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International School In Hyderabad

Beyond Academics


CHIREC strongly believes in providing ample opportunities for our students to nurture their innate potential and channel their abundant energy in developing skills essential for success in a competitive world. Keeping this philosophy in mind, we offer a range of After school Club and Sports activities for students to choose from.

Drama Club

Drama Club aims to foster an appreciation of Theatre arts, basic techniques of voice and body for an actor, improvisational skills, team work and lateral thinking in the students. The club activities incorporate theatre games & exercises, which stress the skills of interaction & coordination. They cover aspects of confidence building, team spirit & overall character development through improvisation, storytelling, reading & writing exercises, vocabulary building exercises and lateral thinking games. The club also aims to empower the imagination, bolster confidence, improve self-esteem through self-discipline, enhance social skills, value team work, and encourage the appreciation of language.

CHIREC Students actively participating in Drama Club Session and teacher observing their team work, skills of interaction & coordination

Orators Club

India’s largest institution that trains children for international courses in Elocution and Speech & Drama, aims to help students engage in Elocution activities, expand their abilities in Public Speaking, and overcome Stage Consciousness. The focus of this program is on Language Development and Creativity. The activities go beyond a ‘one-time performance’ targeted at an audience; the curriculum has carefully planned sequences of drama games, role-plays, mime, speeches, and diction exercises through projects on storytelling, news reading, word games and interviews. This course gives the students the unique opportunity to participate in examinations that are held after completing the training. Certificates for these examinations are globally recognized.

CHIREC Student participatig in Orators Club Program helping them to improve Language and Creativity. This program also have sequences of drama games, role-plays, mime, speeches, and diction exercises through projects on storytelling, news reading, word games and interviews.

Culinary Club

Culinary Club aims to provide students with culinary experiences that can be therapeutic and show that food can be a great way to inculcate discipline in our lifestyles and inspire creativity. The club will focus on the following skills and aspects: 1. Food Safety and Sanitation 2. Knife skills 3. Cooking Techniques 4. World Cuisines - We will cover over 8 International Cuisines 5. Nutrition and Healthy Choices 6. Indian Cuisines 7. Pastry Arts 8. Cakes & Decorating 9. Healthy Lunch Box Ideas 10. Sandwiches & Burgers 11. Soups & Salads 12. Fusion Food.

CHIREC Students actively participating learning cooking techniques in Culinary Session

Cinematheque Club

Cinematheque Club is a Film Club that highlights the basics of filmmaking, film appreciation and practical filmmaking. Students will learn to make Still Compositions, and will learn about Shot Sizes and Continuity. They will also learn to write a plot, build a script, shoot and edit a film and gain some insight into film production. Students will also cultivate a sensibility about the world using cinema as a tool through self-reflections.

CHIREC Students attending sessionin Cinematheque Club where the session is about the basics of filmmaking, film appreciation and practical filmmaking

Science Club

Science Club works to promote scientific temper in young minds and provide a platform for them to express and correlate ideas for innovative creation. This is a special club conducted by the science department. Some of the activities that will be included are quizzes, elocution, model making, documentary making, paper presentations, science journalism, awareness campaigns, fieldtrips and nature walks, and book reviews. The club activities also set aside time to provide coaching for the Science Olympiad.

International School In Hyderabad

Photography Learning Club

Photography Learning Club focuses on fostering skills related to Formats, Combinations, the Importance of composition (in various devices), Usage of DSLR, Rule of thirds, Portraits, Indoor, Outdoor, Landscape, and Pet photography. Students will learn these aspects of photography through theory and practical activities

International School In Hyderabad

Better by Design

Better by Design is a unique activity and does not fall under the regular club format. The course walks students from Grades 5 to 9 through Stanford School’s Design Thinking methodology to enable them to come up with innovative ideas to solve a problem and finally bring these ideas to life in a state-of-the-art innovation lab.

International School In Hyderabad

Creative Writing Club

Creative Writing Club helps students develop their writing skills, imaginations, and creative voices by introducing the concepts of character sketches and acrostic poems. The club also prepares students to participate in various story writing competitions.

International School In Hyderabad

Connecté Club

The Connecté Club was founded in 2018 by IBDP student in collaboration with Alliance Française. The Club aims to celebrate, educate, and appreciate cultures and histories at the intersection of France and India. Connecté has engaged in cultural activities such as spoken poetry sessions, French food cook-offs, celebration of French festivals, and exploration of French-Indian literary arts.

International School In Hyderabad

E3 Club (Environmental Enrichment and Empowerment )

The E3 club, a student-led initiative at CHIREC, aims to fight for environmental justice in a world that is quickly atrophying towards an irreversible state of climate catastrophe. Through environmental enrichment and empowerment, the club has undertaken more than 10 campaigns, fuelling awareness about climate issues, both inside and outside CHIREC. The E3 club continues to engage in meaningful activism, invigorating all our students in the fight for our planet`s future. It was founded by Komma Ramesh Babu (Batch of 2020) in 2018 and is currently co-headed by Arul Menon, Rishika Puli, and Nipun Rustagi of IB 12 along with their team of 50 members.
Website: e3club.org
Instagram Page: @ce3club

International School In Hyderabad

International School In Hyderabad

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