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Current Openings


Experience: 0-1 years

Affirmative Action: Graduates, B.Ed or freshers


  •  Develop schemes of work and lesson plans in line with curriculum objectives. 
  •  Facilitate learning by establishing a relationship with pupils and by your organization of learning resources and the classroom learning environment.
  • Develop and foster the appropriate skills and social abilities to enable the optimum development of children, according to age, ability and aptitude. 
  • Link pupils` knowledge to earlier learning and develop ways to encourage it further, challenging and inspiring pupils to help them deepen their knowledge and understanding.
  • Teaching all areas of the primary curriculum; taking responsibility for the progress of a class of primary-age pupils;
  • Organizing the classroom and learning resources and creating displays to encourage a positive learning environment; planning, preparing and presenting lessons that cater for the needs of the whole ability range within the class; motivating pupils with enthusiastic, imaginative presentation; maintaining discipline; 
  • Providing feedback to parents and careers on a pupil`s progress at parents` evenings and other meetings; coordinating activities and resources within a specific area of the curriculum, and supporting colleagues in the delivery of this specialist area; 
  • Meeting with other professionals such as education welfare officers and educational psychologists, if required. 
  • Desired Candidate Profile:
    • Candidate with Excellent communication skills 
    • Should have patience and level of understanding pupils from age 5-11. 
    • Should be able to meet the organizations requirements 
    • Should be flexible enough to work in stress and should be willing to adapt change.
    •  This requirement is immediate and we would prefer candidates who can join immediately. 

Experience: 1-2 Years

Affirmative Action: Graduates/ PG, B.Ed


  • Responsible for instructing students on the emergence of global and American ideals and cultural heritage.
  • Helps students understand and exercise his rights, privileges, and responsibilities as a citizen. Instruct students about global and national social issues.
  • Create instructional resources for use in the classroom. 
  • Plan, prepare and deliver instructional activities.  
  • Meet course and school-wide student performance goals.
  • Participate in ongoing training sessions. 
  • Create lesson plans and modify accordingly throughout the year. 
  • Create projects designed to enhance lectures. 
  • Read and stay abreast of current topics in education. 
  •  Integrate competencies, goals, and objectives into lesson plans. 
  • Work with program coordinators to ensure initiatives are being met.  
  • Tutor students on an individual basis. 
  • Establish and communicate clear objectives for all learning activities. 
  • Prepare and distribute required reports. 
  • Desired Candidate Profile:
    • Should have excellent communication skills 
    • Should interact well with parents and discuss about child`s developments and how they can be nurtured. 
    •  Should have good voice modulation and command over the subject.  
    • Should be able to teach International section and to be well aware of the lesson plans and teaching methodologies. 
    •  Should have strong subject knowledge in geography  

Experience: 1-2 years

Affirmative Action: MA/BA in Spanish Language (Must be literate and fluent in Spanish Language)


  • Spanish Language Facilitator is expected to help students communicate and understand the Spanish language. They should encourage students to practice vocabulary they’ve learned and assist them in accurately listening, speaking, writing and reading Spanish. 
  • Techniques such as role-playing, dialogue, language games, literature, film, and other formal exercises must be used to enhance the learning of the language., and providing a safe and stimulating environment that facilitates learning 
  • Desired Candidate Profile:
    • Effective written and verbal communication skills, 
    • excellent teaching skills,
    •  interpersonal relations skills, 
    • time management and organizational skills, 
    • administrative skills, problem-solving skills, 
    • research skills, and 
    • extensive knowledge of various teaching materials.
    •  He/she must also be compassionate, patient, observant, detail-oriented, creative and think outside the box.

Experience: 3 to 8 years

Affirmative Action: B.Sc (Math) and M.Sc (Math) with B.Ed.


  • Sound Knowledge of Mathematics 
  • Engaging and motivating in quest to constant Learning.  
  • Should have experience in teaching 11th and 12th classes of CBSE board from a good reputed international school

Experience: 1-2 years

Affirmative Action: Graduate with certification in NNTT/ECE/ PPTC course. Any other diploma in Pre-Primary teaching.


  • Developing and implementing lessons and work schemes, using the Early Years Foundation Stage as a framework, and providing a safe and stimulating environment that facilitates learning 
  • Organizing and supervising play and work activities  
  • Involvement in school activities 
  • Interaction with Parents during PTMs 
  • Planning and carrying out a curriculum that targets different areas of child development such as language, motor, and social skills 
  • Organizing activities for the children to learn about the world, explore interests, and develop talents 
  • Developing schedules and routines to ensure that children have enough physical activity, rest, and playtime 
  • Watching for signs of emotional or developmental problems in children and bring them to the attention of parents 
  • Keeping records of the students` progress, routines, and interests, and keep parents informed about their child`s development 
  • Should be able to handle younger group of students and ability to handle the parent issues. 
  • Should have capability of dealing with the queries of parents during PTMs.
  • Desired Candidate Profile:
    • Good Communication skills 
    • Certified with NTGT, PPTC/ECE course 
Interested candidates can send profiles directly to or call: Ms.Shilpa - 7337368409 / Ms.Santoshi - 9866242383. Only suitable candidates will be called for the interview.
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