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International School In Hyderabad


Green Initiatives

Green Initiatives have been a part of CHIREC’s mission since its inception. As the first Landscaped School in the city, CHIREC has been a forerunner in preserving the environment of Hyderabad. We began back in 1994 by planting 200 trees around our Kondapur campus. Today, our eco-friendly campuses integrate the natural environment throughout the school through academics, management and community activities. By integrating environmental content in the school curriculum, assemblies and policies, CHIREC strives to instill healthy and eco-friendly initiatives into the routines of our students and staff.

Solar Power

CHIREC International has set up a Solar Power Generation plant with 308 solar panels, which can generate 90.2 kwp of electricity. This plant allows the school to do net metering, an eco-friendly concept encouraging power consumers to take to solar power production to manage high energy demands and supply.

Recycling and Resource Management

All of CHIREC International’s Green Initiatives are sustainable and functional in the long term. We have a Reverse Osmosis plant, where water is purified to meet the drinking water needs of the entire school. We follow a strict Zero Waste Management System where ground water is recharged by rainwater, and kitchen wastewater is recycled for gardening. Food residue from the kitchen is also composted and reused as manure.

Community Initiatives

To create a culture of environmental responsibility amongst our students, CHIREC encourages students to get involved with local community initiatives, such as the government’s Haritha Haram program. The school has also adopted the median in front of the Kondapur campus, and planted over 3000 trees on CHIREC Avenue over the years.

Awareness through Education

Our kiddogardens on the terrace encourage students to participate in growing and maintaining the vegetable and other plant gardens. We have also recently introduced microgreens gardening to bring about the habit of eating fresh and healthy vegetables and fruits grown organically. Students are also frequently taken for visits to Active Farms to participate in sowing seeds, learn about paddy plantation and appreciate the art of farming.

In addition to our larger initiatives, we incorporate small changes into our curriculum and daily operations that reinforce the need for sustainable living in our student body:

Paperless Communications: With our newly introduced Mobile App, we’ve gone paperless. All our communications, notifications and permission slips are sent out digitally, drastically reducing our carbon footprint and the amount of paper we’ve been using.

Animal Adoptions: We encourage our students to participate in the wildlife adoption program at Nehru Zoological Park. Adopting an animal at the zoo ensures it receives the required nutrition, and guarantees uninterrupted maintenance of its spacious enclosure.

Trips to the Botanical Gardens: Regular trips to the Botanical Gardens have given our students an understanding of several different species of flora.

School Pets: We house rabbits, ducks and geese to integrate nature into our campuses, and to encourage students to become confident in their interactions with animals.

Pollution Control: Traffic congestion in our city is at an all-time high. The more cars there are on the streets, the more pollution is being pumped into the air. To reduce our footprint, we encourage all our students to use the school buses, which are regularly pollution-checked.

Use of natural resources: All our buildings have courtyards and large windows to allow for natural ventilation and light, reducing the school’s electrical intake

Green Mementos: We make it a point to present Plants and Bonsais as mementos to our esteemed guests as well as parents to encourage the public to look after and grow more plants.

International School In Hyderabad

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