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Model United Nations

11th edition of the CHIRECMUN


The 11th edition of CHIREC Model United Nations (MUN) successfully convened from November 24th to 26th, 2023, fostering a vibrant atmosphere where diverse ideas converged and intellectual exchange thrived. Yearly, this event acts as a melting pot of innovative solutions and spirited discussions, welcoming delegates from all corners of the city to deliberate on pressing global issues.

Themed Represent • Reason • Resolve,` CHIREC MUN encapsulated the urgent call-to-action necessitated by our generation`s role in shaping the future. Embracing fresh perspectives and acknowledging the evolving world, the conference epitomized the essence of global citizenship, urging participants to represent, reason, and resolve towards collective goals.

Led by a dedicated Secretariat, the event surpassed expectations, offering a rich array of committees addressing both contemporary and historical concerns. These committees served as platforms for fostering unconventional thinking, encouraging innovative viewpoints that transcended the confines of the conference hall.

The event provided an enriching platform for dynamic dialogues, empowering delegates to delve into multifaceted issues and craft innovative solutions. The spirited discussions and engaging discourse that unfolded at CHIREC MUN 2023 were indeed a testament to the success of this year`s event.


10th edition of the CHIRECMUN


The students of CHIREC International School organized the CHIREC MUN`22, which kicked off to a great start in the early hours of 23rd September 2022.

The three-day event, inaugurated by the prominent actor, Mr Akhil Akkineni, aimed to Represent, Reason, & Resolve issues on a global scale. On this occasion, Mr. Anthony Millward, Senior Cognita Group Executive, addressed the audience and delivered a welcome note. This year witnessed delegates from schools all over Hyderabad who represented various committees and came forward with set agendas that provided valuable solutions to the ongoing problems of our world.

CHIREC MUN offered 11 special committees this year covering a diverse spectrum of issues ranging from health emergencies to political, economic, and sociological perspectives. Some of the committees that the students represented include; The United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) – Rights of Migrants in Europe and North America considering increasing radicalism, & The Lok Sabha – Discussion on The Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances (Amendment) Bill, 2022. Being a part of the creative communities enabled students to improve their rhetorical skills and accept dialogue and negotiation as ways to resolve conflicts. They utilized this engaging debate as a platform for education, discourse, and success.

The 2nd day of the CHIREC MUN`22 witnessed some enlightening and intense sessions from different committees and took part in the much-awaited event of the day, the social night. So far, the students had made the most of the opportunities and enhanced their social skills by interacting with students from schools across Hyderabad.

Day 3 of the CHIREC MUN`22 summed up the debates and agendum set forth by all 11 committees with high commendations. Delegates then proceeded to the closing ceremony to receive awards from Ms. Sanchita Raha (Principal, International Section) and Ms. Iffat Ibrahim (Principal, CBSE). Students kept up with the tradition of producing the after-movie that was screened at the closing ceremony, which collated all the emotions that went into the labour of love that CHIREC MUN `22 was.


9th edition of the CHIRECMUN

The 9th edition of CHIREC MUN was conducted online due to Covid-19 restrictions. The MUN took place from October 22nd-24th. The MUN focused on global and national issues of importance, such as the war in Afghanistan, drug trafficking in south-east Asia, counter-terrorism, and the farmers` bill issue in India.

8th edition of the CHIRECMUN

The 8th edition of the CHIREC MUN took place from November 6-8th. The MUN was held online due to Covid-19. The 8th edition of the MUN witnessed committees discuss vital topics like vaccines, Covid-19 norms, and the impact of censorship on media, among other crucial issues.

7th edition of the CHIRECMUN

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The seventh edition of CHIREC Model United Nations took place from July 12th - 14th. Witnessing debate across 8 committees, totaling the attendance of more than 300 delegates, the conference was a huge success. Delegates attended the conference from schools across Hyderabad with the Executive Board members flown in from across India. The committees present at the conference were as follows :

  1. Disarmament and International Security Committee -Accelerating the implementation of Nuclear Disarmament commitments with special emphasis on the compliance of the NPT. 
  2. Commission on the Status of Women - Discussion on the right to reproductive health. 
  3. Group of 20 - Discussing betterment in corporate insolvency and debt restructuring policies in developing and under-developed states.  
  4. Security Council - Maintenance of International peace and security : situation in Sudan.
  5. Organization of Islamic Organization - Discussing the importance of multiculturalism in the Islamic world and tackling the problem of Islamophobia and discussing the growing tensions in the Middle East with special reference to Iran and USA.  
  6. Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space - Reviewing the outer space treaty with respect to the militarisation of outer space. 
  7. Joint Crisis Cabinet - Vietnam War International Criminal Police Organization - Special session to ensure border security in the MENA region.

3rd edition of the CHIREC JMUN

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With hundreds of delegates, the CHIREC Junior Model United Nations 2019, was held from the 1st to the 3rd of November, 6th to 8th graders from various schools from all over Hyderabad participated in this stimulation of the United Nations. Within this conference seven committees: DISEC, CFR, JCC, UNSC, WHS, Lok Sabha and Arab League- were recreated.

The opening ceremony commenced with a rhythmic dance performance presented by our students, along with a musical demonstration by our school band. The principal, Mrs. Sanchitha Raha, addressed the gathering and delivered the welcome note. The Executive Board for the respective committees were then felicitated by the Principal along with Thej Mallu, after which the secretariat was acknowledged by. This was then followed by the Secretary general`s speech, declaring the conference open.

Debate within the conference had been extremely fruitful, with the delegates discussing all the aspects of the agenda and analysing each one of them subtopic by subtopic. By the third day, solutions had been discussed, and delegates began to draft paperwork that would act as a conclusion to three-day debate. These documents encompassed probable solutions to real world issues. The voting process of the draft resolution would dictate the success or failure of the committee.

Delegates then proceeded to the closing ceremony, to receive awards and conclude the conference. The ceremony consisted of a performance by Harini Nittala, the winner of the LG KPOP contest. This was followed by the screening of the movie- directed and shot by our organising committee members Anvitha Abbagani and Ankitha Reddy Vontella. Then, the executive board presented the awards to their respective committees and had nothing but fine words to say about the conference. Thej Pranav Mallu then delivered his concluding speech and declared the conference closed.

6th edition of the CHIRECMUN

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Our most recent edition of MUN focused on reinforcing one of the central themes of the UN itself: Unity in Diversity. As many as 360 students from over 10 schools, 3 private delegations, individual delegates from CHIREC and other schools and junior colleges of Hyderabad participated in the event held in July. The guest for the day was Mr. Andrew Fleming, the British Deputy High Commissioner, Hyderabad and Ms. Ridhima Peravali, Knowledge Economy Advisor at the British Deputy High Commissioner`s office.

The event lasted for 3 days, with the delegates discussing key issues such as nuclear disarmament in DPRK, prevention of violation of rights of prisoners of war during conflict, trial of Pakistani prisoners of war, reassessing the NATO strategy against an emerging Russian power, the South China Sea dispute and the humanitarian crisis in the Middle East.

On Day 1, the delegates were introduced to various committees such as the Disarmament and International Security Committee, the Human Rights Council, the United Nations Security Council, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, the Joint Crisis Committees, the World Humanitarian Summit 2018 and the International Court of Justice. The executive board began formal debate and the reporters wrote articles on how the committees proceeded, while the photographers captured the delegates` emotions during the discussions.

Day 2 saw the delegates choosing sides, forming blocs and sticking by their allies on the various issues at hand. The agenda was properly thrown into light as the delegates were interviewed for their positions. On the final day of MUN, press conferences were conducted, with the delegates defending their stances. Resolutions were drafted and a formal vote was tallied. Under the community outreach programme, 14 students from Devnar School for the Blind participated in the CHIREC MUN`s World Humanitarian Summit. These students spent three weeks preparing for the event, alongside a team of twelve students from CHIREC, and performed exceptionally as they spoke, heard and resolved as part of a committee of nearly a hundred participants.

The conference was concluded by presenting awards to delegates for exceptional public speaking, debate, and negotiations.

2nd Edition of CHIREC JMUN

The 2nd edition of CHIREC Junior Model United Nation Conference (JMUN) conducted for students of Classes 6 to 8 took place from 2nd to 4th November 2018 at the CHIREC Kondapur Campus. 320 delegates from CHIREC and 10 other schools registered for the 3-day conference. The chief guests, Dr. Chaitanyamoy Ganguly and Brigadier Mangesh Vitekar inspired the delegates and emphasized the need for seeking knowledge, rising above and making a better world for tomorrow. CHIREC JMUN 2018 featured eight committees, from labor laws to intergalactic threats. Students enthusiastically debated foreign policies and formulated important resolutions. Delegates were presented awards based on their performance in various aspects of public speaking, debate, and negotiations.

5th edition of the CHIREC MUN

350 student leaders from various schools across Hyderabad participated in CHIREC MUN 2017, organised in collaboration with the United Nations Information Centre for India and Bhutan. Mr. Harpreet Singh, Principal Secretary to Governor, and Mr. Ajit Rangnekar, Director General at Research and Innovation Circle of Hyderabad inaugurated the event.

As part CHIREC`s community outreach program, 16 students from Devnar School for the Blind and the Kasturba Gandhi National Memorial Trust School were invited to participate. The three-day affair saw delegates discussing issues relating to different countries, in seven different committees including the UN High Commission for Refugees, All India Political Parties Meet, AEGIS, Historic Security Council, White House Situation Room and Commission on Narcotics and Drugs.

1st Edition of CHIREC JMUN

The Junior Model United Nations was started to empower young student delegates with skills in diplomacy, international relations and to come up with innovative solutions to issues faced by different countries in the world.

The first CHIREC JMUN hosted students of Classes 6, 7 and 8 of 8 different schools from Hyderabad from 27th – 29th Oct 2017 at the Kondapur campus. The inaugural ceremony began by welcoming the chief guest Ms. Vanitha Datla, Vice Chairperson of Elico Ltd., a pioneer in the Analytical Instruments Industry. She motivated the young and innovative minds to participate in the UN governance model, gain the skills to thrive in a place of challenges, offer recommendations and to empower the vision to influence perspectives and world policies. She especially encouraged the girls to come forward with their views, to facilitate reduction of inequalities in world policies. She also spoke about 6-ups on becoming a good leader - Show-up, Speak -up, Look -up, Team -up, Don`t Give-up and Lift others up.

During the 3-days conference, the student delegates discussed issues governing world policies in 8 different committees – DISEC (Disarmament and International Security Committee), UNHRC (United Nations Human Rights Council), UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation), UNEP (United Nations Environment Programme), UNSC (United Nations Security Council), Joint Crisis Committee: Axis and Joint Crisis Committee: Allied and European Union.,

4th Edition of the CHIREC MUN

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As many as 400 student leaders from various schools in Hyderabad, Pune, Bengaluru, Chandigarh, Chennai, Delhi, Vellore and Dadri participated in the conference. As part of CHIREC MUNs community outreach program, students from Devnar School for Blind and the Kasturba Gandhi National Memorial Trust School were also invited to participate.

Delegates formed UN committees representing 193 countries and participated in committee sessions. Sessions were conducted on The Korean War, in a 5 cabinet JCC and Russia vs. Ukraine in an ICJ committee in collaboration with NLSIU. Delegates also debated over current events such as cyber threats, terrorism, genetic engineering and the current political topic, Brexit.

The event was inaugurated by C. Rangarajan, former Governor of RBI and Sivakumar Sethuraman, Head of Community Operations at Facebook India. The event concluded on a high note as students from The Devnar School for the Blind expressed announced their plan to host their own MUN in the presence of Mr. N.V.S. Reddy, MD of the Hyderabad Metro Rail and Mr. D. V. Manohar, Chairman of the Hyderabad Bicycling Club and Founding Chairman of Shri Shakti Group as the Guests of Honor.

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