms. Iffat Ibrahim, who introduced the chief guest of the day, Ms. Shikha Goel, IPS IG CISF. Ms. Goel, a CHIREC-parent, congratulated all the parents and the students, calling them deserving recipients of the awards. She emphasized that the road to success is full of speed breakers and one needs to have patience, courage, and the will to innovate and discover to achieve goals.

    The toppers were given Gold Medals, Trophies, Certificates and Scholarship cheques for excelling in academics. The ceremony was followed by a congratulatory song and valedictory speeches, made by a parent and a student, about benefiting from studying at CHIREC. The ceremony concluded with a Vote of thanks by the Principal CIE, Mr. Omkar Joshi, and the National Anthem.

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  • Arnav Agarwal makes history!


    Arnav Agarwal of Grade IX E won a Bronze Medal in the Over-65 kgs weight category in the 3rd Cadet National Taekwondo Championship 2017 held at Agra from 4th to 6th August, 2017. This is the first time that an individual of Telangana State & a student of  CHIREC won a medal in this competition.

  • Workshop on well-being of teenagers


    Dr. Lalita Anand from Teenage Foundation, a trust dedicated to the well-being of teenagers, conducted a workshop "Face the Book Within" for the students of Grades 8 and 9 today. During the interactive session, Dr. Anand discussed crucial issues that can destroy students’ lives by giving examples of real-life situations where drugs have ruined teenagers’ life. She encouraged the students not to give in to peer pressure and to abstain from substance abuse.

  • Workshop on Early Care and Education


    Ms. Jayanti Tambe, the Executive Director at the University of California Los Angeles - Early Care and Education, conducted a workshop for Early Childhood Educators of the schools in Hyderabad. Pre-primary teachers attended the session and learned about incorporating S.T.E.A.M. (science, technology, engineering, art and math) into the Early Childhood Curriculum.

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  • CHIREC Launches Digital Learning Portal


    CHIREC has launched a Digital Library Portal and a Recording Facility at the Kondapur campus. The facilities were inaugurated by Mr. Arijit Sarker, VP, Global Campaign Operations, Google on 2nd August 2017.

    With these facilities, teachers can record lectures and upload them on a Digital Library Portal categorized by subject and grade. This will primarily benefit students, who have missed a class and to supplement learning. Login credentials will be given to all the students, who may access these video lessons, in their free time, on the campus.

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  • Renovations at Kondapur campus


    Over the summer of 2017, the school undertook several renovation projects on its Kondapur campus in the Secondary Block and the Dining Hall Block, Fashion Tech lab and Home Science Lab, Kitchen & Bakery.

    More pictures

  • Venkat Rishi Batlanki wins runner-up at tennis championship


    Congratulations to Venkat Rishi Batlanki of Grade VA for becoming the Runner-Up in the Inter-School Tennis Championship held at Delhi Public School, Hyderabad from 3rd to 5th August 2017.

    Congratulations to Rishi Batlanki of Grade V A for winning the NVK Talent Series tournament in the Under-10 Boys category held at NVK Tennis Academy, Hyderabad on 2nd Dec’17.

    Rishi was also the runner-up in the Under-12 Boys category.

  • Gauravi Reddy etches name in the Guinness Book of World Records with Kuchipudi


    M.Gauravi Reddy received the Narayana Bala award in the junior category at an event organized at Eluru by Abhinaya Nrutya Bharati on 16th July 2017. Gauravi is a part of the 6117 Kuchipudi dancers who have etched their names in the Guinness Book of World Records by performing a Kuchipudi dance for Maha Brunda Natyam organized by Silicon Andhra in Vijayawada in 2016.

  • Grade IV students experience joy of giving at Nachiketa Tapovan School


    As a part of the Community Outreach Programme, the students of Grade IV, along with members of the community service committee, visited the Grade IV students of Nachiketa Tapovan School, on 27th July 2017. The students of Nachiketa Tapovan School taught the CHIREC students how to make paper boats, and the CHIREC students taught them the art of making origami swans. All the students sang the song ‘Love is all you need’ together, and recited the poem ‘If you are happy and you know it, clap your hands.’ The students from CHIREC also distributed 45 school bags, 107 lunch boxes, 157 pencil boxes and 40 pairs of footwear to the students of Nachiketa Tapovan School.


  • 5th edition of the CHIREC MUN


    Day 1

    350 student leaders from various schools across Hyderabad participated in the first day of CHIREC MUN 2017, organised in collaboration with the United Nations Information Centre for India and Bhutan. Mr. Harpreet Singh, Principal Secretary to Governor, and Ajit Rangnekar, Director General at Research and Innovation Circle of Hyderabad inaugurated the opening ceremony.

    As part of CHIREC MUNs community outreach program, 16 students from Devnar School for the Blind and the Kasturba Gandhi National Memorial Trust School were invited to participate in the event.

    The three-day affair will see delegates discussing issues relating to different countries, in seven different committees including the UN High Commission for Refugees, All India Political Parties Meet, AEGIS, Historic Security Council, White House Situation Room and Commission on Narcotics and Drugs.


    Day 2 of the CHIREC MUN was fast paced, with invigorating debates taking place across all the committees as the student delegates felt the pressure of finding solutions to their agendas and crises. Delegates representing different countries discussed issues such as the Ukraine crisis, the South China Sea, the legality of western coalition countries invading Iraq, healthcare, and the refugee crisis. The student leaders grew confident in their abilities to present their thoughts on these very real issues. After hours of debate, analysis, and defence of their arguments, the delegates constructed papers outlining their solutions as steps towards resolving the issues. The IP team conducted press conferences with all the committees, creating an opportunity for the press and the delegates to discuss the agendas of the meetings.


    Day 3 of the CHIREC MUN saw delegates focusing on the beef ban, and the directives regarding the hacking of classified information within the US government.



    • Best Delegate – Anirudh C. (Malaysia)
    • Outstanding Delegate – Naman Vakharia (France), Shourya P. (Germany)
    • High commendation – Bhargava V. (Germany), Ashwin R. (Brazil), Shreyas Guntur (Colombia)


    • Best Delegate - Mayuk Routh
    • Special Mention – Guhen Iyer, Arthi Tirupathi, Pranav Charkupalli


    • Best Delegate – Akhil Bandireddy (Iraq)
    • High Commendation – Pranay Satya (Pakistan), Ruthvik Reddy (UK)
    • Special Mention – Rithvik Kesani (Guinea)


    • Best Delegate – Atreya Bhamidi
    • High Commendation – Kanish M. , Sanya Sharma
    • Special Mention – Rabri Devi


    • Best Delegate – Prabhav Kashyap
    • High Commendation – Anandita Rajesh, Sankalp Gorra
    • Special Mention – Arnav Agarwal


    • Best Delegate – Dhruv Maroo
    • High Commendation – Akash Singirikonda, Aditi Dadiya
    • Special Mention – Mujtaba Ali, Saketh Manda


    • Best Delegate – Yash Kothari
    • High Commendation – Abhishek Akshantala, Sarthak Bansal
    • Special Mention – Rohan Gadamsetty, Raghav


    • Excellent journalist – Pratyusha Vellala, Sarvani Kolachana
    • Outstanding Journalist – Sarvajna Potluri.

  • IBDP Results


    Congratulations to our IBDP graduates! Siddharth Peyyti topped the list with 42 points, followed by Varin Nair and Vedika Patwari with 41 points

  • Investiture Ceremony


    On 15th July 2017, the members of the CHIREC International School student council were sworn in for the 2017-2018 academic year, during the Investiture Ceremony. The function was presided over by Principal Ms. Iffat Ibrahim welcomed the guests and spoke about the role of the student council in setting a good example for their fellow students, striving towards perfection in whatever they do while also upholding the honour of the school. In his address, chief guest Mr. Sandeep Shandilya, Commissioner of Police - Cyberabad, reminded all the members of the council how crucial their role is in working together with each student while also being helpful and disciplined. After Director Ms. Ratna Reddy, along with the chief guest, Principals, Vice Principals and other incharges, pinned the badges and sashes to the Head Girl Sri Lekhya and Head Boy Vinay Kanumuri from Cambridge and Head Girl Sakshi Ahuja. and Head Boy Krithik Chitla from CBSE and newly sworn in members of the student council. Principal Mr. Omkar Joshi gave a Vote of Thanks, and the ceremony concluded with the School Song and National Anthem.

    More pictures

  • Univ Assit USA University Fair is being organized on August 1, 2017


    KIC Univ Assit USA University Fair is organized on August 1, 2017 at 9.00 a.m.

    The following universities are participating in the fair:

      • DePaul University (Chicago, IL): Karen Mark 
      • Emerson College (Boston, MA): Erik Osborne 
      • Foothill De Anza Colleges (Los Altos Hills, CA): Pranav Pradhan 
      • University of Iowa (Iowa City, IA): Adam Parker 
      • Utah State University (Logan, UT): Ian Anderson

  • CHIREC supports third phase of Haritha Haram


    To show solidarity with the third phase of Haritha Haram, an initiative by the Telangana government, around 200 students from CHIREC International joined together to plant saplings at the Bird Park opposite the Botanical Garden, in Hyderabad on Wednesday, July 12, 2017.

    Shri K.T. Rama Rao, Telangana Minister for Information Technology and Shri Arekapudi Gandhi, MLA of Serilingampally, were the chief guests for the event. The main vision of the Haritha Haram scheme is to increase the tree cover in the state.

    Students from Grade V participated in the event and learnt the importance of planting more trees. Meanwhile, the members of the student council attended the inauguration of the event at the Botanical Garden.

    More pictures




    Please see website

  • Ayush Daga winner of Table Tennis


    Congratulation to Ayush Daga from Grade 6 A for winning the Telangana State Ranking Table Tennis Tournament 2017. In addition to receiving a trophy and a cash prize of Rs. 3000, Ayush Daga became the State No.1 in the Under-12 Cadre Boys Table Tennis Tournament.

  • Back to School


    The ‘Back to School’ event was the perfect way to welcome the new academic year. The parents were a picture of enthusiasm as they sportingly participated in games and activities, alongside the students. While games like ‘Build a Tower’ , ‘Roll the Ball’ and ‘ Fun with Hula-Hoops’ put their balancing skills to test, they were given an opportunity to display their histrionics by enacting the evergreen film dialogues in ‘Sabse Bada Kalaakar’. The fitness freaks had an energetic ‘Zumba’ session, while the others tried their luck at games like ‘I am a Gladiator’, ‘ Hit the Coins’ and ‘We are Family,’ organized on the grounds. The event proved to be a much needed break for the parents, who enjoyed some quality time with their families on campus.


    More pictures

  • Visit to Nachiketa Tapovan School


    The students of Grade X B from the CBSE section visited Nachiketa Tapovan School in Jubilee Hills on July 1, 2017. The CHIREC students brought science activity kits, card games and charts to the school. Students of both schools played games to learn concepts of science such as the human circulatory system, wildlife preservation, and the importance of a balanced diet. CHIREC teachers, Ms. Ratnamala and Ms. Shanti Rao, taught physics and social science for the Grade X and Grade IX students of the school.


  • Director Mrs.Ratna Reddy becomes youngest recipient of prestigious education award


    Congratulations to our Director, Mrs. Ratna Reddy for being conferred the Dr. Paidi Laxmaiah and Dr. P. L. Sanjiva Reddy Memorial Talent Award in the field of education. She is the youngest recipient in the 117 awards presented so far. Dr. Rosaiah, Former Governor of Tamilnadu and Mrs. Jamuna, film actress and others presented the award.

  • Congratulations to all of our Class X (AISSE) graduates!


    Congratulations to all of our Class X (AISSE) graduates! We are proud to announce that 42 students out of 128 scored CGPA 10 and 35 scored above 9.


  • Student Exchange Programme at Labourdonnais College, Mauritius (2016-2017)


    CHIREC International encourages students to attend Exchange Programs to learn as much as they can about the cultures of other countries. In May, Ms. Snehalatha and Ms. Manju Sharma accompanied 12 9th Grade students on their Exchange Programme to Labourdonnais College in Mauritius, for a period of 2 weeks. The group basked in Mauritian culture and the highlight of their trip was their meeting with the President of the Mauritius. Students from Labourdonais College are likely to visit CHIREC in October 2017.

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  • Results of AISSCE 2017


    Congratulations to all of our Class XII AISSCE graduates! We are proud to announce that all 85 students that appeared for the examination passed with flying colours. Vrishank Singhania, topped the Science stream with 95.2 %.

    Khushi Agarwal topped the Commerce stream with 96.6 %. Pallavi GG, Khushi Agarwal and Niharika Sundarigari scored centum in Economics, Business Studies and Fashion studies respectively.

    Results overview

    Science topper

    Commerce topper

    The students performed exemplarily well in the Board exams. The highest marks scored in the subjects are as follows: Nilanjana Biswas and Girija Suman Ramaraju secured 97, in English. Vrishank Singhania scored 96 in Mathematics and 97 in Chemistry, Ananya Yerra, Jerripet Sumanth Raj, Khushi Agarwal and Kothwal Rithik Reddy secured 97 in Accountancy. Pallavi G Gscored 100 in Economics, Khushi Agarwal scored centum in Business Studies and Niharika Sundarigari secured 100 in Fashion studies . Somya Bhatnagar secured 92 in Informatics Practices. The top mark in Legal Studies is 96 scored by Sajal Arora. In physics Vrishank Singhania, Adita Tiwari, Somya Batnagar, Alankrit Prateek and Vedant Agarwal scored 95 in Physics. Nalini Agarwal scored 93 in Biology. The top mark in Entrepreneurship is 94 sored by Khushi Agarwal and Psychology is 93 by Ananya Yerra.

  • Results of the A Level and IGCSE Examinations


    The results of the GCE A Level and IGCSE Examinations are out, and our CHIRECians have, once again, performed beautifully. Congratulations to Trupthi Joshi, who topped with an 84% aggregate from 4 A-level subjects, receiving an A grade for each. We are proud to announce that 61% of the students who took the exam secured a score of 70% or higher.

    We also congratulate Deepti Sunkara and Geetika Navani for topping the IGCSE Examinations. Deepti Sunkara received an aggregate score of 91.6%, with 8 A* grades and 2 A grades. Geetika Navani also received an aggregate score of 91.6% with 7 A* grades and 1 B grade. 80% of the students who took the IGCSE Exams scored an aggregate of 70% or higher, with 55% of the students earning an A or an A*.

  • Student Exchange Programme at Thayer Academy, Massachusetts (2016-2017)


    From the 20th to 29th of April 2017, a group of 12 students (from CBSE and IB) and 2 teachers (chaperones) attended our annual exchange program with the Thayer Academy in Boston, Massachusetts. During this program, students volunteer to travel and live with host families in the United States and participate in the cultural, social and educational exchange between students of both CHIREC and Thayer Academy.

    The ten-day program saw a series of events planned for the students, which involved living and travelling locally with the host families, attending classes to see how things are similar and different in the two schools, being a part of the games to know about some new sports, attending the cultural events of the host school planned during the week and getting to travel in and around Boston to experience the city.

    The objective of the program was to let the high school students experience living independently but in a secure environment, to give them a chance to make decisions, network with people and get to know the world outside. It also gave youngsters from both countries opportunities to learn about each other’s country, their culture and practices and learn from each other.

  • Workshop on The Art and Science of Teaching in the Early Years.


    On the 18th of April, CHIREC Kondapur hosted a workshop on The Art and Science of Teaching in the Early Years, organised by the Early Childhood Association. This workshop, which was sponsored and organized in part by Lxl, Furtodos and the Integrated Pre-school Teachers Training Academy, was attended by over 100 teachers from 30 schools across the city. Present at the workshop were speakers Ms. Pratima Sinha and Ms. Shaheen Moidu.

    Ms. Pratima Sinha, a passionate and well-known educator in Hyderabad, explored the science of the brain and its physiology. She explained that understanding and appreciating the plasticity and fluid nature of the brain in the early childhood years is the gateway to reaching a child effectively. She also emphasized that unless a teacher is well-versed with a subject and its technical details, classroom management and execution of curricula are not effective enough to reach young learners.

    Next, Ms. Shaheen Moidu kept the teachers in the audience spellbound with her ideas. “Passion, excitement, fun, spontaneity, and vigilance are the key traits of a great teacher,” said Ms. Moidu.

    The workshop was an enriching session which included segments of drama, music and hands-on activities integral to the “Art and Science of Teaching in the Early Years.”

    More Pictures

  • Wag Walk Chirp – Pet Day


    The Primary students of CHIREC had a great time watching all the adorable four-legged and winged friends that visited the school this morning. We had Perky Parrots, Little Love birds, Dependable Dogs, Fidgety Fish, a Sneaky Tangerine Snail and CHIREC’s very own Quacky Ducks and Ravishing Rabbits taking part in the show. Each pet owner was given a badge as a token of appreciation, and badges were also given out to the Most Endearing, Most Unique and Most Interactive Pets.

    “The very best show for pets, this made all the kids very excited and increased their love for pets. Thank you for the opportunity.” – Mrs. Suchitra Madhani, parent of Anushka Mandhani of Class 2B

    “It was amazing to interact and see so much Joy and happiness among the kids.” – Mr.Sudip Guha, parent of Piusha Guha of Class I A

    More Pictures

  • Annual Concerts 2016 - 2017


    Students and staff put in a tremendous amount of hard work and effort to create wonderful shows, making this year’s Annual Student Concerts an enormous success.

    CHIREC International put together its very own versions of traditional tales such as Macbeth, Beauty and the Beast, and the Pied Piper of Hamlin. Congratulations to the performers and organizers, and thank you to all the parents and the chief guests for your incessant encouragement and cooperation!

    CHIREC Spectacular- Secondary CBSE Concert, December 17th, 2016

    The CHIREC CBSE Secondary School concert ‘CHIREC Spectacular,’ which took place on December 17th, 2016, from 6.00 p.m. at the Kondapur campus, truly lived up to its name! It was a spectacular show with many dignitaries and guests present in the audience, including Mr. Harpreet Singh, Principal Secretary to the Governor of the State of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, and Mrs. Sunita Goparaju, a renowned singer and dubbing artist.

    The show opened with our special guests being felicitated on stage by the Director, Mrs. Ratna Reddy. Our Principal, Mrs. Iffat Ibrahim, presenting the annual school report. When the curtains lifted, our 11th and 12th graders set the stage ablaze with their contemporary dance moves and some desi swing. The play ‘Beauty and the Beast’ transported the audience to a world of castles and mobs, and of course love. When Zero Gravity, our 5-student boy band, took the stage, the quality of vocals and instruments turned the venue into a live concert. And finally, our Fashion Studies students walked the ramp and amazed our audiences with their very own creations that were fantastic.Each amazing performance was interspersed with witty standup comedy by Rahul Modi and Siddarth S. of Grade 10, who kept the show alive and the audiences lapping up every minute of the entertainment. It was truly a great evening and a well-produced concert.

    More pictures

    CHIREC Scintillate-Secondary Cambridge December 23rd 2016

    Students with different talents came together to showcase their art at Scintillate, the Annual Concert held on 23rd December, 2016. Students with a flair the visual arts displayed their paintings and photographs in an exhibition before the Concert. The event started off with a Welcome Dance, after which the students acknowledged the 400th death anniversary of Shakespeare with a production of Macbeth. Mr. Barrett Travis, Chief of the American Citizens Services for Hyderabad, and Ms. Vaishali Bisht, Director and Playwright of Vaishali Bisht’s Theatre, were the special guests of the evening.

    This year, we gave the students a platform to showcase their musical talent at the CHIREC Idol Competition. The finalists doled out truly soulful performances, but in the end Yash Bhatnagar of Stage C10 emerged the winner with a touching rendition of the English song Lego House and the Hindi Song Meri Maa.

    More pictures

    Toys of CHIREC – Pre-Primary concert, December 30th, 2016

    From tiny ‘Gummy bears’ and ‘Colouful Crayons’ to the super-fast ‘Race cars’ and everything else in between, the day of the Annual Concert saw all the Toys of CHIREC coming to life! Days of practice and the tireless efforts of the CHIREC family contributed to making “Toys of CHIREC” a truly spectacular show.

    Shri Etele Rajender, Minister of Finance and Planning, Telangana, Mr. BVR Mohan Reddy, Founder of Infotech Enterprises, and Smt. Deepika Reddy, Eminent Dancer and Choreographer were the Special Guests for the evening .

    The programme started off with the “beary special” gummy bears grooving to the beats of the music, and was followed by a journey to the ‘World of Dolls.’ The audience was left spellbound watching the talented young pre-primary students demonstrate their dexterity through the synchronised steps of the ball dance, the “Puzzle me up” dance and the “Wild West” dance.

    More pictures Jubilee Hills  Branch | Gachibowli Branch

    Cascade of Magical Land- Primary Cambridge Concert, January 6th, 2017

    The Cascade of Magical Land, the Primary concert of the International section, was a remarkably enchanting and spellbinding experience. Smt. Kavitha Kalvakuntla, member of Parliament, and Ms Katherine Hadda, US Consul- General, were the special guests for the evening. The CHIREC family’s days of practice and tireless effort ensured that the spectacular journey through the pages of retold classical fairy enthralled the audience. We followed Dorothy, met the great and powerful Wizard of Oz and held our breath through the adventures of precious little ‘Thumbelina’. The audience was captivated by tunes from the ‘Pied Piper’ flute, and the bravery of the queen in the face of the cunning ‘Rumpelstiltskin’. To wrap things up in a regal manner, the ‘Twelve Dancing Princesses’ were right on cue to provide a magical end to the evening!

    More pictures

    Smt. Kavitha K. , Member of Parliament

    CHIREC has literally changed the face of education in Hyderabad. I have observed students from CHIREC to be more creative in their thinking and understanding, especially after the Cambridge course has started, I noticed a wonderful personality change in the children of my friends ,who have taken up the course here. I hope that CHIREC would continue to contribute towards building capable leaders in the society. I congratulate you Ratna garu on your achievements– you have received a brilliant award in 2014 and you are one the three women in India to have received this award. Ratna Ma’am I am very proud of you!

    CHIREC Fantasia – Primary Concert, January 7th, 2016

    The Annual Concert, CHIREC Fantasia, saw the students of Primary CBSE of both the Kondapur and Gachibowli campuses put up a spectacular show about the fairy tales they have grown up with, with a twist! Titled “A Fairy Tale with a Twist”, it was an evening of dance and music brought alive by the wonderful performances of the students. Mr. Vemula Srikar (IRS, Addl. Comm. Income tax, Hyderabad) and Mr. V.V.S.Laxman (Former Intl. Indian Cricketer) were the chief guests of the evening.

    We found ‘Hansel and Gretel’ who were lost in the forest. we encountered fairies, witches, mermaids, transformers, robots, butterflies, and many others on our journey through the magical lands. The music, choreography, LED, lighting and sound were done in-house by our teachers, and the confidence on the students’ faces as they twirled across the stage was a sight to behold as they showed us that we are all miracles in our own right.

    Shri. V.V.S. Laxman, Former International Indian Cricketer

    It is indeed a privilege for my children to study in this prestigious institution under the able leadership of Mrs. Ratna Reddy, who has 28 years of untiring service in the field of Education: she believes in strong leadership committed to bring in more innovative methods in the field of education. She is a leader with a vision and I consider her to be strong leader. She has a team who follows her mission- Principal Iffat Maam and her team of teachers. This compels me to say that ‘Mr.Laxman’ is a CHIREC parent and a proud parent.

    Academic is the foundation -even more important is the participation in extra-curricular activities. In this connection I can say that Ratna Ma’am and her team is preparing every child to face the challenges of the world. To all the parents, I can only say that your kids are talented and they are in safe hands.

    More Pictures: Kondapur Branch | Gachibowli Branch

  • Graduations 2016 - 2017



    Class PII

    On April 1st, the PPII students of the Jubilee hills and Gachibowli campuses took a big step forward in their academic journeys by graduating to Grade 1. It was a special moment for all the teachers and parents present as they watched these young learners move forward to face new challenges on their way to becoming considerate and well-rounded individuals.

    More pictures


    Class 5

    The students of Grade V took a huge leap in their academic journey today as they graduated from the Primary School to the Middle School. Parents watched with pride as the students, dressed in red gowns and black caps, received their scrolls during the Graduation Ceremony. One such parent, Actor Mr. Mahesh Babu, was filled with pride as he watched his son achieve this important milestone in his life. After all their hard work in Primary school, the students are now ready to meet their new teachers and to take on more challenging activities as Middle School students.

    More pictures

    Cambridge Class 5

    The students of Stage 5 took their graduation scrolls dressed in their impressive regalia on their Graduation Day – a day which marks their transition from Primary to Middle wing. Principal Omkar Joshi and the Headmistress Leena Rao spoke about how the Primary Program emphasizes building confidence, a sense of responsibility, and a strong value system amongst the students. The students all shared their favourite experiences from the fifth grade, and eloquently thanked their teachers and parents for their unwavering support and encouragement. The parents in the audience could not contain their joy as they watched their children collect their scrolls and take their bows while the students of Stage 4 sang the "Congratulations and Celebrations" song. After the ceremony, the parents were asked to pen down a few thoughts about each student on a picture collage that was displayed.

    More pictures

    Secondary and Senior Secondary

    Class XII

    85 students stood to collect their Graduation Certificates and other memorabilia at the Graduation Ceremony for the students of Grade XII, Batch of 2017. The academic procession, led by Principal Iffat Ibrahim, was seated at the Auditorium. In her commencement speech, the Principal expounded that goodness never fails, and that optimism and sincerity are the keys to happiness, and later the Head Boy Anmol Makija and Head Girl Pallavi G. G. bid their fellow graduates farewell. Before the evening’s banquet, the students of Grade 11 put together a heartfelt dance program to enthral the audience and leave them with some happy memories. As Mrs. Katyayini, coordinator of senior secondary, proposed the vote of thanks, the departing graduates were given a resounding CHIREC clap.

    More pictures

    Class X

    The students of Grade X, Batch of 2017, received their Graduation Scrolls and took their final class photographs, dressed in their graduation regalia, at the Graduation Ceremony. The academic procession was led by Principals Iffat Ibrahim of CBSE, and Omkar Joshi of CIE. Principal Iffat Ibrahim shared a heartfelt commencement speech that revolved around the importance of Perseverance. Parents addressed the audience to convey special messages to the students. They spoke of how their children have now grown up to be talented and grounded individuals who will leave CHIREC with many a kind counsel. Students Anusha Kallapur, Rita Abani Maarya and Siddartha Swaminathan wished their fellow graduates the best of luck in the new chapters of their lives. Mr. Venkaraman’s vote of thanks was the perfect end to this bittersweet event, and all the teachers wished the departing graduates an extraordinary future.

    More pictures

    Stage10 and 12 (International Division)

    A total of 87 students graduated from the International Division’s Graduation Ceremony, held on 18th March 2017. The students of Grades 10 (IGCSE) and 12 (IB and A levels) saw a huge gathering of proud parents, grandparents and siblings attend the event to support them as they took this important step in their journey. The evening started with an inspiring speech from Principal Omkar Joshi, after which he conferred graduation certificates upon the students of Grades 10 and 12. Students who had been a part of the CHIREC family since their pre-primary years delivered meaningful speeches about the emotional bond they share with the school and staff. The students of Grade 12 wrote down their dreams and buried them in a Time Capsule, while the students of Grades 9 and 11 put together an energetic cultural program as their way of wishing the graduating class good luck.

    More pictures

  • Congratulations to Prashi Joshi


    Congratulations to Prashi Joshi for her stellar performance  in the Under-19 girls singles category at two Junior International Badminton tournaments held in Europe. Prashi participated in the Yonex Dutch Junior 2017 from the 1st to 5th of March at Haarlem, Netherlands and the Yonex German Junior 2017 from the 9th to 12th of March at Berlin, Germany. After reaching the pre-quarterfinals (top 16) in both the tournaments, Prashi’s world rank  in the Junior Girls Singles category has now gone up to 69 (as of Week 11) from 183 (week 9)!

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