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1.How do I begin the admission process?

Click here for step-by-step information on our admissions process

2. Where can I access the Enquiry Form?

Click here to fill the Enquiry Form and initiate the admission process

3. What is the age criteria?

CLASS Minimum Age as on 30th June, 2022 Date of Birth Between
Nursery (Early Years Beginners) 2 years 6 months 1st Jan and 31st Dec 2019
PPI (Early Years 1) 3 years 6 months 1st Jan and 31st Dec 2018
PPII (Early Years 2) 4 years 6 months 1st Jan and 31st Dec 2017
I 5 years 6 months 1st Jan and 31st Dec 2016

4. What is the teacher student ratio in a class?

CBSE Cambridge
Pre-primary 1:13 Pre-primary 1:13
Primary 1:30 Primary 1:26

5. What is the average class strength?

CBSE 30 students per section
Cambridge 26 students per section

6. What are the sports offered at the school

The school offers Athletics, Cricket, Lawn Tennis, Skating, Basketball, Handball, Archery, Volley Ball, Gymnastics,  Table Tennis and Taekwondo.

7. What are the other activities offered by the school?

The school offers Classical Dance, Keyboard, Carnatic Music, Hindustani Music, Painting, Chess, Gymnastics, Clay Modeling & Pottery, Aerobics and Needle Craft.

8. What are the languages offered in CBSE curriculum ?

Class II Language III Language
I-V Hindi, Telugu, French
VI-X Hindi, Telugu, French Hindi, Telugu, French

9. What are the languages offered in the Cambridge curriculum ?

Stage II Language Additional Language
1-10 Hindi, French, Spanish
Stages 1- 7 : Telugu

10. What are the school timings?

Class Monday – Friday Saturday
8:30 a.m. to 12:10 p.m. - JH
8:10 a.m. to 12:10 p.m. - GB
PPI [JH] 8:30 a.m. to 12:10 p.m. or
8:30 a.m. to 2:50 p.m.
PPI [GB] 8:10 a.m. to 12:10 p.m. or
8:10 a.m. to 2:50 p.m.
PPII-III [GB] 8:10 a.m. to 2:50 p.m. Holiday
I-V [KP] 8:10 a.m. to 2:50 p.m. Holiday
VI-XII 8:10 a.m. to 2:50 p.m.
Ist and 3rd Saturday: Half day
2nd and 4th Saturday : Holidays

11. If I have any unanswered questions, or am in need of some assistance, who can I contact ?

You can email us at admissions@chirec.ac.in.
Alternatively, you may also contact:
PR - 9121174324, 9704508855,7032900570
Admissions Counsellor - 9866461204
Admissions Incharge-7702203382
Landline: (040) 4476 0999- Extn. 215, 220

12. What are the subject options offered in CBSE Grade XI ?

International School In Hyderabad


English (Core), Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry


Optional (One of the following):

Informatics Practices, Fashion Studies, Biotechnology, Economics, Legal Studies, Psychology, Entrepreneurship, Home Science
International School In Hyderabad


English (Core), Biology, Physics, Chemistry


Optional (One of the following):

Informatics Practices, Home Science, Biotechnology, Mathematics, Legal Studies, Psychology, Entrepreneurship, Fashion Studies, Economics
International School In Hyderabad


English (Core), Business Studies / Business Administration, Accountancy / Cost Accounting, Economics / Home Science / Informatics Practices


Optional (One of the following):

Homes Science, Mathematics, Legal Studies, Psychology, Entrepreneurship, Fashion Studies
International School In 



English (Core), Political Science, Geography / History, Psycology / Home Science / Informatics Practices


Optional (One of the following):

Fashion Studies, Legal Studies, Psychology, Entrepreneurship

13. What are the subject options offered in IBDP Grade 11 ?

Group 1 Group 2 Group 3 Group 4 Group 5 Group 6
Languages & Literature Language Aquisition Individuals and Societies Sciences Mathematics The Arts
English Language & Literature [HL / SL] Hindi B [HL / SL] History [HL / SL] Biology [HL / SL] Mathematics [HL / SL] Visual Arts [HL / SL]

French Ab Initio [Beginers Level] Economics [HL / SL] Chemistry [HL / SL] Analysis & Aproaches [HL/SL]

Spanish B initio [HL/SL] Business and Management
Physics [HL / SL] Application & Inpretation[HL/SL]

Spanish AB initio [Beginners Level] Psychology [HL/SL] Environmental Systems & Societies [SL]

Computer Science [ HL/SL ]

14. What are the subject options offered in IGCSE Stages 9 and 10 ?

Group I Group II Group III Group IV Group V
Languages Humanities & Social Sciences Sciences Mathematics Creative, Technical & Vocational
English * Economics Physics Extended Math* Accounting
Hindi Environmental Management Chemistry
Business Studies
French Global Perspectives
Computer Science
Spanish Eng. Literature
Co-ordinated Science

Art and Design

* Extended Math is offered as an accelerated course (studied and examined in one year) and as a normal two-year course. Students who have an aptitude for Math are offered the accelerated course. After scoring a grade no lower than an A, they are offered Additional Math as a one-year accelerated course.

15. How does the school ensure the safety of the students?

All students are constantly monitored by teachers at all times – in the classroom or on the grounds. All campuses are under CCTV surveillance. There is 24X7 security at the campus gates. School buses only drop off and pick up students from inside the campus. Each student is provided with an identity card. No worker is permitted on the premises during school hours. All our buses have lady conductors. There is a lady support staff posted near each washroom. We conduct a thorough background check of the drivers, conductors and all support staff at the time of hiring.

16. What steps does the school take to ensure proper hygiene?

Each washroom is equipped with liquid soap, health faucets and a continuous supply of running water. Parents may send along sanitizers if they so desire. Students are taught proper hygiene culture from the lower classes.

17. What kind of medical facilities are available?

The school has a well-equipped First Aid room manned by a paramedic. In case of any injuries, first aid is administered, and the parent is immediately informed. In case of severe injuries, the student will be taken to the hospital that we have tied up with for further action.

18. How does the school communicate with parents?

The school sends out information through the Website, Newsletters, SMS, Emails, Mobile App notifications and written notes. Teachers invite the parents to school on a regular basis to provide them with information about students` progress. Formal PTMs are scheduled twice a year, and parents may also seek appointments to meet with teachers.

1. What are the various classes at CHIREC Jubilee Hills campus?

There is one section of Nursery, three sections of PPI and four sections of PPII.

2. What are the various classes at CHIREC Gachibowli campus?

There are two sections of Nursery, four sections of PPI and five sections of PPII.

3. How will virtual classes be conducted? How can parents manage these classes?

The virtual classes will be conducted on Team`s platform. The parents will get credentials to login to Teams. The class teacher will send invitation to the parents for the online classes and the schedule will reflect in the Teams calendar. The recording of the class will be available to parents for the quick reference

4. What will be the syllabus for online sessions?

The first few sessions will be focused on building a relationship and bond between the teachers and students. It is important that children feel comfortable with their class before they start learning. The modules and activities will be designed as per the topic of the week, which will be communicated to parents in advance.

5. Do students need books and material to attend online classes?

As the Early Years Programme is skill-based, all the concepts will be introduced through hands-on activities. Relevant books, activity sheets and material will be provided by the school. Relevant follow-up activity sheets will be uploaded to Seesaw for students and parents.

6. Are we supposed to arrange for any other material(s) from our end?

While most of the material will be provided by the school, if there are any requirements, parents will be notified by the teachers beforehand.

7. How will books be distributed to students?

The books and resource material will be delivered shortly. The class teachers will explain how to use the given material during the online classes.

8. How can I ensure my child is comfortable in front of the screen?

To ensure a successful online learning environment, we recommend establishing a daily routine for your child with dedicated learning hours in a quiet place without distractions. We also suggest getting plenty of exercise, eating healthy, sleeping well, and taking short breaks between modules for overall well-being. The sessions have been kept short with intervals in between to reduce continuous screen time.

9. Given the age of my child, is parent supervision required during the online class?

While the activities are designed to be child-friendly, we recommend parent cooperation and supervision to ensure learning is successful.

10. Can I Pads or tablets be used for online classes?

Yes, the Seesaw and Teams Apps can be downloaded from I Store or Play store on any mobile or tablet. Seesaw and Teams can also be accessed on the web from any desktop or laptop.

11. What is the teacher child ratio?

  1. The teacher child ratio is 1:15. Each class has two home-room teachers.
  2. The academics covered in both the campuses is uniform and simultaneous. During Circle Time and P. E. sessions on the online platform the class will be divided into two groups thus the teacher child ration will 1:8 during Circle Time.

12. How will the well-being of my child be taken care of?

We begin each day with a Be Well activity wherein teachers and students engage in hands-on experiences to practice healthy living habits. Parents are also invited to be a part of this activity.

13. Which platforms will be used for virtual classes?

  1. The live sessions will be conducted on Microsoft Teams and the recorded sessions will be posted on the Seesaw platform.
  2. As notified by the school, CHIREC is in the process of integrating its IT infrastructure with Cognita. As a result of this integration, your child will need to use a new email id and password to log into Microsoft O365. You would have received an email from the school with your new Microsoft O365 login credentials.
  3. The class teachers will conduct the virtual sessions on Teams. She will send the invitation to all the sessions beforehand, and the parents can find them on their calendar.
  4. The class teacher will upload some activities on the Seesaw app as per the timetable shared.
    Seesaw is an interactive platform, and students can post their drawings, audio, or video clips. The class teachers will give their feedback too.
  5. We request you keeping the weekly schedule handy to refer to all the details needed for the virtual sessions. The class teacher will send the weekly schedule every Thursday for the coming week.
  6. We have made these timetables child-friendly, and we request you to go through the same along with your child. This practice will go a long way in making your child responsible and independent.

15. What will be the duration of online classes?

  1. The online classes will be held daily on Microsoft Teams covering various skills. These sessions will also be recorded for the convenience of both parents and students.
  2. The Nursery students will have 2 sessions of 20 minutes each with a break in between.
  3. The PPI students will have 2-3 sessions of 20 minutes each with a break in between.
  4. The PPII students will have 3-4 sessions of 20 minutes each with a break in between.
  5. The students will receive follow up activity on the Seesaw platform which they can do at their pace.

16. What is the tentative schedule/timetable for each class?

Every class has Circle time with class teachers in the morning followed by Activity class. The schedule will be shared with parents every Thursday for the coming week. All the details will be given in the timetable for the quick reference of the parents.

17. Will my child learn 2nd Language?

The CBSE students are offered Hindi and Telugu in PPII to choose one from. Cambridge students study Hindi as 2nd language

18. What activities will be offered in PPI and PPII to my child?

The students are offered Taekwondo and Aerobics in PPI and PPII and students can choose anyone. Special coaches conduct these classes.

19. In which activities will my child participate?

There will be quite a few activities to look forward to throughout the year like Story sessions, Quiz Time, Show and Tell, Tabletop cooking, Ramp Walk, Math with Manipulatives to name a few.

20. In which events will my child participate?

  1. Virtual or physical school, the whole year is a happening one with quite a few events to look forward. These events have a significant role in the overall development of a child, and they have been aligned with the school philosophy, `The Whole Child`.
  2. There will be quite a few events to look forward to throughout the year like Silver Day, Golden Day, 100 days, Festival Celebration, Children`s Day Celebration, Grandparents` Day Celebration to name a few.

21. Will competitions be conducted online?

There will be quite a few activities to look forward to throughout the year like Story sessions, Quiz Time, Show and Tell, Tabletop cooking, Ramp Walk, Math with Manipulatives to name a few.

21. Will my child get home assignment?

  1. The school program will be complete if connected with home too.
  2. The school has ensured to have this connection during virtual school as well. The resource material and activity books will be provided to the students in the coming few days. Some activity sheets, video clip and audio clips will be uploaded on the seesaw app for extended learning.
  3. The schedule of these activities will be shared with the parents shortly by the class teachers.
  4. We request you to use the reference material at home and make a routine for the child to go through the same from time to time.
  5. A little time invested daily in revising the concepts will go a long way to set a routine of self-learning

22. Are CHIREC teachers trained to take online classes?

The school has a great team of passionate, creative, and competent teachers who are aware of their roles. Our intense in-house professional development program keeps the teachers abreast of the latest trends in education. CHIREC teachers are well equipped in terms of skills and resources to conduct online classes.

23. How can I contact the class teacher of my child?

Parents can send an email to the class teacher, and she will get in touch with the parents. We request you to mention the name, class, and unique id of the child in the mail for clear understanding. .

24. How will I know the progress of my child?

The school believes in remaining in constant touch with the parents and we begin our year with `Coffee with Teachers` wherein parents and teachers have a light conversation to understand each other. Three term end meetings are organized to talk about the progress of the child. During the year, if the parent or teacher feels there is a need to meet, a meeting can be arranged.

25. How do I get latest updates about the class and school?

  1. Communication is vital to ensure the school program runs effectively.
  2. The school gives the parents a User Id and Password to access the My Class Board. Parents can access the daily attendance of the child and other important updates about holidays, timetables, PTM schedule, Progress cards.
  3. Parents are expected to check the email, school website, and MCB app regularly to get the latest updates.
  4. The link to view monthly e-newsletter is shared with parents. The newsletter updates on events and learning that happened during the month, important announcements, forthcoming events, and topics.
  5. The daily updates are posted on the school website in the Today@CHIREC section.

1. What’s a typical day like at CHIREC?

  1. A typical day at CHIREC entails a healthy mix of academics and activities both in the physical and virtual space. The school timings in the physical scenario are from 8:10 a.m. to 2:55 p.m. In the virtual scenario the classes are from 8:45 a.m. to 12:45 p.m.
  2. The primary classes work 5 days in a week with Saturday and Sunday being holidays.
  3. There are 4 sessions daily. Each period is for 45 minutes with a gap of 15 min between 2 classes.
  4. These sessions cover the core subjects of English, Mathematics and EVS along with II Language, Computers, Library, Music, Art & Craft, PE and Painting.
  5. The Primary classes have Home Room Teachers who take the core subjects for the class.

2. How are the virtual classes conducted?

  1. The classes are conducted on the MS Teams platform. They are held synchronously ie; live. Each session is of 45 min. with a break of 15 min.
  2. Each child is given a login credential to join into the class Team. They can join through a laptop/desktop/iPad/Tab.
  3. The assembly is held daily from 8:45 a.m. to 9:00 a.m.
  4. The teacher schedules the meetings a day in advance and the students are expected to join them in time.
  5. These sessions are also recorded and the same is available for the child to refer under the lesson recordings tab. The pdf form of the ppts are also available for the student’s reference.

3. What are the things required by the child for the classes?

The books and notebooks are supplied by the school. There are no fixed books from CBSE. The schools are given a list of learning objectives that the child should attain at the end of the academic year. The schools have the freedom to make a choice of books most suitable from the various Publications available. The students are expected to get the stationery from home. The stationery includes sharpened pencils, eraser, ruler and colour pencils along with a ruler. In case any thing is required by the child to do an activity in class, the same will be informed in advance to the child.

4. How is the classwork/homework shared by the school?

  1. There are specific days for the homework. We ensure that the homework for Grades I/II is not more than 30 min. on a given day. For classes III – V the homework is given for 45 min. The homework is of the child’s level and a kind of revision of the work done in class.
  2. The homework (worksheets) is uploaded on the Seesaw App for Grades I/II. The homework (worksheets) for the Grade III - V would be given in the files section of the class Team.
  3. The details of the work done in the class is shared on a weekly basis through a Weekly Transaction Report. This contains information regarding the work done during the week in class, homework assigned, and the material required for the classes in the upcoming week.
  4. The details of the homework are also uploaded in the school App ( My Class Board - MCB).

5. How are the assessments in the Primary classes?

  1. There are no formal examinations in the Primary classes. The assessments are informal and embedded into the curriculum. These are held continuously through the term. The assessments are held through worksheets, quizzes, speaking tasks, group work, role play, presentations etc.
  2. The assessment in Grades I/II are objective based and in Grades III – V they are based on skills. For each objective/skill there would be many assessments taken through the term. An average of all of them will reflect in the Term Report Card.
  3. An assessment, if missed by a child due to absence is not repeated.
  4. Further details can be checked in the school diary – Page 22.

5. Is there a choice of II Language in the Primary classes?

There is a choice of II Language from between Hindi/Telugu/French. The II Language remains same through the Primary classes. These classes are conducted by the language teachers.

6. What kind of extra support is my child offered academically, if required?

  1. The school provides support to students such that they are able to work at their maximum potential.
  2. These classes are held after school between 2:00 p.m. and 3:00 p.m.
  3. Additional help classes are conducted for students who need extra support to match up to class levels. These classes are held for Grade II upwards.
  4. Enrichment classes are held for students who display an aptitude for a subject at a level higher than the grade level.
  5. Remedial classes are conducted by the remedial counsellors for students who are identified with learning difficulties.
  6. Reading support classes are held for Gr I students to ensure that they become comfortable readers.
  7. Any of these classes are offered to the student only after the consent of the parent.

7. How do I get to know the academic progress of my child?

  1. The academic year is divided into 3 Terms. A report card is generated at the end of each term. The parents are invited to discuss the progress of the child. We encourage both parents to join us for discussing the academic progress of the child.
  2. In addition to this, the parents are invited for informal discussion regarding the child in the “Coffee with the Class teacher” event. These are held on Saturdays where the teacher invites a few parents.
  3. In addition to these, any time you would like to discuss the progress of the child, just send her an email for the same. She will schedule a meeting on the following Saturday as per her schedule.
  4. We request parents to not disturb the teacher while her class is in progress.

8. What is the mode of communication between the school and the parent?

The prime mode of communication is the email. In case of any query, the parent can send us an email and we will revert within 48 hrs. The school shares information via MCB notification/ SMS.

9. In these times, how is school ensuring social and mental well-being of the students?

  1. The school has activities and events integrated into the system which gives ample opportunity for the students to interact with each other informally as well as formally. We have events like the Chow- Meow which is an informal interaction between classmates and the teacher over breakfast. The students have activities which require them to work in groups fostering teamwork.
  2. The school also has SEL (Social and Emotional Learning) sessions for the students.

10.What kind of activities are held in school for the development of the personality of the child?

  1. There are various activities as part of the school which help in overall personality development of the child. Students are given different opportunities for overcoming their fear of public presentation/speaking. One such event is held weekly through the Talent Presentation.
  2. For details regarding various sporting activities, please refer Pg – 29 of the School Diary.

11. How are parents involved in the schooling of the child?

There are collaborative events planned wherein parents are invited to be part of the class to encourage involvement and interaction. Some examples are Read with me Mom and Dad, Know my Family, etc. which are conducted on a weekly basis.

12. Whom does one connect with in case of a query?

  1. The first person to connect with in case of any query is the Class teacher. A mail can be sent to her.
  2. You can also connect with the Sr. HM for any concerns.
  3. The school can be reached through the office email ID too.
  4. All queries will be answered within 48 hrs.

13. How is discipline ensured in the classes?

There are discipline guidelines set in place for the students. Discipline policy and guidelines are available on Pgs. – 33 to 36 of the School Diary.

14. Which are the classes in Gachibowli Campus?

The GB campus has classes from Gr I to III. Students after completion of Gr III at GB campus, are all moved to Kondapur Campus.

15. Which are the classes in the Kondapur Campus?

The KP campus has classes from Gr I to Gr XII.

16. How similar are classes in both the Campuses?

The academics covered in both the campuses is uniform and simultaneous.





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