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Community Service enables students to enhance their personal and interpersonal development by learning through experience. It provides opportunities for self-determination and collaboration with others, fostering a sense of accomplishment and enjoyment from their work. It is an unpaid and voluntary exchange that has a learning benefit for the student. The rights, dignity and autonomy of all those involved are respected.CHIREC understands that Community service can have a lot of positive effects on students, such as helping them to develop skills, making contacts, and allowing them to improve the quality of life of others. Hence, students at CHIREC are involved in various Community service activities involving underprivileged children, sick children in Cancer hospital, orphanages, senior citizens inmates at Old Age homes etc.

Introducing the structure of community service at CHIREC

  1. Adopted Government Schools –
    1. MPPS, Kondapur
    2. ZPHS, Kondapur
    3. MPPS, Anjaiahnagar
    4. MPPS, Gopinagar Mahima
  2. Ministries Orphanage
  3. Sankalp Foundation- Orphanage
  4. SAHI
  5. Nest- The Home for Aged
  6. Kamalamma Old Age Home
  7. Sri Shirdi Sai Old Age Home
  8. Vivekananda Seva Sangham`s Home for the aged
  9. MNJ Cancer Hospital
  10. DESIRE Society- working for welfare of AIDS affected children
  11. Deonar School for Blind
  12. Nachiketa Tapovan
  13. Kadam Charitable Trust’s Bridge School

  CHIREC CSR funds a Government School building block in Hyderabad

CHIREC is delighted to announce the completion of a Government School building block in Masjid Banda, Kondapur, made possible by our CSR Initiative. We were honored to have Mr. Sameer Agarwal, CEO of Cognita Asia, grace the occasion. Together, let`s continue shaping a better tomorrow through education!

  Annual Summer Camp as a CSR Initiative

The CHIREC CSR team organized the annual summer camp for government school students at our Kondapur campus. The campus brimmed with happiness as students participated in games, sports training, and self-defense lessons. They donned their creative hats while taking part in art and craft sessions.

  IB Cancer Awareness CAS project joins hands with weekly CCA activity

We are proud of Delisha, our IBDP 11 student, for successfully conducting a Cancer Awareness through Art initiative as part of her CAS project. To help her cause, students of Stages 6 to 9 participated in their weekly CCA activity and worked in groups of 4 to create a piece of artwork incorporating a cancer ribbon on a plain white t-shirt. Victorious t-shirts from the initiative were gifted to cancer warriors at Yashoda Hospital as a symbol of support, showing love and appreciation for the brave fighters. More t-shirts will be auctioned during the upcoming Parent-Teacher Meet at CHIREC, and the profits will be donated to the GRACE Cancer Foundation. This activity promotes creativity, activity, and service among students and has the potential to make a significant impact in raising cancer awareness.

  CHIREC`s CSR team conducts an awareness session on UN Sustainable Development Goals

CHIREC`s Corporate Social Responsibility team along with Creativity Activity Service (CAS) Coordinator from the international section conducted an awareness session on UN Sustainable Development Goals, 2030 in Gopinagar Government School, Hyderabad.

Various activities like art & craft, quiz competition, flash card games and more were conducted to motivate children on the importance of education. The focus of the session was to educate children about the Sustainable Development Goals adopted by the United Nations in 2015, a universal call to forbid poverty, planet protection, and ensure that by 2030 there`s world peace and prosperity.

  Restoration of Gachibowli Stepwell

CHIREC International School, in collaboration with The Rainwater Project and SAHE Society, came together to restore the historic 200-year-old stepwell of Gachibowli, situated in the school’s neighborhood. This ancient structure, prone to degradation, lost its significance to urban development until the three organizations, CHIREC as the funder and The Rainwater project and SAHE Society as the implementors took the responsibility of revitalizing this heritage structure and its natural aquifers for the benefit of the community living in the area.

The well that was found in a devastated condition, went through a series of steps and took 200 days and Rs. 27,00,000 to complete the restoration. The debris from the well and the area around was cleaned, aquifers were reinstalled for water restoration and the site was developed to make the well easily accessible to people.

After its refurbishment, the well with its volume of 30,00,000 litres will serve and benefit the members of the mosque for wudu activities, the bores of schools, the residential and community area nearby and landscape irrigation and storage purposes.

In addition to funding the project as a part of the school’s CSR, CHIREC also connected this real time restoration to classroom learning to promote a sustainable mindset amongst students. Through this initiative, our students undertook various project-based learning activities to apply their learning to real-time problems across several disciplines such as history, geography, sustainability and many more. Our students also conducted podcasts and visited the well for on-site lectures to have a deeper understanding of the well restoration process.

  CHIREC students make history

190 students of Classes 9 to 12 from CHIREC volunteered to raise Rs. 1.05 crores in just 3 weeks through an online crowdfunding campaign organized by the Akshaya Patra Foundation. The funding, highest ever raised by any school in India, were directed towards the NGO’s COVID-19 relief efforts to sponsor 4 lakh meals in Telangana.

  Sponsoring children’s education

Among many other initiatives, CHIREC sponsors the annual school fees of 9 children from Desire Society Orphanage. This funding has helped deserving students complete their Grade 10 education amidst the pandemic and prepare them for their final examinations.

  Fight against Covid-19

The Covid-19 pandemic has undoubtedly impacted many vulnerable sections of society across India. To help people get through this crisis and to provide them with better facilities, the CHIREC community came together to contribute a total of Rs. 68,15,000 towards the PM and CM relief funds and other foundations.

  Revitalization of Gachibowli Open Well

CHIREC has partnered with SAHE society for the revitalization of Gachibowli Open Well by funding its cleanup and restoration. This well has been one of the major water sources for people living in the Gachibowli area since 1980 and its revival will lead to the availability of clean and good quality drinking water for the community.

   Renovation of the Swachhta Block

CHIREC has funded the renovation of the Swachhta Block at Gopinagar School, Hyderabad, the inauguration of which was done on 15th August 2021. In addition to refurbishing the toilet block, CHIREC also funded all facilities for necessary amenities, benefiting the 300 students at the school.

  CHIREC initiates donation drives to equip migrant laborers with basic amenities

To equip students from under-resourced backgrounds with essentials to fight COVID-19, CHIREC, in collaboration with Ayodhya Nagar Govt School, distributed face masks, sanitizers, and clothes to migrant laborers residing in Jeedimetla, one of the biggest slums in Hyderabad, on January 30, 2021. CHIREC also conducted a cloth distribution drive with a few volunteers from the AARUSH Social Welfare Organisation and Deepak Foundation.

  Scholarships for students of adopted government schools

At CHIREC, we believe quality education is the key to a successful and fulfilling life. With this belief, we awarded scholarships to deserving students from three adopted government schools to further pursue their education.
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  Stage IB 11 students organized Shukriya, an event to acknowledge and thank the support staff

As a part of their CAS initiatives, the students of IB 11 organized Shukriya, an event to acknowledge and thank the support staff for their services rendered in the school. The staff enthusiastically participated in various sports activities including Races, Kho Kho, and Tug of War. The audience cheered for their friends as they came forward to receive the prizes. The event concluded with a heartfelt speech by the Principal of International Section, Ms. Sanchita Raha, followed by the distribution of snacks by the students.
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  Art Competition

The Interact Club of the CBSE organized the Art Competition for the Grade IV and V students of MPPS Anjaiahnagar and Gopinagar on February 12, 2020. The students from these schools made wonderful drawings on the theme `World Peace and Harmony`. The judges, Ms.Bhavani and Ms.Namitha were very impressed by the drawings made by these children. As a token of appreciation, Ms. Katyayini, Vice-Principal of CBSE section gave away the prizes to the winners.

  Crowd-Funding Initiative for Prosthetic

Our students from CBSE Grade XI made us proud by raising a whopping 20 lakhs to sponsor prosthetic limbs for over 150 beneficiaries, through crowd-funding. This camp was organised by the NGO, Freedom Trust at Manasa Special School.

  SVASTH, a CAS project by IB 11

SVASTH, a CAS project, was initiated by three students of IB 11 - Megha Seri, Sumedha Sanjeev, and Kriti Malik. It was born out of the passion of these students who were moved by the plight of some communities struggling for the necessities of life. This passion led them to initiate a project that would identify schools and provide them with basic health needs. On January 4, 2020, the SVASTH team organized its first donation drive in NVIDIA government school in Film Nagar by donating first aid kits along with some essential medicines to around 120 primary students. They also held a small orientation to demonstrate how and when to use the first aid kits. The SVASTH group will be extending its operations to other schools and conduct an eye camp soon. This project seeks to cover as many schools as possible with similar operations that would ensure a small difference to the general health of the targeted communities.

  Aim Towards Rural Inter-dependence Sustainability and Empowerment

Aim Towards Rural Inter-dependence Sustainability and Empowerment (ATRISE), is an organization that was started by a group of 11 students that has branched out into a 30+ member team. The aim of this is to bring about a change in rural communities and introduce sustainable long-term solutions for the challenges they face. The team visited villages like Proto and Gangadevipalli to gain a deeper insight into everyday hassles that the villagers encountered and how they went about their daily lives despite that. The team also visited the Deccan Development Society in Pastapur and found out how to empower women living in rural areas. The team`s first initiative was a medical camp that was set up in association with the Lions Club in 2018. They conducted eye and dental check-ups and provided basic hygiene kits and spectacles to those in need. They have chalked out an action plan to transform Arkathala village into a self-sustained community over the next 8 years; the first step being, providing good sporting facilities and infrastructure for the children in the village. Our students understand that villages form the backbone of our country and strive to unshackle and empower its people to bring about tangible change!

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  Children`s Day special for the students of the adopted government schools

The Interact club of the CBSE wing at CHIREC, undertook the initiative to make this Children`s Day special for the students of the adopted government schools. The Interactors planned a cultural event worth remembering to bring smiles on the faces of the children. The programme witnessed wonderful performances of songs, dances and skits, filling the room with cheer. Students were also surprised with chocolate muffins to make the day more special.

  Inter-Government Sports Meet

The Community Service committee and the Interact club of CHIREC International collaborated to organize an inter-school sports meet for government schools of Hyderabad on 13th November 2019. This is a small gesture to do something special and bring joy to the little ones on the occasion of Children’s day. Many obstacle races, and relays were conducted for grades 2 to 5. Winners were felicitated with a token of appreciation and encouragement from the Principal of the International section of CHIREC.

  Say No to Plastic Bags

As a part of World Interact Week, the Interact Club of our CBSE section organized a week-long awareness campaign to ‘Say No to Plastic Bags’. The campaign comprised of sensitizing all students of the CHIREC community through awareness talks and sensitization in school, residential communities and the adopted government schools. The Interactors also initiated the Green Bag Challenge for the staff and students of CHIREC and were successful in collecting around 3000 plastic bags, which were sent for recycling.

  Co-curricular Sessions on Art & Craft and Sport

The Community Service committee of CHIREC, as a part of weekly co-curricular classes for the adopted government schools, conducted a session on Art & Craft (origami) and Sports on 9th November 2019. The Origami session was conducted by Stage 7 for the Grade III students, while sport session was conducted by Stage 8 students of CHIREC for grade IV students of the Masjid Banda government school. The sessions were led by Ms. Yoshitha Muthyala of IB 12 and Ms. Varenyaa Saraf of C12 respectively. The government school students had fun-filled time engaging in the craft activities and dribbling & shooting the ball across the courts.

"One of the problems that I observed is the lack of extra-curricular activities taught to the government school children. As the community service head, I always thought there was this void that had to be filled. Something that they thought was unachievable simply due to lack of resources. After a lot of planning and research we had successfully made a curriculum for extra-curricular activities. We aim to inculcate Art, music, sports and life skills into the students of the government school." - Yoshitha Muthyala

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  Co-curricular session in Diya Painting

As a part of the weekly co-curricular classes and to make Diwali special for the students of the government schools, the Veni Rao Foundation and CHIREC conducted the Diya Painting & Decorating Session on 26th August 2019. The stage 7 students of CHIREC supported the Grade III students of Anjaiahnagar, Gopinagar & Masjid Banda government school in a diya decoration activity, bringing smiles and a festive feeling among the children.

  Visit to MNJ Cancer Hospital

The students from the Interact club - CBSE Wing had an inspirational time during the celebration of Friendship Day at two different venues on August 2, 2019. About 15 students of Grade X C visited the MNJ Cancer Hospital, Lakdikapul, to meet the kids fighting with cancer. The students gifted smiley balls, engaged them in fun games, and wished them with greeting cards made by the students of Grade VI. Around 30 students of Grade X A and B visited Vivekananda Seva Sangham Old Age Home, Madinaguda, to wish them and bring a smile on their faces. The students distributed roses and greeting cards and shared beautiful memories of their best buddies. Snack packets were also distributed at both the venues.

  Christmas celebration at MNJ Cancer Hospital

While the whole world was celebrating CHRISTMAS at their homes, the students from International section of CHIREC visited MNJ Cancer Hospital on 25th December 2018 to celebrate Christmas with the children suffering from cancer. The CHIREC students sung Carols, played games and distributed goodies to these children. They spent time interacting with those children and encouraged them to be brave and fight that disease. The children were very happy and the smile on their faces gave us a feeling of satisfaction.

  An Evening with SAHI children.

Our student volunteers and interns Davaluri Khandavi, Vaidehi Gupta, Isha Reddy, Viha Reddivari, Shaurya Sai Alapati, Shreya Pandloore, Mohammed Ibrahim Aseel, Navya Ambavaram and Arvind Reddy Kondapalli organized an evening of music and dance for all SAHI children.

Students have worked from the ground up to put up this event and interacted with senior doctors and representatives from Apollo. As a part of the event, CHIREC volunteers trained the SAHI children in carol singing, dance and a fashion show. A few of these SAHI children were recently operated for cochlear implants put up a good show, thanks to the efforts of our students.

It was a great opportunity for the students and we look forward to active participation of more students in upcoming SAHI events. The event was well attended by SAHI families and senior doctors associated with SAHI.

  Donation to the Street School, Lingampally

The students of the Interact club of CAIE Wing visited the Street School, Lingampally on 15th December 2018 with a decorated Christmas tree. The street school is a small school that was started to support children who have no homes and live and sleep on the streets. Such children are brought to the street school and given a basic education so that they can be admitted to normal schools once ready.

The students of the street school were asked what they wanted as a gift from Santa Claus for Christmas. They wrote these on a piece of paper and stuck them to the Christmas tree. The members of the Interact club collected the wish list and worked hard towards gathering funds to buy the materials for the street school children.

On 21st December 2018, members of the CHIREC Interact Club visited the Street School again to play games and to distribute gifts to the children, which included school bags, pencil boxes and biscuit packets.

  International Kite festival celebrations at Government school

As a part of community outreach program students of sections VIII, A, VIII B and VIII C of CBSE section have visited adopted government primary schools of Anjaiahnagar, Gopinagar and Mahima Ministries orphanage school at Ameenpur on 4th January, 2019. On the occasion of International Kite festival CHIREC Students have distributed kites on the three venues and taught them how to fly a kite. All the students have celebrated kite festival and enjoyed flying kites for the day. CHIREC students have also distributed eatables at the end of the program

  Donation to HelpAge India

HelpAge India is an NGO that voices the concerns of elders to help them live more dignified lives. Established in 1978, its mission is “to work for the cause and care of disadvantaged older persons and to improve their quality of life.” One of the major areas that the Veni Rao Foundation contributes to is the Welfare of Senior Citizens. The Veni Rao Foundation, in partnership with CHIREC International, donated a sum of Rs. 3,42,728 to the mobile health units of HelpAge India in the Hyderabad and Secunderabad area. This amount will be used to provide Healthcare Services in inaccessible and difficult terrains, with a special focus on serving the elderly population and those in need.

  Weekly Sessions at the Adopted Government Schools

The CBSE section of CHIREC International as a part of their community service activities conducts weekly training for the adopted government school students and the students of Mahima Ministries Orphanage School on the creative sessions. These sessions include art and craft, origami and other fun filled activities. On 18th January 2019, the CBSE students of class VIII, section D, E & F visited the adopted government primary schools of Anjaiahnagar & Gopinagar and Mahima Ministries Orphanage school at Ameenpur to conduct art session. CHIREC students provided white sheets, crayons and guided their buddy students of the three venues in drawing and coloring. CHIREC students distributed chocolates after the completion of the activity as appreciation token for students of government schools and orphanage.

On 25th January 2019, the CBSE students of class VII, sections A, B & C conducted the session on origami for the adopted government school and the orphanage children. These kinds of creative sessions are extremely important for the development of innovation and emotional intelligence in the children.

  Inauguration of Wall of Kindness at Zilla Parishad High School, Kondapur

The Wall of Kindness is a welfare initiative where one can give away clothes, books, shoes, blankets, utensils, food and other items to the needy and underprivileged. With walls covered in graffiti, murals and artwork, the unique concept encourages sharing, and provides people in need with access to essential items.

The concept was introduced by the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC), and inspired CHIREC’s Interact Club of CBSE wing to set up one such wall at Zilla Parishad High School, Kondapur (Masjid Banda). CHIREC students have painted the wall and built a shelter for the items donated through this initiative. The public can donate any usable items in good condition. The wall was officially inaugurated on 1st December 2018 by Ms. Katyayini, Head Mistress, Senior Secondary, CBSE, CHIREC.

  Joy of Giving Week organized by interact Club-CBSE wing

As a part of the "Joy of Giving Week", CHIREC Interact Club-CBSE wing organized a day of fun games for the aayas of the Kondapur campus, on October 6, 2018. Students distributed snacks and arranged a Rangoli competition, a musical chairs event, and a lemon and spoon race. Principal Iffat Ibrahim awarded prizes to the winners of the competition, while every participant was given a special participation gift by the members of the Interact Club-CBSE wing.

  Joy of Giving at Mahima Ministries, Orphanage School, Ameenpur, Hyderabad

As part of Joy of giving week celebrations. CHIREC Interact Club-CBSE wing organized a collection drive of food items such as Rice, Pulses, cooking oil, sugar, whole wheat atta, etc., from 1st-8th October 2018. The students distributed these donated food items along with stationery supplies to Mahima Ministries, an orphanage and school situated at Ameenpur, Hyderabad. CHIREC students also played some fun games along with the students of the orphanage.

  Visit to the adopted government schools at Gopinagar and Anjaiahnagar

On July 11, the students of Class 12 visited the adopted government schools at Gopinagar and Anjaiahnagar while the students of class 11 visited Mahima Ministries, an orphanage situated at Ameenpur. At these institutions, the CHIREC students divided themselves into groups and taught the first lesson from the Communicative English Course designed by CHIREC CBSE`s Department of English.

The lessons taught were:
Class III- Story telling
Class IV- Self-introduction
Class V- Nouns
CHIREC students also distributed school bags to the students of the orphanage.

  10-Days Summer Camp at adopted Government School

CHIREC conducted a 10-Days Summer Camp for the students of its adopted Government School at Masjid Banda from 16th - 27th April, 2018. Eight activities were taught by experts to 80 students from Grades 6 - 10 including Handicraft, Computers, Stitching, Culinary, Chess, Carom, Table Tennis, Clay Modelling and Painting.

  Dental Camp at Adopted School

As a part of Community Outreach, 6 students of IB12 assisted a team of Doctors from Splendent Dental Hospital by conducting a Dental Camp for 500 students at CHIREC’s adopted Government School, Zila Parishad High School, Kondapur on 11th Apr 2018. 150 students were identified for further treatment in the month of June 2018, which will be provided for free.

  Visit to Vivekananda Seva Sangham Old Age Home

On 13th & 14th March, 2018, students of Grade IX F, accompanied by teachers Ms. Ratnamala and Ms. Parvathi, visited Vivekananda Seva Sangham, an old age home founded by Ms. Bharati in the year 2009. The visit was aimed at fostering empathy and love for the elderly. The students listened to childhood memories of some of the occupants, sang songs and distributed fruits as a token of love and friendship. `Age is never a barrier to spread happiness and love` is a lesson that the students learned.

  A session on Origami and Paper Craft at Government Schools

As a part of the community outreach program, students of Grade 11 conducted an Origami and paper crafts session for the students of the government primary schools situated at Gopinagar and Anjaiahnagar, Hyderabad on 10th November, 17. About 100 students of Grades 4 and 5 from the government schools were divided into groups of 5. Each group was provided with materials for the activity and was trained by CHIREC students. Each student of the government schools made pen stands and bookmarks for themselves. This activity was supervised by Ms. Bhavani, the SUPW teacher of CHIREC.

  CHIREC MUN’s community outreach program

As part of CHIREC MUN’s community outreach program, 16 students from Devnar School for the Blind and the Kasturba Gandhi National Memorial Trust School were invited to participate in the 3-day event. The event which is being organized in collaboration with the United Nations Information Centre for India and Bhutan saw around 350 student leaders from various schools across Hyderabad participate in various committees discussing pertinent issues concerning different nations.

  Children’s day celebrations at Government Centres

At Government Anganvadi Centres
As part of the Children’s Day celebrations, members of the Community Service Committee visited two Government Anganvadi centers situated at Kondapur, Hyderabad. CHIREC students distributed 60 slates, 60 slate pencil boxes and educational charts about Alphabets, Fruits, Vegetables, Animal kingdom, Human body parts and shapes. CHIREC students planned some fun games for the little ones, and also made them sing and dance.

At Adopted Government Schools
Members of the Interact club celebrated Children’s Day with the students of Government primary schools of Gopinagar and Anjaiah Nagar. The CHIREC students planned and played fun games such as ‘Ball Toss,’ ‘Pin the Tail,’ ‘Skipping,’ ‘Passing the Parcel,’ ‘Hurdle Race’ and ‘Cup Stacking’ with the government school students, and distributed snacks and juice.

  Environment of learning for primary students at Government School

A group of 15 students from IB-11 and C-11 undertook an initiative to rehash an environment of learning for primary students (Grades 1 -5) at Government School, Masjid Banda. The first step for the CHIREC students was to grasp the learning objectives in English, Math and Science from the primary teachers. After identifying common topics that need to be reinforced for long-term retention, students decided to paint the corridor walls with learning elements so that with visual display, concepts can be strengthened. Students plan to make science models and charts for use as teaching aids for primary classes to help teaching and learning.

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