International School In Hyderabad
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International School In Hyderabad

CHIREC School is special for me.

Mahesh Babu Ghattamaneni,
Indian Actor, Parent of Gautham Ghattamaneni, Class VI

International School In Hyderabad

The innovative practices like Library on the Wheels, Recording Studios and the successful launch of the Octocopter recently, proves the progressive thinking of the school. With such kind of a support mechanism, the students will be able to dream – to dream big, to dream different and they will put in their all to make the dreams happen.

Ms. Shikha Goel, IPS IG CISF,
Parent of Yutika Kumar, Class V

International School In Hyderabad

Ever since our daughters joined CHIREC, they have never wanted to miss a day of school, a true yardstick of how enjoyable school has been! The school has given them a nurturing and supportive environment in which to learn, grow and blossom into responsible citizens. CHIREC has effectively combined academics with extracurricular activities, allowing children to discover their talents and strengths through a variety of learning experiences. As our elder daughter reaches the final year of her educational journey at CHIREC, we are immensely grateful to the teachers, management and staff of CHIREC, who have all played a significant role in her life.

Radha Rangarajan, Ph.D. CEO, Vitas Pharma Technology Business Incubator University of Hyderabad
Parent of Maitri Rangarajan, IB12

International School In Hyderabad

“Firstly I would like to congratulate the management of the CHIREC International School for completing 26 years of service in the field of education. I have seen the change in both my kids and I have no doubt that the school has touched and transformed the lives of all CHIREC students. There is a lot of emphasis on the all-round development of the student without comprising on academics. The compassion with which the teachers teach and look after the kids is exemplary. I wish the school lots of success in the future.”

Former Indian Cricketer
Padma Shri Awardee and Arjuna awardee
Parent of V.V.S. Sarvajith (Class VI) & V.V.S. Achintya (Class IV)

International School In Hyderabad

CHIREC excels because it has a diverse student body, and an administration committed to cutting-edge teaching and learning, be it technology in the classroom or teacher training in student-centred, active-learning methods. I see CHIREC as a truly global school poised to soar to even greater heights.

Arun Pereira, Ph.D
Executive Director and Clinical Associate Professor
Centre for Teaching, Learning and Case Development, Affiliation Indian School of Business
(Parent of Meera Maria Pereira, C12),

International School In Hyderabad

CHIREC teaches children how to think, not what to think. CHIREC educates the heart as well as the mind.

After every accomplishment, after every success, after every award, let the lingering questions be – What next? What more? What else?

Wishing you success for the future. Keep scaling to new heights.

Archana and Samir Bhagat
(Parent of Avidant Bhagat (Class XII, 2015 Batch) & Adhiraj Bhagat, Class XII

International School In Hyderabad

I like CHIREC because the student’s year is well planned out with focus not just on education alone, but also on personal growth. I appreciate the fact that all decisions are taken keeping the interest of the students in mind, even if some of the decisions are not popular with parents or students. It is this combination of ‘experience in knowing what is right for the students’ and ‘good discipline’ that gives me the confidence that my child is in good hands.

Swapna Cherukuri
Lahari Resorts
(Parent of Shravya Cherukuri, C9)
(Parent of Alekhya Cherukuri, PP2)

International School In Hyderabad

CHIREC has been a source of joy in our daughter’s learning journey. I have seen the school constantly re-invent itself and rise above numerous challenges to provide an excellent educational platform for students. We especially like the down-to-earth approach in molding the child’s learning experience outside the home. Keep up the great work!

With warm regards,
Ramana K. Gogula
(Parent of Natasha Gogula, Class X)

International School In Hyderabad

Hearty congratulations to the CHIREC family on celebrating their Silver Jubilee. I have observed through my close association with CHIREC for the past ten years, that their innovative approach to providing an ideal environment suitable for learning and more importantly their focus on the overall development of the child, has been the reason for their resounding success that is reflected in CHIREC being recognized as one of the best schools in Hyderabad. I am indeed proud to be a member of the CHIREC family!”

Best Wishes,
Deepika Reddy
(Parent of Shloka Nallapa Reddy (Class XI) & Abhinav Nallapa Reddy (Class XI)

International School In Hyderabad

The school understands that a child’s learning does not end in the classroom. The time tested systems ensure that the child is exposed to various activities and integrate their experiences holistically.

Being part of the CHIREC family is a joy!

(Parent of Sathya D of class C6)

International School In Hyderabad

Congratulations CHIREC, for your achievement! I am instantly reminded of the following quote by Dr. Jonas Salk, the physician who discovered the Eponymous Vaccine for Polio – “Good parents give their children Roots and Wings. Roots to know where home is, wings to fly away and exercise what’s been taught them.” This is exactly what CHIREC has done for my kids… it has given them roots and wings! Today, as the proud mother of an intelligent, compassionate and grounded young girl, I give all credit to CHIREC for being as involved in raising my daughter as I have been.

Indu Raju
(Parent of Trishanya Raju (Batch of 2010)and Sahan Raju (C6))

International School In Hyderabad

Extremely impressed and humbled by the faculty and students. Very proud to be a parent too!

Siva Kumar Sethuraman, Parent of Spandana Sivakumar
Head Global Cust Experience, Google
(Parent of Spandana Sivakumar, Class 3)

International School In Hyderabad

CHIREC has been instrumental in grooming my son, V. Sri Krishna Vardhan, into an intellectually outstanding student. He is pursuing his graduate engineering in the Civil Engineering stream from the Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, USA (Georgia Tech) and has been selected for Masters in Project Management, Civil Engineering at University of California at Berkeley, CA, USA and Stanford University, CA , USA. I thank the school for educating my son to enable him to achieve this position.

Dr.V.S.V.Prasad, Parent of V.SriKrishna Vardhan(Batch of 2009),
Chief Consultant Neonatologist & Pediatric Intensivist,
Chief Executive Officer, Lotus Hospital for Women & Children, Hyderabad.

International School In Hyderabad

We are in awe of the safety measures at CHIREC. We know that once? Pratiti? is on campus, she is completely secure and in safe hands. The provisions of pick up permit cards, always being escorted by teachers and management of vehicular movement is excellent.

We also appreciate the overall curriculum design of the school. It provides a very balanced growth of the child in all the areas, whether it’s speaking on the stage, communication with peers and adults, life skills, team work attributes or academics. The teachers are very innovative, enthusiastic and affectionate.

Mrs. Swati Lakra, IPS Officer and Mr. Benhur, IAS Officer
(Parents of Pratiti Prashansa Ekka, Class VI)

International School In Hyderabad

CHIREC has helped shape my child into a confident and balanced person. CHIREC offers a comprehensive curriculum that focuses on all areas of development, may it be academics, life skills, communication skills or anything else that is needed to make the perfect individual who is capable of handling different situations in life. The regular teacher parent interaction helps in getting a timely feedback on my child. I admire the sports friendly campus and the way CHIREC develops the sports front of each student.

Mrs. Maurya Boda
Head of Brilliant Bio Pharma Limited
Parent of Prerith Boda, Stage 7

International School In Hyderabad

The ability to move with the times is what makes CHIREC stand out. Great teachers, attention to detail and individual focus on every student is what makes the school so special. I would like to thank the school for its role in shaping my son and giving him the right foundation.

Renuka Gangadi
(Parent of Varin Nair, Batch of 2017)

International School In Hyderabad

“CHIREC International stands out as a school that matches international standards with an excellent value system. We have found that the school pays a lot of attention to detail, focussing on every aspect of the overall development of the child – both academic and extracurricular. The teachers are highly-motivated, experienced and have a passion for teaching.”

Dr. P. Raghu Ram
Padma Shri Awardee
CEO Ushalakshmi Breast Cancer Foundation
Parent of Sai Ram (Batch of 2016) & Krishna Sai(Stage 8)

International School In Hyderabad

I wanted to send a special THANK YOU note to Ms Anju, the class teacher for her contribution towards Aryav success in Olympiads Exam, IAIS, and Sakshi Spell Bee, NSTSE. He has become very disciplined and careful about his studies and other things this year. Mam , you coached him on the fact that he makes silly mistakes. These small things go a long way in shaping a kid’s foundation and I thank you for that.

He is still very young and he has a long way to go but I hope he keeps getting wonderful teachers who show him the right path.

Thank you,
Mrs Khusboo Taneja ,
(Parent of Aryav T. , Class IV)

International School In Hyderabad

As every parent would with their first child, even I was quite anxious about my son to get good teachers and a great environment away from home. My sons 4th year in CHIREC (Nursery to Class 1) and i couldn’t be happier. Fantastic campus, great teachers and exemplary service for any query i have ever had, has just made my belief stronger in CHIREC. It has taught my son almost everything that he knows today and made him a great individual and i am very proud of him for what he is today. Applause to each and everyone at CHIREC from Admin staff to Teachers to not to forget Aymamma’s, i am a very happy parent!

Unnati Pingle
Interior Designer
(Parent of Karun Pingle, Class IV)
(Parent of Kavya Pingle, CPP2)

International School In Hyderabad

I have thoroughly enjoyed studying the CIE A Level curriculum in CHIREC International. Over the part of two years of the course, I have developed an in-depth subject knowledge and relevant exam techniques, with the help of my teachers. I really like the fact that the curriculum has given me enough time aside from academics to pursue my extracurricular activities, in particular music, as it is a big part of my life.

Adhiraj Bhagat, Head of Literary Committee

International School In Hyderabad

I am a part of the school rock band and interact service group and CHIREC has supported me a lot in both these fronts. We are pushed to give our best in all the extracurricular activities we take up.

Anurag Agrawal, Deputy Head Boy

International School In Hyderabad

I have been in the school for 2 years. CHIREC has given me a lot of opportunities. Now I can make use of these opportunities to make my school and family proud. Best part of CHIREC are the people in CHIREC including teachers and students

Krithik Chitla Reddy,  Head Boy

International School In Hyderabad

I have been in this school since PP2 and there is nothing that I love than spending time with my friends, teachers, learning something new every day and playing sports. Best quality about CHIREC is that it is provides a perfect combination of academics, sports and art. Every teacher in the school has taught me to do better in every single field.

Ishita Sharma, Deputy Sports Captain

International School In Hyderabad

I have been in CHIREC since the beginning and I treat it as my second home. The positive environment of the school has inspired and made me confident to grow as an individual and follow my dreams.

Tulasi Korwar, Sports Captain

International School In Hyderabad

CHIREC has been my home for 14 years. It’s a place where I get a mix of academics, sports and other extracurricular activities. The teachers along with teaching well are like our mentors. We can go to them for advice and they support us through everything. The atmosphere at CHIREC is very positive and happy.

Maarya Mohd. Siddiqi, Deputy Head Girl

International School In Hyderabad

CHIREC has literally changed the face of education in Hyderabad. I have observed students from CHIREC to be more creative in their thinking and understanding, especially after the Cambridge course has started. I noticed a wonderful personality change in the children of my friends ,who have taken up the course here. I hope that CHIREC would continue to contribute towards building capable leaders in the society. I congratulate you Ratna Garu on your achievements– you have received a brilliant International award in 2014 and you are one the three women in India to have received this award. Ratna Ma’am I am very proud of you!

Smt. Kavitha K., Member of Parliament

International School In Hyderabad

Let Music always enrich your Life.
CHIREC has and will always provide the environment and learning facilities for Music.

Happy Musical Birthday CHIREC !

Hema Gulati Chandra
(Ex Music Teacher)

International School In Hyderabad

Best Experience, thought as if I would have studied here. Thanks for all.

Pradeep Kharwilkar
Cinematographer in Bollywood

International School In Hyderabad

“I don’t know how much my small interaction with the students helped them, but their probing questions helped me look at my work in a different perspective. I whole heartedly thank the CHIREC school for the enriching experience”.

S S Rajamouli
Indian Film Director

International School In Hyderabad

I was privileged to be apart of the final ceremony of creative writing! Great effort.

Ratna Shekar Rao, Parent of Minakshi Sekhar and Karthik Sekhar, Alumni
Editor, Wow Magazine Hyderabad

International School In Hyderabad

CHIREC has been a great place for both my kids and I m sure they cherish every day spent there. Wish Ratna all the success in everything she takes on as she truly deserves it.

Sarita Reddy
(p/o Alumni T. Rajiv Reddy ( 2006) & Anirudh Reddy (2011))

International School In Hyderabad

Thank you Madam for such a wonderful graduation ceremony for the kids and us the parents, a very thoughtful initiative. Congratulations on the outstanding products in the students and the platforms created for them by encouraging their talents parallelly. May God bless you to keep up this good work of making wonderful citizens from children always.

Sanjay Kankaria, P/o Alumnus Roshni Kankaria, Batch of 2016
Director of Rachnoutsav Events Academy

International School In Hyderabad

“Great campus but the actual stars are the faculty and the students. Had a wonderful time shooting here. What an impressive school and faculty”!

Elahe Hiptoola
Bollywood film actress, producer

International School In Hyderabad

"An excellent school with emphasis an overall development of the personality of students."

NVS Reddy
Managing Director of Hyderabad Metro Rail

International School In Hyderabad

“Delighted to be at CHIREC first visit Ashna s GCC program drew to this visit. It is great to see alumni coming back to contribute further to the school”.

Best Wishes,

Madhubala Kapoor
Principal, Nasr School-Girls

International School In Hyderabad

“I think CHIREC has the correct blend of academics and other activities which go to make a well balanced and all rounded personality! Keep up the good work!

Daphe de Rebello
Senior Consultant In Education at Administrative Staff College of India

International School In Hyderabad

“An honour to be present today in this temple of knowlege, with whom my association goes back to many years. Do hope they keep their good work going in imparting quality education to the future citizens fo our country to make them productive patners in our country’s growth as wll as good citizen of a great nation”.

Daggubati Purandhareswari
Ministry of Textiles (India)

International School In Hyderabad

CHIREC is a friendly school with an excellent infrastructure and talented teachers. Students here find learning as an
exciting experience rather than a burden. Children,therefore,love to attend the school. What can be a better tribute
than this ?

Economic Advisory Council to the Prime Minister

International School In Hyderabad

” What a school! An incredible week! I was overwhelmed the kindness, enthusiasm and generiosity of spirit. It was pure pleasure to work with the teachers. I’ll have such fond memories of my time here!

Nina Yssel
Professor, Ball State University, US

International School In Hyderabad

” Fantastic environment of a school that has inspired its students to take up larger causes and behave as responsible citizens. Congratulations to the teachers and the management that is inspiring young India to move in the right directions”

Uma Sudhir
Resident Editor, NDTV

International School In Hyderabad

“An excellent school not only space wise but the warmth from the Rathnaji and other staff members is something so rare to come across. I thoroughly enjoyed talking and interacting with the students from 6th to 12th standard. I had avery interesting time. My prayers for your school will always be there.

Vani Jairam
layback singer in Indian cinema

International School In Hyderabad

Overwhelming hospitality,

wonderful school and staff.

Beautiful country.

Jim Pickel
Thayer Academy, Boston USA

International School In Hyderabad

It is always such a pleasure to visit and see the wonderful work of CHIREC.

Amala Akkineni
Actress, Social Activist , Co-founder Blue Cross of India

International School In Hyderabad

Three of my boys have been from CHIREC proud of them all. Thank you for being the parents during the day.

Arvindi Chengi
(p/o Alumni Sriram Chenji (2007)& Parashuram Chenji )

International School In Hyderabad

“One of the best school I have visited”.

Gunupati Venkata Krishna Reddy
Founder Chairman and Managing Director of GVK Industries

International School In Hyderabad

” Exceptional school, great teaching and outstanding values are imparted”.

Director, IITH

International School In Hyderabad

Congratulations on celebrating your silver anniversary! The U.S. Consulate General Hyderabad looks forward to continuing its collaboration with CHIREC.

Please accept my best wishes as you foster creativity and intellectual growth through education.ÔÇØ

Katherine S. Dhanani
Consul General
U.S. Consulate General Hyderabad

International School In Hyderabad

“Impressive campus definitely but more impressive and humbling is the Director and team”.

Swati Popat-Vats
President, Podar Education Networks

International School In Hyderabad

“I was at the GCC program. I am extremely appreciative of this initiative. It covers several things which are imperatives for India Gender Diversity, Technology for social change and high quality education. Congratulations to CHIREC and Wish them all the best”!
Your contribution to children education in and around Hyderabad was outstanding. You created a world class school and led children from dark into light of knowledge and learning. Congratulation on completing 25 years and we wish you many more years of success.

International School In Hyderabad

” A wonderful experience indeed. Am definetely impressed by the commitment and enthusiam of the management for all round development of students. All the best to everyone associated with the school”.

Vineet Joshi
Chairman and Secretary of the Central Board of Secondary Education

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