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Model United Nations

6th edition of the CHIRECMUN.

The sixth edition of the CHIREC MUN, a student-led conference, reinforced one of the central themes characterizing the UN itself: Unity in Diversity. As many as 360 students from over 10 schools, 3 private delegations, individual delegates from CHIREC and other schools and junior colleges of Hyderabad participated in the CHIREC MUN, held on the 13th, 14th and 15th of July 2018. The guest for the day was Mr. Andrew Fleming, the British Deputy High Commissioner, Hyderabad. Ms. Ridhima Peravali, Knowledge Economy Advisor at the British Deputy High Commissioner`s office, inaugurated the opening ceremony.

International School In Hyderabad
International School In Hyderabad

International School In Hyderabad
International School In Hyderabad

The event lasted for 3 days, with the delegates discussing key issues such as nuclear disarmament in DPRK, prevention of violation of rights of prisoners of war during conflict, trial of Pakistani prisoners of war, reassessing the NATO strategy against an emerging Russian power, the South China Sea dispute and the humanitarian crisis in the Middle East. The secretariat consisted of 17 students and 25 volunteers. On Day 1, the delegates were introduced to various committees such as the Disarmament and International Security Committee, the Human Rights Council, the United Nations Security Council, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, the Joint Crisis Committees, the World Humanitarian Summit 2018 and the International Court of Justice. The executive board began formal debate and the reporters wrote articles on how the committees proceeded, while the photographers captured the delegates` emotions during the discussions. Day 2 saw the delegates choosing sides, forming blocs and sticking by their allies on the various issues at hand. The agenda was now properly thrown into light as the delegates were interviewed for their positions. On the final day of the MUN, revealing press conferences were conducted, with the delegates defending their stances. Resolutions were drafted and a formal vote was conducted. Under the community outreach programme, fourteen students from Devnar School for the Blind participated in the CHIREC MUN`s World Humanitarian Summit. These students spent three weeks preparing for the event, alongside a team of twelve students from CHIREC, and performed exceptionally as they spoke, heard and resolved as part of a committee of nearly a hundred participants. These delegates from Devnar represented seven countries, Libya, Senegal, Zambia, Iceland, Yemen, Singapore, and Luxembourg, as they addressed the humanitarian crisis in the Middle East. Their outstanding performance reaped the fruit, for, by the end, 6 countries had received a verbal mention and one a special mention.

After three days of debate, all the delegates were satisfied with the process and outcomes of the conference, and the work they had put in to it. During the closing ceremony, the executive board made a special mention of the volunteers who made the conference a success. Awards were given to the delegates based on their performance in different aspects of public speaking, debate, and negotiations.

The following students won the awards:

Joint Crisis Committee USSR
Best Delegate - Srishti Ranjan (Head, Second Chief Directorate, KGB)
High Commendation - Tarun Neeraj (Chief of Staff, Minister of Defence)
Special Mention 1 - Aamir Kapadia (Head, First Chief Directorate, KGB)
Special Mention 2 - Ramesh Babu (Chief of Staff, Combined Armed Forces of the Warsaw Pact, General Staff)

Joint Crisis Committee USA
Best Delegate - Aniket Vasantavada (Lymon Lemnitzer - Supreme Allied Commander, NATO)
High Commendation - Arthi Thiruppathi - Robert McNamara - Secretary of Defence)
Special Mention 1 - Suhas Sakhamuri (Admiral Arleigh Burke - Former Chief of Naval Operations and Consultant on the Crisis)
Special Mention 2 - Sarthak Bansal (McGeorge Bundy - National Security Advisor)
Special Mention 3 - Aakash Sudini (General Maxwell Taylor - Chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff)
Special Mention 4 - Sachil Boorgula (General Douglas MacArthur - Special Advisor for the Crisis)

North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO)
High Commendation 1 - Vishal Chowdary (Germany)
High Commendation 2 - Aditya Namburi (Slovakia)
Special Mention - Neel Racherla (Denmark)
Special Mention - Yeddanapudi Sivani (France)
Special Mention - Gaurav Pallod (Montenegro)

Disarmamaent and International Security Committee (DISEC)
Best Delegate - Krishna Pillarisetti (Democratic People`s Republic of Korea)
High Commendation - Manvi Talwar (Republic of Korea)
Special Mention - Mir Mujtaba (United States of America)
Special Mention - Surabhi Kedia (United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland)
Special Mention - Arjun Saikumar Simha (Croatia)
Special Mention - Kartheek Vegasena (France)

World Humanitarian Summit 2018
Best Delegate - Tanish Goel (People`s Republic of China)
High Commendation - Sanjay Shastry (United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland)
Honourable Mention - Samarth Hari (Russian Federation)
Honourable Mention - Suhas Thalanki (India)
Honourable Mention - Varali Chaturvedi (African Medical and Research Foundation)
Special Mention - Devnar (Senegal)
Special Mention - Naman Jain (Republic of Korea)

United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHCR)
Best Delegate - Jahnavai Yalavarthi (People`s Republic of China)
Special Mention 1 - Rushabh Musthyala (Switzerland)
Special Mention 2 - Shriya Sriram (Germany)
Special Mention 3 - Srikar Maddula (Cuba)
Special Mention 4 - Tejaswi Polimetla (India)
Special Mention 5 - Vedika Agarwal (Mongolia)

United Nations Security Council (UNSC)
Best Delegate - Pranith Sudini (United States of America)
High Commendation 1 - Shrikrishna Sriram (Democratic People`s Republic of Korea)
High Commendation 2 - Arjun Khandelwal (Sweden)
Special Mention 1 - Yash Chitgupkar (People`s Republic of China)
Special Mention 2 - Rutv Kocheta (Russian Federation)

International Court of Justice (ICJ)
Best Delegate - Nayan Chandra (Judge Mohamed Bennouna - Morocco)
High Commendation - Advaith Gowrishetty (Judge Hisashi Owada- Japan)
Honourable Mention - Sathvika Manda (Judge Giorgio Gaja - Italy)
Special Mention - Ankit Christopher (Judge Ronny Abraham – France)

International Press (IP)
Best Reporter – Nikhila Vallae (TACC – JCC USSR)
High Commendation – Mahidhar Lakkavaram (FOX – ICJ)
Special Mention – Sarvani Kolachana (FOX – NATO)
Best Photographer – Payal Sreewastav (FOX – ICJ)
High Commendation – Raghav Swaminathan (TACC – JCC USSR)

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2nd Edition of CHIREC JMUN

The second edition of the CHIREC Junior Model United Nation Conference (JMUN) took place from 2nd to 4th November 2018 at the CHIREC Kondapur Campus. 320 delegates registered for the 3-day conference from the host school as well as 10 other prominent schools of the city. To kick off the opening ceremony, students performed a beautiful song accompanied by the school band, followed by a vibrant dance performance at the school`s auditorium. The chief guests, Dr. Chaitanyamoy Ganguly and Brigadier Mangesh Vitekar inspired the delegates and emphasized the need for seeking knowledge, rising above and making a better world for tomorrow. The conference was declared open by the Secretary General Sarthak Bansal. CHIREC JMUN 2018 simulated eight committees. From labor laws to intergalactic threats, delegates debated lively about various agendas.

Day two of CHIREC JMUN 2018 began with the usual speeches in each committee. The first Press Conference began at 1:10 p.m. in the UNGA-DISEC. From questioning contradictory statements delegates made against their respective foreign policies to factual errors P-5 Country delegates committed, it was a jaw-dropping experience.

4th November 2018 marked the end of CHIREC JMUN 2018 - Three eventful days of productive and engaging debate came to an end with the closing ceremony. The program commenced with a welcome note by the comperes Moosa Mohammed Siddiqi and Shivansh Rahul Tibrewala, who reflected on their months of planning, moments of anticipation and excitement which culminated in the successful execution of the 3-day conference. The closing ceremony was attended by the delegates, the Principals, Vice Principals and Coordinators. The Secretary General Sarthak Bansal thanked the members of his team for their relentless efforts in making the conference a success. The cultural program of dance and music was followed by the most awaited moment of the day – the Award Ceremony. The Chair gave away awards to the delegates based on their performance in different aspects of public speaking, debate, and negotiations.

Joint Crisis Committee – ISI
Best Delegate – Sriya Mandava (Chief of the SS Directorate)
High Commendation – Abhishek Kommineni (Head of the Covert Action)
High Commendation – Sathwik Krishna Donnipadu (Chief of Joint Intelligence Technical)
Special Mention – Rishabh Chaudhuri (Chief of Joint Signal Intelligence)
Special Mention – Anmol Chadha (Chief of Joint Counter Intelligence Bureau)

UN Security Council
Best Delegate – Prerana Vaishnavi (United Kingdom)
High Recommendation – Kaushik Canakapalli (China)
Special Mention – Yagnik Reddy Barisati (France)
Special Mention – Devansh (Iran)
Special Mention – Mahathi Penmetsa (Sweden)
Verbal Mention – Shivaryan (Democratic Republic of Korea)

International Press Best Reporter – Avni
High Commendation – Sarau
Verbal Mention – Shruthi
Verbal Mention – Sanjana
Best Photographer – Ankitha
High Commendation – Nitya
Verbal Mention – Twinkle
Verbal Mention – Alpana
Verbal Mention – Rishika Reddy

International Labor Organization
Best Delegate – Garv Joshi (China)
High Commendation – Amartya Jayavel (Japan)
High Commendation – Spruha Deo (France)
Special Mention – Sanath Birudhala (Republic of Korea)
Special Mention – Hussain (Usa)
Special Mention -–Diya Dhankani (Belgium)
Verbal Mention – Risha Bhat (Germany)
Verbal Mention – Varshil Reddy Vanteru (Libya)
Verbal Mention – K. Sreenika Reddy (Iran)
Verbal Mention – Aadya Jolly (United Kingdom)

Disarmament and International Security Committee
Best Delegate – Krissh Kalra (Egypt)
High Commendation – Parthasarathy (China)
High Commendation – Siddhant Sawhney (Argentina)
Special Mention – Karthik Palakodeti (Canada)
Special Mention – Dyuti Kulkarni (Democratic Republic of Korea)
Special Mention – Alaina (France)

Social Cultural and Humanitarian Affairs Committee
High Commendation – Adithya Pillai (Germany)
High Commendation – Prabhav Dabriwal (Nepal)
Special Mention – Neha Singirikonda (Norway)
Special Mention – Rohan Sastry (South Africa)
Special Mention – Prithvish Chandrayan (Israel)
Special Mention – Vani Vivekanand (Saudi Arabia)
Verbal Mention – Shriya Srivatsan (Argentina)
Verbal Mention – Pahi Shrivastava (Finland)
Verbal Mention – Sania Kothari (France)
Verbal Mention – Saachi Gonzales Chennur (Iran)
Verbal Mention – Nitya Ravuri (Italy)
Verbal Mention – Shreyas Gupta (Morocco)
Verbal Mention – Anushka Kalidindi (Oman)

UN Office for Outer Space Affairs
Best Delegate – Rushat Aboti (Virgin Galactic)
High Commendation – Manann Sarda (India)
High Commendation – Kedar Reddy (United Kingdom)
Special Mention – Sri Kalash Yedlapati (Brazil)
Special Mention – Anirudh (France)
Verbal Mention – Khushal Wadhwa (Italy)
Verbal Mention – Paarangana Seth (European Space Agency)
Verbal Mention – Devanshi Bora (South Africa)
Verbal Mention – Sahan Raju (International Institute of Space Laws)

Joint Crisis Committee – Mossad
Best Delegate – Karun Mongia (Director - Logistics and Security)
High Commendation – Aakash Kothari (Director - Political Actions and Liaison Department)
High Commendation – Rohan Seelamsetty (Director - Assassination Unit)
Special Mention – Shivi Parihar (Director - Research Department)
Special Mention – Vansh Agarwal (Director - Lohamah Psichologit)

African Union
Best Delegate – Medhyamaya Krishnan (Namibia)
High Commendation – Ayushi Upadhyay (Chad)
Special Mention – Rushil Nanga (Egypt)
Special Mention – Krishna Vaidya (Ethiopia)
Special Mention – Hrithika Khaitan (Cameroon)
Verbal Mention – Saanvi Mahalakshmi Vanam (Somalia)
Verbal Mention – Kalluri Sriyashas Mohan (Sudan)
Verbal Mention – Saanvi Mahalakshmi Vanam (Burundi)

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5th edition of the CHIREC MUN

350 student leaders from various schools across Hyderabad participated in the first day of CHIREC MUN 2017, organised in collaboration with the United Nations Information Centre for India and Bhutan. Mr. Harpreet Singh, Principal Secretary to Governor, and Ajit Rangnekar, Director General at Research and Innovation Circle of Hyderabad inaugurated the opening ceremony.

As part of CHIREC MUN community outreach program, 16 students from Devnar School for the Blind and the Kasturba Gandhi National Memorial Trust School were invited to participate in the event. The three-day affair will see delegates discussing issues relating to different countries, in seven different committees including the UN High Commission for Refugees, All India Political Parties Meet, AEGIS, Historic Security Council, White House Situation Room and Commission on Narcotics and Drugs.

Our students won the following awards:

Commission on Narcotics and Drugs (CND)
Outstanding Delegate – Shourya Parihar

White House Situation Room (WHSR)
Best Delegate – Mayuk Routh

Historic Security Council (HSC)
High Commendation – Pranay Satya (Pakistan)

All India Political Parties Meet (AIPPM)
High Commendation – Kanish M.

UN High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR)
Best Delegate – Prabhav Kashyap (France)

High Commendation – Akash Singirikonda

Disarmament and International Security Committee (DISEC)
Best Delegate – Yash Kothari (USA)
High Commendation- Abhishek Akshantala (DPR) and Sarthak Bansal (ROK)

International Press (IP)
Outstanding Journalist – Sarvajna Potturi
Outstanding Photographer – Sushmi Khunteta,
Outstanding Agency – Syamitha Ravu and Khandavi Davuluri

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Students of Classes 6, 7 and 8 of 8 different schools from Hyderabad came together to participate in 3-Days Junior Model United Nation, hosted by CHIREC from 27th – 29th Oct 2017 at the Kondapur campus. The inaugural ceremony began by welcoming the chief guest Ms. Vanitha Datla, Vice Chairperson of Elico Ltd., a pioneer in the Analytical Instruments Industry. She motivated the young and innovative minds to participate in the UN governance model, gain the skills to thrive in a place of challenges, offer recommendations and to empower the vision to influence perspectives and world policies. She especially encouraged the girls to come forward with their views, to facilitate reduction of inequalities in world policies. She also spoke about 6-ups on becoming a good leader - Show-up, Speak -up, Look -up, Team -up, Don`t Give-up and Lift others up. Her speech was followed by a mesmerising Indian Classical dance performance, introduction to the secretariat and declaring the conference open by the Secretary General Yash Kothari, student of C-10A.,

During the 3-days conference, the student delegates discussed issues governing world policies in 8 different committees – DISEC (Disarmament and International Security Committee), UNHRC (United Nations Human Rights Council), UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation), UNEP (United Nations Environment Programme), UNSC (United Nations Security Council), Joint Crisis Committee: Axis and Joint Crisis Committee: Allied and European Union.

The JMUN aims to empower the student delegates with skills in diplomacy, international relations and to come up with innovative solutions to issues faced by different countries in the world.
The closing ceremony included a song and a dance performance, followed by an award distribution ceremony and a closing speech by Yash Kothari. .

Our students won the following awards:

United Nations Human Rights Council
Best Delegate: Hamsa Madhira (Belgium)
High Commendation: Sohini R. Paul (Germany) )
Special Mention: Ashuthosh Sundresh (Albania), Sriyashas Mohan Kalluri (Croatia) and Vrinda Noone (Republic of Korea) )
Verbal Mention: Raghav Pillaipakmnatt Dinesh (China), Sampriti Mohanty (Switzerland), Sanjna Futnani (Egypt) and Gumireddy Neeharika Reddy (Iraq)

European Union
High Commendation: Kasi Raju (Italy)
Honourable Mention: Adarsh Chittimoori (Germany)
Special Mention: Adithya Pillai (Lithuania) and Rushil Sai Nagulapati (Slovenia)

United Nations Environment Programme
High Commendation: Aditi Pillai (India) and Aprateem Bhattacharya (Japan) )
Honourable Mention: Krishna Vaidya (Australia), Saahil Manglani (Bhutan), Amartya Jayavel (Norway) and Ishaaq Mohammad (Netherlands)

JCC Allied
Best Delegate: Thej Mallu (Dwight Eisenhower) )
High Commendation: Rohit Reddy Sirigiri (Georgy Zhukov) and Aakash Kothari (Alan Brooke) )
Special Mention: Shravan Potluri (Archibald Wavell)

High Commendation: Hriday Joshi (Myanmar) )
Special Mention: Rhea Thakkal (Iraq)

JCC Axis
Best Delegate: Raghav Ramasamy (Alfred Jodl) )
High Commendation: Krithin Reddy (Ugo) )
Best Diplomat: Jaithra Sri (Hideki Tojo)

Disarmament and International Security Committee
Best Delegate: Rohan Seelamsetty (Georgia) )
High Commendation: Yash Agarwal (United Kingdom) )
Special Mention: Pragnav Varma (Nigeria), Sujay Rao Bompelly (Pakistan), Om Pappureddipalli (Latvia) and Yaksha Gummadapu (Cameroon)

United Nations Security Council
Best Delegate: Vansh Agarwal (Iraq)
High Commendation: Abhinav Kalhan (France) and Eugene Chauhan (Russia) )
Special Mention: Anantha Narayan (USA), Sania Kothari (Republic of Korea) and Navya Reddy (Ethiopia)

International Press - Reporters
Best Reporter: Pritha Deshpande

International Press - Photographers
Best Photographer: Neha Varma

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4th Edition of the CHIREC MUN

As many as 400 student leaders from various schools in Hyderabad, Pune, Bengaluru, Chandigarh, Chennai, Delhi, Vellore and Dadri participated in the conference. Additionally, as part of CHIREC MUNs community outreach program, students from Devnar School for Blind and the Kasturba Gandhi National Memorial Trust School were trained to participate in the event.

Delegates formed UN committees, represented 193 countries and participated in committee sessions. Sessions were conducted on The Korean War, in a 5 cabinet JCC and Russia vs. Ukraine in an ICJ committee in collaboration with NLSIU. Delegates also debated over current events such as cyber threats, terrorism, genetic engineering and the current political topic, Brexit. After deliberating in committees, students mingled at a social night where CHIREC bands performed.

International School In Hyderabad
International School In Hyderabad

International School In Hyderabad
International School In Hyderabad

The event was inaugurated by C. Rangarajan, former Governor of RBI and CHIREC grandparent and Sivakumar Sethuraman, CHIREC parent and Head of Community Operations at Facebook India. The event concluded on a high note as students from The Devnar School for the Blind expressed gratitude to their CHIREC mentors and announced their plan to host their own MUN in the presence of Mr. N.V.S. Reddy, MD of the Hyderabad Metro Rail, as Chief Guest and Mr. D. V. Manohar, Chairman of the Hyderabad Bicycling Club and Founding Chairman of Shri Shakti Group as the Guest of Honor.

Our students won the following awards:

Counter Terrorism Committee
High Commendation- Yash Kothari - Russia

World Health Organisation
Special Mention - Russia -Simran Sachdeva
Special Mention - Rwanda -  Sarthak Bansal
High Commendation - Japan - Aslesha Deshmukh
High Commendation - United Kingdom - Sanchi Saxena

International Press
Best News Agency -Manojna Potturi & Nikita Shukla
Outstanding Photographer -Dipali Lath
Outstanding Journalist -Smriti Haria
Outstanding Journalist -Samanvita Kasuganti

The CHIREC Model United Nations an educational simulation and academic competition in which students learn about diplomacy, international relations, and the United Nations. The three-day conference is held annually at the Kondapur Campus and offered as co-curricular activity for students from Class 8 to Class 12.

Delegates from 15 schools across Hyderabad and many more from Pune, Bengaluru, Chandigarh, Chennai, Delhi, Vellore and Dadri form UN committees, representing 193 countries and participate in committee sessions. Additionally, as part of CHIREC MUNs community outreach program, students from Devnar School for Blind and the Kasturba Gandhi National Memorial Trust School are mentored and invited to participate in the event. CHIREC MUN is the only MUN in Hyderabad to be organized in collaboration with the UN Center for Information and communication for India and Bhutan. The event gives students a sophisticated understanding of world politics and teaches researching, public speaking, debating, and writing skills, in addition to critical thinking, teamwork, and leadership abilities.

International School In Hyderabad
International School In Hyderabad

Students are placed in committees and assigned countries, or occasionally other organizations or political figures, where they represent members of that body. They are presented with their assignments in advance, along with a topic or topics that their committee will discuss. Delegates conduct research before conferences and formulate positions that they will then debate with their fellow delegates in the committee, staying true to the actual position of the member they represent.

At the end of a conference, the best-performing delegates in each committee, as well as delegations, are sometimes recognized with awards. The CHIREC MUN allows our students to have a profound knowledge and appreciation of global concerns and makes them cognizant international citizens who understand global affairs and politics on a regional, national, and international platform.

Over the last three years our Model UN has attracted over 400 students, becoming one of the most successful MUNs in the country and world.

The CHIREC MUN provided students with the opportunity to research, debate, and hone their public speaking and leadership abilities while exercising their critical thinking and interactive skills. The Chief Guest Ms. April Wells, Public Affairs Officer of the U.S. Consulate, inaugurated the occasion and addressed the 350 delegates, exhorting them to demonstrate the true spirit of the United Nations. Avidant Bhagat, the Secretary General of the student delegation, Dhruvika Sahni, the Director General, reminded the delegates of their duties and responsibilities.

In six different venues around campus, students were immersed in intense debates, discussions, and negotiations as they forged alliances and pushed the agendas of their countries. Awards for Best Position Papers were given out at the Closing Ceremony, and in his closing address, Secretary General Avidant Bhagat reminded the gathering that their responsibilities towards World Peace remain unchanged, and requested the delegates to take this mission forward.

CHIRECs student diplomats stepped into the shoes of ambassadors from UN member states ranging from Argentina and Saudi Arabia to India and Russia, to debate and discuss issues, and collaborate to resolve conflicts. The vast agenda, which included a discussion about Egypts socio-political climate, contained a latitude of issues certain to challenge the young delegates. They tirelessly prepared drafts of resolutions, negotiated with supporters and adversaries, and handled the motions and arguments conscientiously, all in the interest of mobilizing international cooperation.

After 6 months of preparation, the CHIREC MUN 2012 was held from the 12th to 15th July, 2012. To commence CHIRECs first Model United Nations, a grand opening ceremony was held at the banquet hall of Taj Banjara, Hyderabad. 197 delegates attended the event, which began with a warm welcome from Mrs. Iffat Ibrahim, the Principal of CHIREC CBSE. Mr. Richard Hyde, the Deputy High Commissioner of UK to India, addressed the delegates, discussed with them the importance of dealing with difficult and depressing issues, and focused on the problems around the globe that have been aggravated by the Rwandan Civil Wars. He also reviewed the agendas of each committee in detail, emphasizing what it takes to be the "perfect diplomat" .

The first of its kind, the CHIREC MUN simulated some of the most well-known organs and committees of the United Nations (UN): The General Assembly, the Security Council, the Economic and Social Council and the Human Rights Council. Each of these committees was moderated by Directors and Assistant Directors. Avidant Bhagat of Class IX D, Director of the General Assembly, said that he was “extremely proud of what the committee has achieved. Resolving the issue of A nuclear-free zone in the Middle East’ was something that one may have considered ‘impossible’.”

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