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IBDP Overview

The IB Diploma Programme (DP) is a rigorous, challenging and balanced two-year university-preparation programme for students aged 16 to 19. It aims to support schools by providing outstanding research-based education, developing both disciplinary and interdisciplinary knowledge and understanding. The DP is a truly international programme developed in consultation and collaboration with educators from around the world. It incorporates the best educational practices from different systems while remaining free of influence of any particular one.


IB Mission Statement

"The International Baccalaureate aims to develop inquiring, knowledgeable and caring young people who help to create a better and more peaceful world through intercultural understanding and respect.

To this end the organization works with schools, governments and international organizations to develop challenging programmes of international education and rigorous assessment.

These programmes encourage students across the world to become active, compassionate and lifelong learners who understand that other people, with their differences, can also be right."

Curriculum Model

International School In Hyderabad Adapted from IBO. https://www.ibo.org/digital-toolkit/logos-and-programme-models

The programme is focused on the IB learner (16-19 years old), surrounded by the approaches of teaching and learning (concept over content), supported by the DP core elements comprising Theory of Knowledge (TOK), Creativity, Activity and Service (CAS) and Extended Essay (EE), connected with all the 6 subject groups. The two-year programme is a meta cognitive journey into discovering What they know, How they know and Where they want to take their learning.

The six subjects in IB demand students to show evidence of variety of skills. We offer the following subjects in each group:

International School In Hyderabad

Apart from the six subjects, students engage in the following core subjects:

Theory of Knowledge: Theory of Knowledge provides an opportunity for students to reflect on the nature of knowledge, and on how they know what they claim to know.

Extended Essay: Extended Essay is an independent, self-directed research project that students work on to discover things that they are passionate about.

CAS: Creativity, Activity and Service experiences over the two years help students become more aware of their value systems, their skills, their interests and aspirations. This helps them make more informed decisions for their future.

CIS Membership

CHIREC is now a CIS Member School!

Council of International Schools (CIS) is a leader in the field of school evaluation and accreditation worldwide. This membership is conferred on us as a result of demonstrating commitment to high quality international education and as a mark of quality assurance. The honor sets new benchmarks as we stand ahead in international education, embrace diverse perspectives, and strive to raise the bar.

IB Recognition in India

  • Since 1983 International Baccalaureate Diploma has been recognized by the Association of Indian universities as an entry qualification to all universities in India. This was later renewed in 2010 and still holds the same.
  • All universities in India accept the IB Diploma as equivalent to Class 12 qualification from an Indian board. However, acceptance alone does not guarantee entry into a course. Entry is based on competition as seats may be limited and some courses may have additional selection requirements. It is advisable to check with the institution of interest to determine the entry requirements for particular courses of study.
  • The IB Diploma has been recognized by the AIU as an entry qualification to all universities in India since 1983 and renewed in 2010. According to AIU: “The International Baccalaureate Diploma…has been equated with +2 stage (Grade 12) qualification of an Indian Board since 1983. Students intending to join Indian Universities after completion of their IB qualifications are eligible to pursue Bachelor`s degree programme at Indian Universities. Those intending to join Professional Degree programmes…are required to have studied the subjects of Physics, Chemistry, Biology/Mathematics and English at the qualifying level.” (AIU, Dec, 2010).
  • Upon release of their results, DP students can apply for an equivalence certificate from AIU or apply directly to the eligibility department of the university they wish to attend. Prior to commencing the DP, students and parents should make direct contact with the college or university he or she would like to attend to check specific course and entry requirements and become familiar with the required subject and levels combination for that course.
  • Learn more here: https://www.ibo.org/contentassets/d883e8b8f46446079f14679a9a6971c3/india-recognition-guide-jan-2017.pdf


Taking cue from the IB mission statement and the programme representation, the student, teacher and parent community at CHIREC is aware of and understands that the programme extends well beyond the classroom, evaluates students more than in exams and aims at creating individuals who are creative, critical thinkers, communicators and collaborators.

CHIREC has been offering the programme for the past 9 years. The school has successfully completed the 5-year review for the IB Diploma programme and will be completing its 10-year evaluation in 2022. The school has been consistently recognised as the best International School in Hyderabad and amongst Top 10 International Schools in India. As the diversity of students, programme offerings and and results break records year after year, the entire community strives to further improve and embed the IB mission and values in our programme.

IB Teachers at CHIREC work around their classroom teaching to instill in the students the importance of displaying the learner profile attributes within and outside the class:

International School In Hyderabad

At CHIREC, we live the IB expectations of turning our students into independent and responsible learners. We achieve this by empowering our students with the necessary freedom and opportunities to be able to leverage on their strengths and recognize their limitations. Each batch of students steer the program in a way that suits their learning needs and levels and ensure that it is successfully completed.

Classroom extends well beyond the four walls for IB students by involving guest lectures, educational field visits, student exchange programs and CAS experiences of students within and outside school. Learning over the two years in IB is continuous and students experience a transformation in them as a person over the two years having gone through a variety of assessments and evaluations both personally and by the teacher.

CHIREC is proud of its students` original ideas, connecting learning with their passion and a drive to complete the Internal Assessments and Extended Essay honestly and successfully. In the last 6 years, we have received grade A for Extended Essay (EE) in Hindi, Biology, Physics, Business and Economics. By statistics, only 13% of all IB applicants in the world get an A in EE.

CHIREC is proud of its students` original ideas, connecting learning with their passion and a drive to complete the Internal Assessments and Extended Essay honestly and successfully. In the last 9 years, we have received grade A for Extended Essay (EE) in Hindi, Biology, Physics, Mathematics, Business, ESS, Economics and World Studies. By statistics, only 13% of all IB applicants in the world get an A in EE. We have a good number of achievers in TOK as well.
In 2021, we had our student Devesh Bag getting a perfect score of 45 in the May 2021 IB exams.


  • The IB Organization especially commended the school for the CAS initiatives such as mobile library and green initiatives undertaken by our IB students. Our adept teachers put in interest, effort and passionately work with the students to achieve this.
  • All our faculty are IB-trained and certified. Many them also work as examiners. This provides the school a deep insight into how IB assessments are graded and ensures that we are aligned with the program expectations.
  • Our teachers are well aligned with the expectations of the IB Programme. Most of the internal assessments sent to IB for moderation come back unmoderated, indicating that our teachers have been precise and accurate in their assessment.
  • The school has 40 IB teachers and 136 students enrolled in the programme. This 1:4 teacher to student ratio helps us provide personalized attention to students..

IB Student Achievements

University Placements

CHIREC students have been placed in world-renowned universities and colleges much before their final results. Some of the universities and colleges are listed below:

International School In Hyderabad
International School In Hyderabad

Some Important FAQs

1. Is IB Diploma and course recognized by the Indian universities?

Please refer to the FAQ published by the IBO

2. What document does the school show as evidence for non-regular diploma?

FAQ published by IBO names non-regular diploma which allows students to register with 3 sciences

3. What’s the difference between the Diploma Program and Diploma courses (certificate)?

The IB Diploma Program requires that students take six different IB course sequences: English, World Language, History, an Experimental Science, Math, and an IB elective as well as two semesters of Theory of Knowledge. Diploma candidates also write an Extended Essay of about 4000 words with a guided research class to support the process. Diploma candidates will also complete Creativity/Action/Service (CAS) activities and a project between the beginning of junior year and March of senior year. Certificate Program students (or what the International Baccalaureate calls “diploma courses” students) pick one or several courses from the six course sequences, but don’t take Theory of Knowledge, don’t write an Extended Essay, and don’t complete CAS activities or the project. Within an IB class – IB English, for example, certificate and diploma students do the same work.

4. Who will opt for the IB course and how does it help?

CHIREC International recognizes that preparation for medical study by Indian students requires the study of Chemistry, Biology, and Physics in Grades 11-12 and the NEET exam. This presents a significant burden above and beyond International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) requirements. Encouraging students to complete the full IBDP while also meeting Indian medical pathway requirements would not be in keeping with the IBDP philosophy of student welfare and well-being. Indian students preparing for medical study within India or students who are preparing for IIT JEE may choose the following pathway:

  • Study of selected IB subjects in Grades 11-12 as an IB certificate student (5 or 6 subjects as required)
  • Appearing for all internal exams during 11 and 12 same as the diploma students so that the high school credit completion (study the subjects for the number of hours as specified by IB) certificate can be prepared. HL subjects need 240 teaching hours and SL subjects need 150 teaching hours.

The IB course can also be opted by students who would want to exclude the DP core elements and only focus on completing the subject requirements. For example: students pursuing music, fine arts and performing arts may have other requirements of exams to be completed like Trinity College music exams till grade 8 or Intermediate art exams etc.

5. How do I find out details about IB grade conversion to Indian percentage and university recognition?

Please refer to the India Recognition Guide published by IBO

CHIREC has implemented various policies around Admission, Inclusion, Academic Honesty, Assessment and Language to provide a framework that ensures the IB values and aims are instilled and reflected in everyday teaching, learning and administering. The policies can be found below:

International School In Hyderabad

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