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I am Sreekar. I passed out from CHIREC in 2008. I completed bachelors in mechanical engineering at CBIT and then went on to pursue Masters in Engineering Management (MEM) at Dartmouth College, USA. I returned to India to work on my company, Gradvine Advisors Pvt. Ltd., a peer-to-peer mentoring platform for students applying for universities abroad and those looking for jobs. I was in CHIREC from the age of 4 where I began my pre-primary education at the old Begumpet campus, which later got shifted to Kondapur. I loved the sports facilities at the new campus and enjoyed playing cricket. Some of my finest memories also involved the plays and the morning assembly that students were required to organise. These activities truly helped in my holistic development and helped me explore various facets of my personality. CHIREC also laid the foundation for me to write, speak and think in English, which back in the early 2000s was still rare for schools in Hyderabad. I would like to thank my teachers as they were very stringent while awarding grades as they expected a very high level of written English from us. This helped me a lot while writing essays to apply to universities abroad. My essays were automatically at a different level, which allowed me to get an admit to an Ivy League university with a fellowship.

International School In Hyderabad

I am Milan Rao. I was a student at CHIREC from PP1 to X and passed out in 2008. My schooling in CHIREC has definitely been a huge influence in my life throughout my formative years. I’ve had the pleasure of growing up with some of the best and brightest people, some of whom have grown to become part of my innermost circle. I went on to pursue my Industrial Engineering at Purdue University and came back to Hyderabad in 2014. I was at the time toying with various ideas and entrepreneurial ventures before I decided that I wanted to venture into something that had the potential to be huge in the coming five years. I got my initial inspiration from Ingress a location-based Augmented Reality game. I decided that AR gaming was an experience that had immense scope for development as it was still in its niche stage (This was before Pokemon GO’s Heyday). My two co-founders and I founded my company Empower Labs in 2015 and went through different stages of our product ‘Delta T’ a time travel based AR mobile game. We faced a lot of challenges early on while building our product as there was very little awareness about the sector. We ran a bootstrapped company as the development cycle for the product was quite long and could not be rushed. We got our big break when Pokémon GO released and awareness went through the roof. We were suddenly in the right space at the right time two years into the development cycle of the product. We launched the beta of our game to great success and managed to raise close to $1 million in funding. We’ve partnered with the creative team of ‘Baahubali’ for the game and the final version will be hitting the Google Playstore and iOS App Store this March. There’s definitely a lot of jitters as close to three years of effort and planning is finally taking shape but we are hoping for the best. Regarding entrepreneurship, I always talk about two things a. it is important to keep the bigger picture in mind. We wanted to build a world class game from India and inevitably you will face numerous challenges on a daily basis, but always keep your eyes on the end goal and not get bogged down by these challenges. And b. Go out and start doing something rather than automatically expecting to find your calling. This will at least help you eliminate things that you don’t want to do, which will get you a step closer to what you want to do. I figured I want to stick to technology as a medium, no matter what happens with Delta T or Empower Labs, that’s because we can create an impact and reach a lot more people much faster compared to any other medium.

International School In Hyderabad

I am Shahana Khan. I did my Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Education and Masters in Economics from Osmania University, Hyderabad. I have also done my Masters in English Literature from EFL University, Hyderabad, and completed Cambridge International Diploma Teachers Training from Cambridge University and Diploma in Computer Applications. I come from a family of educators in Hyderabad. As a child, I was always fascinated by my aunts and uncles who were educators. I have twenty years of teaching experience and I joined CHIREC in 2005 as a primary teacher in the CBSE curriculum and then had a smooth transition to teach the Cambridge curriculum. I have attended seminars, teachers’ training programs conducted by Cambridge University which helped me to keep myself updated and stand able to deliver Twenty first century skills to learners and help them become global citizens. I look forward to learning and implementing my knowledge and skills in the best of ways. I feel education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. I believe in always following my dreams and believing in oneself.

International School In Hyderabad

I am K. Venkat Raman, Vice Principal of the International Section, CHIREC. It’s been a journey of 19 years for me with CHIREC and it’s like my second home. I was promoted to Programme Coordinator, Coordinator for classes IX TO XII, Head Master and now I am the Vice Principal of the International section. Teaching is my passion and I have been enjoying every bit of it for all these years.
I have been associated with all the students of CHIREC ever since the first batch of CHIREC passed out in 2001. I have learned a lot from each one of them. I enjoyed every bit of classroom interactions, playing Volleyball with them, Inter House Competitions, Excursions, etc. Every moment is special in one way or the other. No child is bad or an underperformer. It all depends on how best we mould them. I feel rewarded when the students extend their gratitude by sending messages that I could make a difference in their lives. It makes me feel very proud and honoured to hear that every single child, who passed out from CHIREC, is doing well.
There are so many people, who have influenced me and supported me. Some of them include Ms. Ratna Reddy, Ms. Manaswitha, Ms. Ramani, Ms. Ragini Suri, Ms. Tara, Mr. Masud Ali, Ms. Rajalaxmi, Ms. Iffat Ibrahim, & Mr. Sharma. One person who stands out is Ms. Ratna Reddy, who believed in me that I can reach this far. There is a saying “Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection, we can reach excellence”. Ms. Ratna not only practices this but influences us for which the results are here to prove. I am lucky to have a family, who stands by me and supports me without whom managing this far would not have been possible. My brothers, sisters, my school, childhood friends and college-mates have been of great help and support all through these years.

International School In Hyderabad

I am Leena Daisy S. and I teach Primary students at CHIREC. I graduated in Science from St. Theresa’s College, Eluru, Andhra Pradesh. I have done my B.Ed from A. L. College, Nagarjuna University and MA English in Literature from Andhra University. As an individual, I am patient, organized and strive to be perfect. I enjoy reading books and painting in my spare time.
I have been teaching for 17 years. My time spent at CHIREC has helped me to grow as a confident person and nurture my skills and has given me immense satisfaction personally and professionally. I have enjoyed handling all the responsibilities given to me. As a teacher, I try to address to the needs of every student, help them to learn with ease and see to it that all of them are given a chance to contribute. I feel happy and proud when my students come to wish me and share their experiences. My most memorable moment was when I rejoined CHIREC after a long leave, my students Sneha and Anumita who were in Grade 12 by then came running to meet me. I believe that a teacher should be an enthusiastic learner, adept at interaction, and caring towards her students. As a primary teacher, I have attended many professional development workshops which have taught me about academic planning and implementing them accordingly.
I thank our Director Ms. Ratna Reddy for believing in me, Ms. Iffat Ibrahim for her guidance, my Incharges and colleagues for their support, my family for their encouragement and my students for their love.

International School In Hyderabad

I am Suparna Baidya, IGCSE and IBDP Facilitator for Environmental Management and Environmental Systems and Societies respectively apart from being the Head of Department of the Social Sciences Department for CIE. Born and brought up in the Steel City of Durgapur, West Bengal, I did my graduation from Banaras Hindu University (BHU) and Post- Graduation in Geography from Burdwan University of West Bengal. I got ample of opportunity to visit few interesting places, interact with different types of people and taste different types of food. I have also been passionate about singing since childhood.

I feel proud to be associated with CHIREC, which will step into its glorious 30 years in 2018. It just seems like yesterday when I was new to the school and preparations were underway for Silver Jubilee celebrations in 2013. My first year in CHIREC was a year of great learning when I was entrusted with the responsibility of completing one of the 7 projects for the International School Award (ISA) along with my team of few other teachers. We had fun learning along with the students when we got an opportunity to collaborate with one of the schools of South Korea through teleconferencing. The students of CHIREC International are always a step ahead in every field, are very energetic, enthusiastic and open-minded.

I am thankful to the Management of CHIREC who trusted me and gave me an opportunity to teach IBDP apart from teaching IGCSE. I would like to thank the IT team for being so good and helpful to me at my initial days, Ms. Iffat Ibrahim, Principal of CHIREC, who guided me whenever I had approached her, Ms. Ragini Suri of CIE, whose kind words always made me feel comfortable, Mr. Omkar Joshi, Principal of the International Section, who always has a solution to every genuine problem I have faced till date and above all Ms. Ratna Reddy, the Founder and Director of CHIREC International School, who has always motivated every member of the CHIREC family and made sure that we work as a Team.

CHIREC is the most reputed in the twin city and in the state of Telangana as it does not believe in compromising on its quality. This is what motivates me to be dedicated and committed towards my work, impart good values to the students and be cooperative towards my colleagues.

International School In Hyderabad

I am Padma Kamineni, my 25-year long journey with CHIREC began in 1992. I have seen CHIREC as a baby who, along with me in my abilities and experience, have grown together. grown I am a more resourceful person to all sections of administration and CHIREC’s transition from infancy to adulthood has indeed been a memorable one. My education was from a village, in Telugu Medium, and so I had meek knowledge of languages. I have however learned two languages – Hindi and English as my work demand me to.

Gardening and tree plantation was one of my many roles back then. I was responsible for planting 1000 plants in the year 1996 around the CHIREC Campus. Now they have grown into big and mighty, beautiful trees decorating the sides of the CHIREC Avenue. I used to dream about all these plants which I planted, growing into flowering trees which has now become real. I still remember the two kids, D. Nilkhil and Nikhil Subaramanium who were always sent off to do gardening as punishment by their teachers. They used to enjoy gardening along with me.
The other role I used to handle was the transport. A person from the village couldn’t possibly have strong knowledge of the city back then. But today, I am the person planning and organizing the 98 routes for all the three branches. I am also responsible for liasioning all work related to the different Government departments. I was involved in the purchasing of land and construction of Kondapur campus and I am proud of the success of CHIREC. I have witnessed the transition of CHIREC and all the kids in it turning out to be magnificent stars.

Personally I love to dress in traditional Indian style and like long journeys. I take great pleasure to express my heartfelt gratitude, through this medium, to Mrs.Ratna Reddy, an inspirational figure who she stood by me through every high and low, supporting me in every situation and by providing me with all kinds opportunities.

International School In Hyderabad

I am Muralidhar Narra, Finance Manager. I have been at CHIREC for sixteen years, and it has been a great experience. The journey has been so productive and engaging that it is hard to believe that it has been that long.

Before my time with CHIREC, my learning years comprised of Pre-Graduation studies at Vijayawada and Post-Graduation at Kurnool. This was followed by CA Articleship at Madras. I also completed a degree in MBA Finance.

Prior to joining CHIREC I worked in various places at different levels in areas of Accounting and Finance. As I was interested in the field of Education, I explored areas where I would make my contribution in the field and so I travelled to various places like Singapore and learnt more about commercial activities in the field of Education.

When I joined as a Accounts Manager, we worked manually on all accounting transactions. Eventually we implemented technology in the accounting system and streamlined all statutory payments. And today with the support of our team all our transactions and systems are maintained in house without any need for out-sourcing. This wouldn t have possible without motivation and guidance from the Director, Mrs. Ratna Reddy.

Todays as the Head of the Accounts and Finance Department I am responsible for the department’s smooth functioning of and in charge of major tasks like finalization and income tax assessments. Tax related issues happen to be an area that I have inclination for.
It is stimulating and challenging to deal with financial aspects and my strategy is to cope with daily practice of meditation.
As much as I come across as a serious and work oriented person, I have a taste for humor and being jovial. Being able to laugh and seeing laughter on other’s faces is also a great boost. That also makes my work environment a home away from home.

International School In Hyderabad

I am RSAP Sharma, better known as Sharma Sir at CHIREC. I am the IT Manager and have been with the school since 1996. I had joined as a Computer Teacher at the Jubilee Hills branch. I coordinate with the Administration and IT team to ensure that we use the latest and safest technology to facilitate teaching at its best and enhance our in-house systems. I have worked on technologies form as basic as MS DOS, Lotus to present day technologies like MS Windows 10. There were numerous challenges during our years of transition, but each new move opened the doors to a new opportunity! The best part about our Director, Mrs. Ratna Reddy, is that she ensures positive growth, supports us and is always open to integrating new technologies for the organization. One of the most difficult and challenging situation was one when our website had some technical issues at the server end, my team and me worked continuously for hours together and restored the site within 5 hours, it was a sense of accomplishment and pride.

I am a district level Chess Champion, that s the reason that I was introduced to the field of IT years back, when the computers weren’t very prevalent. I first played Chess on a computer and then studied further. It was like immersing into the whirl of technology ever since then, and I have enjoyed it thoroughly.

I have a very strong family, which is my support system and the reason for my happiness. Worshiping God gives me strength, peace and tranquility. My favourite destination is Varanasi, I adore its sanctity, and I believe it is the center of energy on the earth! The book that inspires me is the Autobiography of a Yogi. I am grateful to everyone for the immense respect that I get. My team at CHIREC has been my pillar of strength throughout and reason behind my success story here! My best and one of the most memorable compliments was by the Director, Mrs. Ratna that I am a very hardworking person, it encourages me at every stage and motivates me to put in my best foot forward, always!

International School In Hyderabad

I am Mrs. P Parvathi and I very proudly say CHIREC is my school. Yes, I can say it as I have been with CHIREC for 20 years now and this is how CHIREC has made me feel. Initially I taught Classes 1, 2, and 3. In my very first year of work, being with the young minds, their friendly nature, their energy, love and enthusiasm took me to the whole new world and these children became a part of my life forever.

One of the most memorable experiences was when I got a chance to train the kids to sing for the school anniversary. It was a song written and composed by me. The encouragement that was shown to me on that occasion by Ms. Ratna and the others left an indelible mark and became the driving force for me for all these years. As I went ahead to teach higher classes later on, I got the opportunity to attend numerous workshops which taught me various pedagogical skills, interpersonal skills, and helped me become better and better.

There is one thing about us at CHIREC, no matter what the task at hand is, we succeed Our school provides a safe, friendly, encouraging and motivating environment for our students. Our students attend various competitions and they are trained to give best in everything they do, and bring back laurels. My eyes well up with tears each year during the alumni meets where our ex-students like Ashritha, Varun, Tejaswi, Juhi, Sneha, Minakshi, Swathi, Veda and Deepti Kodali who are now successful in their careers and in different spheres, come back to visit us and fondly narrate their memorable experiences and the valuable lessons they learnt here.

Being associated with a school which constantly strives to achieve the highest standards in education is a pleasure beyond words. I will be forever indebted to Ms. Ratna for giving me the opportunity to work for and be a valuable member of this wonderful CHIREC family.

International School In Hyderabad

I am Anita K.V. and I joined CHIREC in 1992. It has been a long and pleasurable journey for the past 24 years as a pre-primary teacher. I have taught Nursery, PPI and PPII classes and taken part in summer camps too. I am delighted to teach students their first English letters and introduce them to counting numbers. In the beginning, I was only a bird in the nest and CHIREC has taught me to fly beyond my horizons. With the changes in educational trends, I too have grown and adapted well, with great spirit, to the new ways of teaching and learning. To my students through the years, I love them all, with their bubbling smiles. Their smiles have taken me great distances and I continue to feel inspired and young at heart. Many students still remember me as their first teacher which gives me a rewarding and unforgettable experience. I am very happy that my kids from all these years are doing well in their studies.

When I recall some of my tiny tots, I remember Nabeelah who used to always hold my pallu. She was a student in my first batch and now she is a doctor. I still remember Karthikeya who used to say, If you don t come to school, I don t come to school. He is pursuing Engineering course now. Samarthwadva used to be my speaker in topic presentations. Sruthi Srnivasan who hid my things, and Kriti Srinivasan who only wanted me to look at her while narrating stories or else she would cry! I also remember Shresht and Deepali and their sweet voices, giggling Laila and Angad who used to say I am a Superman. My most favorite students Teju, Deekshita, Dharmin, Ravi, Laya,Trinadh and Rajeev were so fond of me. I also remember Arjun who always wanted me to sit beside him, and Gautham (who is also left handed) used to say “you and me are same” and Prachi Nagpal who cheered the class. I have mentioned only a few, there are many more kids whose lovely actions and words are still engrossed in my mind.

CHIREC has been an experience of a lifetime and whenever I see my cheerful students each morning I’m still mesmerised!

International School In Hyderabad

I Sujatha. K joined CHIREC in the year 1991. I was a fresh trainee of Preschool. Ratna Ma am gave me an opportunity to teach PPII class. I was a bit nervous in the beginning to teach little children. With Madam s support and encouragement, I was able to handle the class confidently. CHIREC gave me the platform to be a confident, strong and to face the world no matter whatever comes your way. CHIREC has made me a strong lady. It is unbelievable that I have been in association with the school for 25 yrs. It gives me immense pleasure when children come to me and say Ma am, You was our PP teacher please come to us in the higher classes too, we love you Ma am! I still remember one student Harshvardhan whom I taught him PPII came back after 10 years and tells me that I still remember you Ma am how much care and love who showered on us. Sarvesh another student visits the school makes it a point to meet me. It really gives me happiness and pleasure when the students come back and say Ma am we always remember you as our first teacher.

I always loved teaching the little children and listening to their innocent talks. It gives me immense pleasure and happiness when people say You have been in school for 25yrs.

My association with CHIREC has been for 25 years and would like to serve still beyond. Teaching is my passion specially Pre-Primary classes. It gives me immense pleasure, joy and happiness working at CHIREC.

International School In Hyderabad

I am L Krishnaveni, Public Relations Officer at CHIREC. My responsibilities include maintaining a complete database of each student at CHIREC, from the time the student enters to the time they leave the school. I coordinate with all departments, communicate with parents, process the CBSE board s registrations data, and assist and coordinate with the admissions team. I have been a part of the CHIREC family since December 1997. I joined as a receptionist at the CHIREC s Kondapur branch and have been moving up.

During my journey here, I have had many lovely experiences, learnt many things, and made beautiful friends. CHIREC has groomed me to what I am today – from a receptionist to a professional. Mrs. Ratna Reddy, our Director, has been very instrumental in my growth, she has provided me a strong foundation, taught me a lot, always encouraged and helped me in every aspect, and in fact she has been my pillar of strength! I would always be grateful to her! Two more people whom I will always be indebted to are, Mrs. Manaswita Sengupta and Mrs. Sakeena Ansari, for their ever encouraging motivation and support.

On personal front, I have a very loving and supportive husband, 2 lovely children, who are my life! The fond comments from my son, my daughter s unconditional love and their loving gestures make my day and motivate me! I still remember the day when I held my daughter in my hands just after her birth, she was exactly how I wanted her to be. Beautiful as a princess!

One of the most memorable moments was when one of our students, Mekhla Singhania s mother spoke about me and thanked me during her daughter s farewell speech and another when Snehapriya, our alumna, thanked me during her Graduation Ceremony! CHIREC is my second home and the very reason that brings an instant smile and sense of pride on my face!

International School In Hyderabad

I remember my first day at CHIREC: The induction period, the tradition of total staff gathering, the Directors Address, and the introduction of the new staff members. The mic is passed around and arrives in my hands. My voice suddenly boomed, “Hellow! Everybody, I’m Susan Bird. I’m no sparrow. I’m an Albatross.”

Heads turned, eyes rolled, ears flapped. Truly, I’m not small made, and my new colleagues could see that. It’s been six years now, and my journey here at CHIREC has been swift, remarkable and fulfilling. From Classroom Teacher, to Middle School Incharge, to Secondary School Head Mistress, the school built me. It put me in a box, and I outgrew it, so every year, I was put in a new box with a new label, and now I’m in a box that fits all sizes!

Understanding CHIREC and all its stakeholders took time; not surprisingly, while I was coming to understand others, they were coming to understand me as well, so very soon I came to feel that I had become CHIREC. It’s philosophy, it’s practices, it’s quality consciousness, it’s compassion, it’s progress, it’s climb, all became my work nature.

At this point in time, when I look back on my 20 year teaching career, I feel boastful about my stint here. It has been so enriching. Professionally, I am tempered to fit the 21st century teaching community; emotionally, I am balanced; economically, I have sufficiency; temperamentally, I am funny and straight forward. To my colleagues, I seek to be a strong pillar; to the support staff, I m a friend; and to the students, I’m humorous, blunt and direct, and always try to remain the reasonable one. We share space with the present generation. They look up to us and we look up to them and we’re running the race together in the scenario of changing needs and demands. No losers, no winners, all survivors, who are better humans and more enterprising. At CHIREC when change is seen in the horizon, we pick up our baggage and embrace it.

International School In Hyderabad

Hello! My name is Srivani Laxman and I am the Data Coordinator in the IT Department. I joined CHIREC in 2002. I graduated with a MBA in Information Technology and also hold a post-graduation Diploma in Programme Engineering. I am an avid reader of books and thoroughly enjoy gardening. I am a self-motivated person and I believe in perfection and always strive for excellence. My motto in life is ‘Nothing is impossible’. I stepped into the world of education as a Headmistress at a school. But as my passion for technology grew, I decided to move to the corporate world where I worked as an Administrative Officer. But I missed the education field so dearly that my love for schools brought me to CHIREC. My role at CHIREC is quite diverse. I am responsible for the management of the school website, the CHIREC Mobile Application, CHIREC social media accounts, the alumni reconnect, e-designing, photography, videography and data coordination.

I enjoy updating content on the social media. It is a tedious process but one that fills my heart with pride. My team and I work round the clock to update our various social media network sites like Facebook, Twitter and tumblr with posts of student achievements, latest happenings at CHIREC and parents led activities at school. Today at CHIREC is our very own version of flash news where the daily happenings on all three campuses are updated on our website within a couple of hours. You can catch short live streaming of events on the CHIREC instagram account or scroll through various posts on the wall. Every week we post pictures from the days of CHIREC inception to the early 2000s as throwbacks from the glorious past. People at CHIREC is a unique feature on our Facebook page where we post a brief write up of our students, teaching staff and non teaching staff, for the CHIREC community to know about us better. Our students have shared their success stories with us and have inspired many readers. We also stay in touch with our alumni and share their achievements, big or small, with pride. We have always encouraged our alumni to stay in touch with us through our alumni portal -

My best moment at CHIREC was during the 20 years ceremony. It was a proud day for me as my hard work and dedication was applauded by all on stage. Another day I fondly remember is when we launched the first CHIREC website under Iffat Ma’ams guidance. CHIREC has always given me a space to take innovative and initiative steps and encourages me to work towards brilliance. I am proud to be part of CHIREC family.

International School In Hyderabad

I am Leena Rao, Headmistress Cambridge Primary. I have been in CHIREC since June 2003. The 13-year journey at CHIREC has been an enriching experience! I started as the class teacher for Grade 1 in CBSE curriculum, taught the first batch of Stage 1 for Cambridge curriculum, moved to teaching Stage 4, worked as Primary Wing Coordinator and taught Science to Stage 6. Eventually in the year 2014, I took up the role of Cambridge Primary Headmistress and am thoroughly enjoying it. A teacher affects eternity; he/she can never say when the influence stops, this quote by Henry Adams has had a long lasting effect on me. I realized that the profession of teaching is where you are able to give the greatest gifts to children – the roots of responsibility and wings of independence. The most rewarding aspect of my job is that I am able to contribute towards grooming the students in the age groups of 5-10 to become confident, inquisitive, caring and responsible kids.

The factor that sets CHIREC apart from other schools is that it provides the right learning environment both for students and the teachers. The work environment is very encouraging. I feel that for teachers who are committed to their profession, CHIREC is the right place. One of the best compliments that I have received is once when after a presentation to parents, a few of them told me that their kids consider me as their role model and look for my appreciation which motivates them. An incident that I will never forget is when I used to teach Stage 4 The entire class presented me a scrap book that had each student writing a page about me and it was so gratifying to note that I was able to have a positive influence on each of them. The book is something which I will always cherish. I like spending quality time with people whom I care for, watching funny movies, listening to music, traveling and with friends catching up.

I have completed my education in Hyderabad and have visited many places in India, owing to my husband being an army officer. My journeys abroad have been an enriching experience, I traveled to Boston for the first teacher exchange Program between CHIREC and Thayer Academy, in 2009; to Cambridge Conference at Singapore in 2013 and to Cambridge in 2016 for a training program for Cambridge Primary Global Perspectives Pilot Program. My children are my source of happiness and my family is my pillar of strength!

International School In Hyderabad

I am Manju Sharma, Head of the Hindi Department at CHIREC. I still remember the day I was at my radio recording when I was introduced to CHIREC. I applied and soon enough I was part of the CHIREC team and from that day on to today, I am grateful to CHIREC for providing me with opportunities to exhibit my knowledge and grow as an educator, facilitator and guide for my students.

I thoroughly enjoy every responsibility given to me by the school including my classes, class observation, magazine work, conducting workshops for teachers, organizing a special assembly, and checking lesson plans.

Working as teacher is as demanding as it is stimulating. Balancing between my role as a teacher and HOD is tough but a satisfying challenge to have overcome. I graduated from Jaipur University. My favorite hobby is reading and I enjoy reading Hindi literature and books like Shrinkhla Ki Kadiya and Chitraleka. I haven’t traveled much apart from Banaras, Rajasthan, Chennai, Mumbai and now in Telengana. My Guru, Prof Rishabh Dro Sharma is my role model as he inspired and motivated me a lot. I started teaching right from my college days and my journey has brought me to CHIREC. My fondest memory is when I received my Ph.D degree. I beam with pride when I see the textbooks I’ve authored are used in schools. The grammar textbook currently used at CHIREC is my hard work too. These may be little milestones, but the joy of teaching just pushes me forward to achieve greater milestones in life. Teaching at CHIREC is both rewarding and motivating. The fun which I have with my students in the classes is immeasurable. I would like to think that the love we have is mutual as the the kids have awarded me titles like: ‘Dedicated Teacher’ and ‘Pretty Lady’.

People always ask me, why learn Hindi in a time where other languages are fast catching up in the nation. I have always believed that learning Hindi is as helpful as learning any other language in the world. There are so many untapped resources of employment out there that are waiting to be utilized by educated young individuals who are familiar with Hindi, be it in India or abroad. The richness of the Hindi vocabulary cannot be matched by most foreign languages. And in these modern days, the world is interested to learn the culture of India and the Hindi language.

International School In Hyderabad

Hi, my name is Giridhar Reddy, a Lawn Tennis Coach. I joined CHIREC in 2002. I am an BE graduate in ECE and a former National and University player.

I want my students to perform well as they progress in their Tennis skills by trying to implement new techniques with respect to the game.
We the CHIREC TEAM won the CBSE Nationals in 2005, 2006 and were runners-up in 2004 and 2013. Over the years had good students like Divija Mandava, Prabhav, Saiteja P, Lalitha D and Ananya M who have achieved and made great strides. Today we have many promising players. I look back with a sigh of satisfaction, a sense of fulfillment and achievement. Yet, there are always miles to go, and promises to keep!

Personally, I have been constantly encouraged and mentored by my employer Mrs.Ratna Reddy to take up new and challenging responsibilities and constantly engages me to set higher goals.

International School In Hyderabad

Being born and brought up in Hyderabad, I m a proud Hyderabadi. I ve not travelled much, but I feel this city is the place to live in.
In Hyderabad, apart from my home, the other place that I ve spent maximum time would be at CHIREC.

This is my second innings at CHIREC. The first time when I went through the interview at CHIREC (in 2003) it was a 2-day grilling process(phew). This time around the entry was so smooth that it’s like I ve never been out of CHIREC

Worth mentioning here, that my son was with me, during my first tenure. He has such fond memories of CHIREC, that in spite of being in Class 12, he wishes that he was here than anywhere else.

As a teacher and a team leader, I know that CHIREC is a task master. It sets high goals for the teachers but handholds them to achieve these Goals. For a person who is driven and dedicated towards Goal setting and achievement, CHIREC is the right place since opportunities are aplenty.
Speaking Personally, I have been constantly encouraged and mentored by my employer Mrs .Ratna Reddy to take up new and challenging roles and responsibilities, constantly engaging me for higher goal setting.

One person that I cannot forget, whose association I cherish in chirec is Mrs.Ratna Kumari. She was a very witty and humorous person and the one instrumental in bringing me back to CHIREC. -Cinymol Muralidhar

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I’m Sudeepa Nuthulapaty. I m a French teacher in CHIREC. Teaching is a profession that I cherish the most. I have been immensely supported from the day I joined till date and this is undoubtedly the best place to work. I like working here because CHIREC gives me an opportunity to enhance my skills. I wish to share with you, an experience that has inspired me to become a teacher.

During the late 1970’s Andhra Pradesh was hit by a viral epidemic that took many lives. I was one of the many who suffered due to the outbreak. When I was 2 years old, I had a very high fever and meningitis (Infection in the brain). I was very badly affected and I lost my voice. I was paralyzed from my neck down and my family lost all hopes that I would survive. To the doctors’ surprise I escaped death but the viral attack affected me with polio. My deformity made me feel inferior and I shunned all company, cocooning myself from the outside world. I didn’t want to show it but then I used to cry and I used to hate my life. I felt that I was an utter failure and was absolutely alone. I failed in all the subjects as a student. I’m from a family of achievers and I was the only black sheep the cry baby the failure. My parents made me repeat my grade 9 as they didn’t want to face the humiliation of having a grade 10 failure in the house.

I remember one day the class was asked to write an essay in English. I wrote some text which might have had a hundred grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. When I saw my paper with a smiley on it I was curious to find out what was good in that essay. I went and asked my teacher and I so clearly remember what she said. She told me that a language was supposed to communicate an idea and that she liked the idea behind the language. I fell in love with my teacher and for the first time I started trying to please her. I started learning. I passed out of grade 10 with first division and then there was no looking back.

What I really want to say is that a teacher made a difference in my life. I needed somebody to teach me that I could be happy, a true success, regardless of what people thought about me. I want to give back to this noble profession which made me what I am today. I sincerely thank CHIREC for giving me an opportunity and a platform to utilise my knowledge, skills and ideas to encourage, motivate, challenge, engage, inspire and instil love for learning in my students.

International School In Hyderabad

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