Transformation from notebook to laptop: Change is inevitable!
July 19, 2020

Change is inevitable!

“Keep some room in your heart for the unimaginable”, said Mary Oliver. The prevailing chaotic and fatal time was least anticipated. Man thought he is powerful and knowledgeable; he could overcome any crisis but nature has a different plan. Life slowed down but learning continued and will continue. Teachers were, are, and will always be revered for their services to mold a child’s character, but this pandemic has transformed them into front line warriors.

This pandemic has brought about a drastic transformation in everything and schools are not an exception. 21st-century technology is being used by educators around the world to teach lessons but this cannot replace the real, feel-good interactions and relaxed moments students and teachers share in a physical classroom.

This is a great leap time has taken, yet teachers are putting their heart and soul to impart the best knowledge to their students. They are adapting and learning new tools to make learning fun and effective.

With the inclusion of some tips, we would not only make the teaching-learning process fun but also more effective!

Welcome the students

The first and foremost thing we need to register is that the students miss the little sweet interactions they would have had with the teachers on their arrival after the class or during recess. So, make it a point to welcome students with a cheerful tone. Turn on the camera and exhibit that it makes you extremely happy to see them. An easy casual chat at the beginning of the class will surely help.

Record the sessions

Live classes must be recorded to enable the students to access them in case of technical issues they might encounter.

Give clear instructions

Remember, you and your students are no longer in a conventional classroom setting. Hence, it becomes paramount to keep the instruction simple and precise.

Be friendly and approachable

It is an overwhelming time but you must try hard to be receptible and approachable to the students so that they don’t feel like a fish out of water. This becomes worse if there is a new student in the class. Sound encouraging, motivating, and friendly to reach out to them. Believe me, they will eagerly look up to you and your class.

Allow flexibility

It’s a trying time so be a little flexible and easy-going as far as assignments, due dates, and submissions are concerned. This would certainly help. Follow friendly but firm policy.

Provide constructive feedback

Share timely and simple feedback and follow up with them.

Here are a few tips for your well being during this challenging time:

  1. Make sure to sit in proper posture while taking an online class.
  2. Keep yourself hydrated.
  3. Have timely meals.
  4. Stretch your body during the class transition.
  5. If possible, sit calmly for some time.

This is certainly a dismaying and formidable time, but it is important to remind yourself that you are not alone, and this too shall pass! Happy teaching and happy learning!

Vidya Bhavani_CHIREC International School English Teacher

Ms. Vidya Bhavani Koreka

English Teacher, Secondary (CBSE)

Class-teacher, 7A

My passion for teaching molded me to be an English teacher and it’s been 5 years that I have been closely associated with CHIREC. I love reading books besides indulging myself in gardening. It is my feeble endeavor to express myself about the unexpected and trying times we are facing currently in the form of an article.