CHIREC International is consistently ranked as the number one school in Hyderabad and among the top ten in India. CHIREC sets itself apart through thoughtful design and an unwavering commitment to addressing your child’s needs at every stage of their formative years.

With over three decades of experience, CHIREC International has emerged as a trusted education brand for holistic development. As part of one of the world’s largest and most respected international school groups, CHIREC International combines innovative practices with a cutting-edge approach, making it a standout choice among international schools in India.

We provide a positive, caring and engaging learning community


Learning That Goes Beyond the Classroom

CHIREC's high-quality teaching and learning goes beyond any set boundaries of a curriculum or classroom. Our robust academic programmes are complemented by high-value co-curricular activities that enable students to discover their interests and nurture their innate potential.


A Culture of Care

The school is built on a strong family ethos. We bring together rigorous safeguarding principles, health and safety measures, wellbeing practices and a Social & Emotional Learning Programme, to ensure your child is safe, well and growing to their full academic potential.


Our Innovative Spirit

For over 30 years, CHIREC has been a dynamic school always striving to be the best at what we do. Having changed the face of the education landscape in Hyderabad and India, CHIREC is known to set trends in education. We are a school that is not afraid to challenge orthodoxy, think out of the box, and try new things.


The Cognita Family

CHIREC is a part of Cognita, an admired and respected family of 100+ diverse yet connected schools across 16 countries. A key benefit of being part of the global Cognita family is the opportunity to collaborate with four global regions to benchmark and drive outstanding educational practices in CHIREC.


Parent & Alumni Network

Networks are a vital necessity in a densely populated world. Our high-value network of over 6,000 parents and 10,000 alumni helps us leverage rich opportunities and hands-on experiences for your child to prepare them for their future.


Our Trustworthiness & 30-Year Track Record

Over the past three decades, the name CHIREC has become synonymous with excellence in education. We consistently deliver excellent academic results, lead our students to world-renowned universities and prepare them for a successful future.

CHIREC is undoubtedly the best of places for a child to learn and unfold and unfurl one’s true potential. The way it caters to each child and helps in exploring and building their talents is unmatched. What makes CHIREC stand out from other schools is the cozy and at-home feel it fosters which enables the children to learn in a nonpareil setting. The teachers and other staff members are highly dedicated and even go out of their way to make sure the children’s needs are met as and when called for.
I have witnessed my child blossom into a radiant. I distinctly remember one of the teachers of my son in PP2 had identified that he is good with rhythm and can be introduced to Drums. It’s no wonder he took to it like fish to water and it’s amazing to see how passionate he is about it to this day and has only kept excelling in his craft.

Ms. Mahua Sen

CHIREC stands out due to its unique blend of academic rigor and a comprehensive approach to character building. The school’s innovative teaching methods, emphasis on critical thinking, and a diverse range of extracurricular programs set it apart from other institutions. We chose CHIREC for Srikar for its reputation as an institution that emphasizes holistic education. The school’s
commitment to fostering academic excellence, coupled with a strong emphasis on character development and extracurricular activities, aligned perfectly with our values for our child’s overall growth.

Ms. Sushma Tumburu

I am a father to three daughters – Shakti, Swati, and Aditi. All three of them study in CHIREC with the oldest one in Grade 12 and my other two daughters in Grade 6. CHIREC has been a part of our lives for the last 15+ years. Right from the moment our daughter was born, for some reason, whenever we passed by CHIREC, we felt it was right for our daughter and the intuition never failed us. My daughters have been honed to become well-rounded students, in both academics and extracurriculars. CHIREC has given us a tremendous opportunity to be an equal part of the curriculum and culture of the school. We are grateful for the school! 

Mr. Vignesh Swaminathan

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